Revelation 14:17

Revelation 14:17

iBoS: I AM Defender, LIFE Source, Devotion Of Heaven Most High, I AM Embrace the disgraced.

Magiera: And another angel came out from the temple that is in heaven and a sharp sickle was on him.

English Equivalent/Hebrew Transliteration/Aramaic pronunciation/Hebrew Strong’s #/Aramaic LWM # Interlinear:

I AM AKaR/akerna H312/A53
Defender MaLAK/malaka H4397/A1375
LIFE NaPhaK/nephaq H5301/A1542
Source MaN/men H4480/A1388
Devotion HYKaL/haikla H1964/A607
Heaven ShaMYM/shemaya H8064/A2543
Most High AiL/al H5920/A1804
Abiding/I AM AY/aik H335/A69
Gather/Embrace MaGaL/magla H4038/A1321
disgrace/wound KaRaPh/kharipha H2778/A902

Hebrew Root Word/Aramaic/Greek/English Expanded Exhaustive Definitions:

H312- אחר AKaR/A53- akerna/*G: follow, continue, remain and stay, seek after, from beside, pursue, remaining, posterity, of me, belonging to, consist of, is, I AM, it is I, I exist, Being, are, to enter, point reached, one, set set at one, peaceful, harmonious, to listen to, to hear and obey, take into one’s favor, to choose, prefer, approve, far more exceedingly of one mind to the end throughout, resemblance, similitude, likeness, duplicate, because, for, how, as concerning that, as, in that, whosoever, any that, ever, whereas, which, too, when, while, after, as soon as, too, also, in as much as, whenever, as long as, for the reason that, since, on the account of, by reason of, owing to, seeing that, as a result of, as a consequence of, due to, by virtue of, effect, ramification, concomitant, aftermath, fruit, product, end result, importance, significance, substance, mark, note, prominence, value, concern, interest, care, regard, moment, result or effect of an action or condition, relevance, distinction, accept responsibility, following closely, coming after, in order, go in the same direction or way, parallel to, undertake, carry out, conforming to, support, mention, remember, back, adhere and cling to, advocate, answer, be near and close, ensuing, succeeding, subsequent, next, heir, further, hereafter, coming, achieve, lead to, become, inherit, take place, come close after, near, intimate, connection, resemblance, relationship, faithful, devotion, dedication, commitment, true, nearby, cherished, knit together, folded together, include, encircle, hold, keep, continuous, fulfill, satisfy, resolved, finalized, complete, made perfect, conclusive, permanent, joined, union, adjacent, reach, adjoin, alongside, evenly matched, similitude, likeness, even, immediate, direct, dear, inseparable, attached, special, best, firm, fast, strong, careful, attentive, conscientious, focused, possession, ownership, occupation, vigilant, watchful, keen, alert, strict, exact, precise, accurate, important, significant, valued, approval, appreciation, agree, secure, sealed, settled, established, confirmed, fixed, finished, lasting, enduring, perpetual, eternal, abiding, constant, standing, unending, endless, immutable, imperishable, stable, steadfast, stay and remain unchanged without end, continuing without interruption, remaining to the end, through, exist, related, stay in the place that one has been occupying, continue to possess a particular quality, fulfill a particular role, prevail, be available, triumph, victorious, come out on top, superior, overcome, rule, reign, govern, regulated, be the order of the day, customary, be in force and effect, persuaded, convinced, conviction, powerful, current, relevant, fresh, new, verified, confirmed, firmly held, kept, taken, owned, belonging to, certainty, assurance, confidence, trust, sureness, doubtless, poise, peace, calm, quiet, guarantee, commitment, bond, honor, respect, covenant, security, earnest, fulfill, bring to completion and reality, realize, understand, fully developing one’s abilities and character, meet, suitable, fit, sound, whole, succeed, bring to fruition, accomplish, execute, conduct, conclude, fill to the full, comply with

H4397- מלאך MaLAK/A1375- malaka/G32- αγγελος aggelos: to despatch as a deputy, a messenger, specifically of God, i.e. an angel, also a prophet, priest, or teacher, ambassador, spirits of the heavens that stand before the Lord of all the earth, Someone sent over a great distance by an individual or community in order to communicate a message, often several messengers are sent together, a representative of a King, diplomat, significant and important function, honor to the messenger signified honor to the sender, Supernatural messenger of the Lord sent with a particular message, commissioned to protect and deliver God’s people, given charge of His people, to keep them in the Way, to save them, Christ, employed, occupied, possessed, property of the Lord belonging to Him, One doing God’s bidding and business, ministration, to bring, drive, move, induce, bring forth, carry, lead along, cause to enter, bring message, to proclaim, bring tidings and news, messenger sent by God, guardian, representative, belonging to Heaven engaged in God’s service, chosen to carry His Word to declare and make known His Thoughts and Will, promoter, benefactor, paragon of virtue, shining forth, epitome, embodiment, personification, quintessence, apotheosis, acme, jewel, treasure, example, nonpareil, exemplar, consummate, inimitable, from God, sent from God, appointed by God, best person for the job, top, head, chief, central, main, principal, prince, emissary, delegate, deputy, plenipotentiary, diplomat, minister, dignitary, high commissioner, envoy, legate, champion, advocate, leader, consul, one in charge, surrogate, liaison, spokesperson, agent, intermediary, mediator, go between, substitute, replacement, proxy, stand in, relief, understudy, reserve, fill in, back up, provision, caretaker, protector, defender, preserver, custodian, keeper, conservator, curator, steward, trustee, superintendent, attendant

H5301- נפח NaPhaK/A1542- nephaq/*G: to puff, inflate, blow, scatter, kindle, expire, spirit, breath, give, cause, vitality, life, soul, heart, mind, will, desire, self, all that is within, inner, attributes, immaterial, spirited, inspired, refreshed, issue, bring out, come forth, discharge, denoting Origin, the point whence motion or action proceeds, from, out of place, time, or cause either direct or remote, of, by, with, beyond, by the means of, exceeding, abundantly above, for, because, by reason of, since, thenceforth, through, of completion, to come or go, accompany, appear, bring, enter, grow, be set, light upon, meet, more close and nearer, approach, advance, draw close and near, proceed, arrive, materialize, reach, arrive at, happen, originate, occur, reside, live, take place, come about, transpire, present, arise, ensue, follow, encounter, discover, find, perceived, communicated, be clear, understood, progress, develop, regain, recover, converted, agree with, yield to, revive, return, hold, choose, settle, decide, conclude, prefer, favor, abide, remain, inherit, willed, plan, succeed, result, known, familiar, association, communication, apparent, visible, pour out forth, teach, learn, instructed, taught, endure, withstand, produce, submit, advocate, move, drive, give, grant, devoted, carry forth, approve, bear, bring forth, reach, endure, uphold, bring forth fruit, bear fruit by the power of Ruach haKodesh Spirit Of YaH

H4480- מן MaN/A1388-men/G1537- εκ ek: a part of, from, out of, follow, with, among, over, above, because, apportion, accord, denoting origin the point whence motion or action proceeds, from, out of place, time, or cause either direct or remote, of, by, with, beyond, by the means of, exceeding, abundantly above, for, because, by reason of, since, thenceforth, through, of completion, unfolding, opening out, of something tied together or rolled up, utterly, entirely, out and out, denoting completion and perfection, joined, beyond measure, by equality, in equal proportion, of the measure or standard, by consent or agreement, of source, of direction whence, in which lies the idea, from day to day, proceeding from, succession, series, forthwith, instant, attraction, coalesce as it were into one, resolving, settle, of that from which a rule of judging or acting is derived, source of conduct, as to be found in the state of the soul, of the whole of which anything is a part, of that from which anything is obtained, Origin, belongs to, of the supply out of which a thing is taken, given, received, eaten, drunken, etc., close connection, from the interior, emanating from, derived, of the place forth from which one does anything, heart, from the midst of, after, choosing, to be of a number, company, fellowship, community, group, regard, conception, of the direction whence, of the condition or state out of which one comes or is brought forth, alive from being dead, reconciled, dissolution, liberate and free, vindicate, cause, Source, from the Divine nature, name, author

H1964- היכל HYKaL/A607- haikla/G3485- ναου naou: capacity, have power, prevail, endure, able to bear, dwell with, abiding, continuance, sacred, devotion, dedication, commitment, faithful, loyal, venerated, worship, honor, dignity, large gathering place, Home, Sanctuary, safety, refuge, shelter, cover, make replete, complete, secure, lasting, lawful, legitimate, genuine, authentic, settled, present, stay and remain with, sure, respect, esteem, approval, favor, central, important, foremost, reverent, pertaining to Eloah, consecrated and set apart for YaHwaH’s use and purpose, live in and with, occupation, possession, ownership, reside with, housed, lodge, domiciled, accept and act in accordance with, continue without fading or being lost, wait on, serviceable, suitable, fit, obey, observe, follow, keep, hold to, conform, adhere, stick to, stand by, uphold, heed, acknowledge, recognize, defer to, bear with, living, protection, sustenance, cherished, reside, live, be settled, joined, union, coupled, made perfect, belonging to, a part of, occupied, possessed, owned, be fully and wholly given over to, close and near beside, present at hand, agree, harmony, married, kept, taken, support, be firm, stable, strong, rest, sabbath, inmost recess, legitimate, lawful, authentic, verified, retreat, immunity, preserve, salvation, deliverance, forgiveness, pardon, redeem, save, lifeline, means of escape, savior, help, keep safe, rescue, prevent from destruction, keep healthy, whole, sound

H8064- שמים ShaMYM/A2543- shemaya/G3772- ουρανου ouranou: aloft, to be lofty, heaven, atmosphere, space, vast expanse, place of exaltation, heights, above, upper regions, the vaulted expanse with all things visible and invisible in it, universe, world, outmost, extreme limits, greatest distance, extreme measure of altitude, acme, zenith, glory, prosperity, better, best, aerial, sidereal, seat of an order of things eternal and consummately perfect, distinct, eternal blessing, dwelling of Most High, all space, sky, high, realm of Aloha’s storehouse, vapor, firmament, connected, joined, wheel, whirlwind, breath, dust, powder, whirled, rolling thing, gyrate, circular, spiral, coil, enfold, surround, encompass, elevation, heaven, abode of God, happiness, power, prosperity, eternity, eternal dwelling place of God, ascending above all the heavens, uncreated sphere of God’s abode, on high, spiritual, to rise, lifted high above, mount on high, preeminent, prominent, distinct, above, great, imperial, powerful, prevailing, accomplished, established, enduring, everlasting, highest most high, important, chief, divine, deity, of righteousness, certainty, faithfulness, sure, devotion, dedication, conviction, commitment, loyalty, fidelity, distinct, pure, clear, clean, promoted, advance, upgrade, prefer, favor, choice, ennoble, step up, mountain, heights, greatest, grandeur, nobility, loftiness, majesty, sublime, being elevated, lift up, raise, rear, bring up, amount to, level up, augment, increase, adored, cherished, treasured, held and kept dear, near and close beside, continue, endure, lasting, abiding, stay and remain with, move to a higher level and position, set upright, made right, construct and build, bring to the surface from below, save, deliver, reunite, increase amount, level and strength of, promote, champion, support, foster, nourish, back, uphold, bring back from death, establish to stand firm, correspond, uplift, escalate, magnify, boost, assemble, acquire, accumulate, enlist, call up, present, awaken, engender, produce, induce, kindle, arouse, keep alive in full flame, nurture, look after, care for, tend, educate, train, keep, grow, cultivate, fulfill, wrap

H5920- על AiL/A1804- al/*G: Highest Most High, aloft, YHWH, above, on high, throughout, ascend on high, be high, mount, raised, arose, exalted, preeminent, prominence, pinnacle, to go up, offer up, movement from lower to higher place, to rise up, overwhelm, overpower, increasing in strength, Record, Truth, presenting offering, Gift, Sacrifice, wholly given, rest, Supreme Exceedingly Mighty Ruler Of Divine Majesty And Power, Superior To Deliver Victorious, Source Of Life, Character, Attribute, Impressive, YaH Who reveals Self in power and enters into covenant relationship with humanity, supernatural provision and power, Holy, Creator, Savior, covenant of constant care and love for His family, ethical, righteous, continuity, stability, veneration, Supreme Deity, Magistrate, YHWH Elohim, Unoriginated Immutable Eternal Self Sustained Existence, Unity, Almighty Infinite Faithful, Mercy, Love, Truth, Word, Ruler and Owner of all, Source of all moral authority, Master Teacher, Redeemer, Everlasting Father, Author, Counsel, resemblance, similitude, at One, denoting original point whence motion or action proceeds, completion

H335- אי AY/A69-aik/*G: habitation, abiding, eye, fountain, Face To face, in the presence of, present, sight, countenance, resemblance, spring, seeing, desire, longing, devotion, faithfulness, moral guide, agreement, appropriate, characteristic, reference to a person of thing of the same kind, another having similar qualities, faithful resemblance to the Original, satisfy, pay for in full, meet, fulfill, choose, prefer, favor, regard, care for, pleased, representation, small part or quantity intended to show what the whole is like, specimen, analogous, Record or extract for reuse as a part of something, similar in position, structure and origin but not necessary in function, pairing, pattern, consistent, having a common descent, uniform, identical duplicate, fidelity, true, unswerving, dependable, reliable, constant , steadfast, resolved, resolute, authentic, legitimate, genuine, accurate, exact, on the mark, enduring, eternal, endless, regular, unchanging, firm, verified, unwavering, Given, upright, principled, truthful, level, balanced, sound, whole, healthy, complete on target, sure, certain, definite, assurance, guaranteed, absolute, evident, plain, clear, conclusive, established, effective, secure, safe, substantiated, appointed, done, protected from harm and danger, sheltered, at ease, sealed, fortify, strengthen, uphold, possession, occupation, rule, ownership, kept fixed so as not to give way nor become loose or lost, certain to remain and continue safe and unharmed, having provisions for, stable, having no doubt about attainment, victorious, attached firmly so that it cannot be moved or lost, succeed despite difficulties, having a right to take possession of an asset, quiet, tranquil, calm, serene, supported, unity, love, regard, solitude, equanimity, law and order, reconciled, restore friendly relations, coexist in harmony, compatible, accept, welcome, bring together, make congruent, synchronize, mend, remedy, rectify, heal, live with together, remain and stay with, assimilated, communicating, connecting, dove tail, fit, touching, pertaining to, responsive, answer, obedient, I AM, exist, being, it is I, give self wholly to, cause, Origin, Beginning and End, First and Last, Way, I AM AS I AM, at One, point reached or entered of place, time, purpose or result, union, joined, of one mind, corresponding, suitable, identified with, fully acquainted and familiar, gathered, arrive, converge

H4038- מגל MaGaL/A1321- magla/G1407- δρεπανον drepanon: reap, harvest, sickle, cut, gather, receive, accumulate, draw, bring in, embrace, enfold, collect, yield, produce, fruitful, amass, engender, return, result, end, effect, obtain, recover, earn, gain, achieve, garner, reach, reward, profit, augment, benefit

H2778- חרף KaRaPh/A902- kharipha/G3691- οξεια oxeia: to pull off, scrape, expose by stripping, betroth as surrender, unbraid, say sharp things, cutting, disgrace, rebuke, reproach, point sharply, to wound, alert, bestir, covenant, determine, resolve, settle, decree, move, decide, devote, consecrate, devotion, dedication, commitment, rest, keep, engrave, show forth, make known, reveal, flow, glow, teach, incite, burn, mark, seal, ownership, rule, remember, regard, cherish, reserve, forbear, joined, cling to, set his love, attached, connected, conjoined, bind together, obligation, undertake responsibility for, gather, harvest, contract affinity, close, intimate, wholly given to, espouse, keen, acid, rapid, sharp, swift, of a sword or sickle, honed, sharpened, intense, acute, strong, piercing, penetrating, brisk, distinct, clear, crisp, obvious, marked, pronounced, definite, steep, sheer, perceptive, observant, incisive, sensitive, quick, astute, bright, alert, insightful, knowing, precise, exact, prompt, punctual, determined, intent, ardent, fervent, zealous, interested in, passionate, fond of, taken with, discerning, brilliant, understandable, plain, uncomplicated, explicit, simple, unambiguous, straightforward, evident, sure, manifest, patent, visible, conspicuous, glaring, transparent, crystal clear, unclouded, specific, distinct, defined, recognizable, prominent, striking, easily distinguishable, eminent, stand out, dominant, controlling, commanding, supreme, authoritative, ascendant, ruling, governing, foremost, primary, paramount, central, key, chief, core, crucial

Greek with Strong’s Numbers:

[και G2532 αλλος G243] αγγελος G32 [εξηλθεν G1831] εκ G1537 [του G3588] ναου G3485 [του G3588 εν G1722 τω G3588] ουρανω G3772 [εχων G2192 και G2532 αυτος G846] δρεπανον G1407 οξυ G3691

*G: no equivalent in Greek translation

** For the Aramaic listed without Hebrew, the Aramaic becomes the Hebrew equivalent.

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