Matthew 1

Matthew 1

1Seal Of Devotion, Blessing Faithful to the created, Cherish children in LIFE GIVER.

2LIFE GIVER Engender Joyful Assurance, Kindle Approval, Restore family in Celebrated ONE-ness.

3Devotion Nurture the broken, Evidence Divine Settle the degenerate, Cherish, Cover, Defend family in Assurance.

4Assurance Engender Free Will, Nurture unfaithful, seduced family in Devotion.

5Devotion Kindle Support, Vindication Liberate, Defend family Honor, Divine Beloved Humility Nurture LIFE.

6LIFE Kindle Approval, Vindicator Cherish family in Peace, Author Reconcile in Devotion.

7Peace Nurture, Make Room, Enlarge family, Creator LIFE GIVER Kindle, Restore LIFE.

8Gather family, YaH Save, Nurture, YaH Raise, Kindle in Eternal Strength.

9Eternal Strength Kindle, YaHWaH Fulfill Peace Settlement, Nurture, Cherish, Embrace family in Faithful Support.

10Eternal Strength Nurture, Forgive, Reconcile family in Embrace Secure, Nourish in Eternal Faithfulness.

11ABa Restore family, YaH Fulfill Reconciliation of opposition confused.

12Reconcile in Blessing the opposition, Resolve confusion, YaH Answer family, YaH Intercede to nourish lawless children.

13Offspring faithless Kindled by Divine LIFE GIVER, Nourished in Eternal Faithfulness, Cherished in Embrace.

14Advocate Cherish, Vindicate, Forgive family. YaH Reconcile, Kindle in Most High Strength.

15Most High Strengthen family, Almighty Protect offspring, Faithful Devotion Nourish in Approval.

16Approval Nourish, Augment, Settle the hateful, Reconcile family in Blessed Name Faithful.

17Assurance Support family, Origin LIFE GIVER Confirm, Cherish peoples in Devotion, Reconcile beloved, Resolve opposition, confusion, children. Humility Vindicate the adulterous faithless, Settle in Faithful Parent Legitimate.

18Nourish in Abiding Blessing, Faithful Way I AM Cherish the betrayed, Settle rebellious peoples, Restore, Gather the oblivious, Compassion Reconcile in Spirit Faithful.

19Restore in Faithful Creator, Genuine I AM without delay Nourish the disgrace, Shepherd I AM Cover to Set Free.

20I AM Approval, Abiding Shepherd Cherish in Affirmation, Messenger Eternal ONE Verify Word, Assurance Restore children in Union without delay, the trembling are Welcomed, rebellious Reconciled, I AM Fulfill family Joined in Divine Spirit Of Eternal Faithfulness.

21Deliverance Settle family, Voice Approve Blessing Eternal, Way Revive peoples, Reconcile the perverse.

22Seal Settle Assurance, I AM Fulfill Appointment, Word Vindicate Eternal One, Devotion Illuminate.

23Connection Genuine, Devotion Nourish children, Seal in Approval family of Most High, Settle peoples in Source Of LIFE.

24Spirit Confirm, Fulfill, Restore, Vindicate the lifeless, Humble Devotion Establish Assurance, Messenger Eternal ONE, Word Reconcile.

26Without delay Settle, Confirm, Deliver children, Foremost Highest Gather in Approval, YaHWaH Save.

*Bolded English words correspond word for word with Aramaic Hebrew Interlinear

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