Revelation 14:7

Revelation 14:7

iBoS: Word Illuminate people trembling, Vindication Most High, Gift Of Assurance Confirm Peace, Settle Fulfillment, Rule Of Devotion, Humble Heaven gather humanity in Permanent Way.

Magiera: saying with a loud voice, “Fear Alaha and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come, and worship him who made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters.”

English Equivalent/Hebrew Transliteration/Aramaic pronunciation/Hebrew Strong’s #/Aramaic LWM # Interlinear:

Word AMaR/emar H559/A116
Call/Voice/Illuminate/Revive QaL/qala H6963/A2204
humanity/family/people RaB/raba H7227/A2271
trembling/distressed/unnerved ZaKaL/dekhel H2119/A509
Reconcile/Vindicate MaN/men H4480/A1388
Most High ALaH/alaha H433/A93
Gift/Deliver YaHaB/yahav H3051/A1030
Assurance/Affirmation lamed A1261
Reveal/Recognize/Confirm teshbukhta A2432
Likeness/Resemblance/Peaceful metul A1347
Settle/Revive ATaH/etha H858/A208
Suitable/Fulfillment shatha A2573
Rule/Govern DWN/dina H1779/A497
Devotion/Cherish SaGaD/seged H5456/A1599
Humility/Devotion AiBaD/evad H5652/A1724
Heaven ShaMYM/shemaya H8064/A2543
humanity/earth ARaTs/ara H776/A199
gather/peoples/family YaM/yama H3220/A1057
Recognition/Permanent AiYN/aina H5869/A1794
Way MaYaM/maya H4325/A1351

Hebrew Root Word/Aramaic/Greek/English Expanded Exhaustive Definitions:

H559- אמר AMaR/A116- emar/G3004- λεγει legei: utter, say, shew, declare, command, be or make prominent, lofty, King, address, introduce, mention, name, designate, tell, proclaim, question, answer, be referred to by, say of me, interrogate, say in the heart=think, desire, purpose, promise, command by letter, appointments, assign, related, told, of vision, concerning, called, deal with, emphasis, avow, avouch, exchange, Word, Wisdom, decree, plan, sworn, passage, corresponding, communicate, intention, determine, publish, make known, manifest, make clear, evidence, Message, authority, power, to lay forth, set forth, to cause to lie down and repose, cause to listen, put to sleep, to collect, gather, assemble, join in union, set at One again, reconcile, bring together, count with, enumerate, recount, narrate, describe, to pick out, point out forth, dictum, direct, discussion, direct discourse, speaking from the fullness of the heart, expression, judging, report, add, conjoin with speech, wrote in these words, wrote these words, ordered it to be said by messenger, send forth, exclamation, entreaty, sure, certain, profess one and the same thing, assertion, reference, to speak for on behalf, defend, regard rightly, advice, specify, asseverate, affirm, aver, maintain, uphold, sustain, teach, exhort, imperative, greet, welcome, call by a name, summon, surnamed, ownership, possession, hold and keep, safeguard, break silence, expression of thought and will, commune, call for, cry after, long for, seek after, investigate, examine, search out, discern, learn, distinguish, search out thoroughly, ascertain, unfold in teaching, reveal, bring light, enlighten, pray, to receive the spoken word requires an open heart, portal, understand, kindle, inspire, to glow with heat, burn, mark, ignite, refine, the Presence of YaH that brightens to transform

H6963- קל QaL/A2204- qala/G5456- φωνη phone: to call aloud, voice, sound, noise, thunder, proclamation, send out and forth, cry out, fame, sing, spoken, written down, take note and regard, follow, comply, obey, answer, make a sound, address in word, call for, calling out with a clear or loud voice, calling forth, inviting, calling by name, pleasure in taking possession of those called, disclosure, address, to shine, make manifest, make known, illuminate, show forth, make evident, reach the eye and mind, emanate, give discernment and understanding, give light, make transparent, full of light, shed rays, to brighten, bring light, make to see and understand, to lift up the voice to declare, give sight, to kindle, stir up, keep in full flame, keep alive, revive, make to flourish in understanding and knowledge, communicate, to be prominent, conspicuous, to shout, raise a cry, call out for any purpose, to exclaim, entreat, shouts, to lighten, show, be seen, make apparent, brought forth into light, become evident, become visible, public and open, open to sight, render apparent, manifestly declare, manifest forth, reveal in one’s true character, open to all, unveiling, what is evident and known and understood, plainly, clearly, exhibition, expression, spectacle, sight, display

H7227- רב RaB/A2271- raba/G3173- μεγα mega: creation, creatures, acquisition, purchase, wealth, substance, of getting and owning, begetting, bringing forth, goods, riches, with, possession, occupation, property, belonging to someone, to build, erect, set up, establish, procure by purchase, create, to own, owner, possessor, recover, redeemed, attain, teach to keep, sure, verified, bring into being, making purchase agreement with another, earn, resemblance, beam, branch, scion, offspring, generate, generation, to dwell among with, full measure given, subjugate, cause, large, great, elder, big, loud, exceeding, mighty, high, strong, sore, of rank, degree, intensity, force of voice, magnitude, strength, number, abundance, precedence, conspicuous, outpouring, power, increase, greatness, dignity, ascription, acknowledge, recognition, mankind, humanity, countenance, face, human being without reference to gender or nationality, in distinction from God with suggestion of human frailty and imperfection, carnal, of human origin, standard generally accepted among men, not drawn from Scripture, inner self, fellow, complete and mature, full age, brought to its end, finished wanting nothing necessary to completeness when joined to God, verified, created by the Will of God in His likeness to belong with Him in His Family and given dominion of the earth, includes all human individuals, from Aloha as Divine, human life, wont to fight urged on by desire of gain, commiseration, maltreated and defenseless, two fold nature of man, moral condition, conformed to the nature of God, family, household, people, servant, employment, devoted to the service of God, resemblance, similitude, likeness of Aloha

H2119- זחל ZaKaL/A509- dekhel/G5399- φοβουμενοι phoboumenoi: to crawl, to fear, be afraid, like a worm, to crawl and hide, without courage or strength, serpent, to be in fear, alarm, fright, afraid, terror, scared, dread, trembling, be in awe, revere, astonished, agitated with fear, protracted state, distress, anxiety, worry, unease, apprehension, perturbed, live in fear, panic, unnerved, stiff, contracted in fear, regard, care, respect, honor, veneration, esteem, praise, thanksgiving, gratitude, reverence, capacity to inspire awe and admiration, regard with respect and warm approval, pleased, delighted, favor, preference, worship, applaud, appreciate, take pleasure in, commend, think highly of, recognize, acknowledge, realize, aware, conscious of, occupation, possession, ownership, rule, governance, regulation, devotion, dedication, honest, sincere, authentic, genuine, legitimate, defended and protected, cherished, beloved, know, understand and fully comprehend

H4480- מן MaN/A1388- men/*G: a part of, from, out of, follow, with, among, over, above, because, apportion, accord, denoting origin the point whence motion or action proceeds, from, out of place, time, or cause either direct or remote, of, by, with, beyond, by the means of, exceeding, abundantly above, for, because, by reason of, since, thenceforth, through, of completion, unfolding, opening out, of something tied together or rolled up, utterly, entirely, out and out, denoting completion and perfection, joined, beyond measure, by equality, in equal proportion, of the measure or standard, by consent or agreement, of source, of direction whence, in which lies the idea, from day to day, proceeding from, succession, series, forthwith, instant, attraction, coalesce as it were into one, resolving, settle, of that from which a rule of judging or acting is derived, source of conduct, as to be found in the state of the soul, of the whole of which anything is a part, of that from which anything is obtained, Origin, belongs to, of the supply out of which a thing is taken, given, received, eaten, drunken, etc., close connection, from the interior, emanating from, derived, of the place forth from which one does anything, heart, from the midst of, after, choosing, to be of a number, company, fellowship, community, group, regard, conception, of the direction whence, of the condition or state out of which one comes or is brought forth, alive from being dead, reconciled, dissolution, liberate and free, vindicate, cause, Source, from the Divine nature, name, author

H433- אלה ALaH/A93- alaha/G2316- θεος theos: Supreme God, Exceedingly Mighty Ruler Of Divine Majesty And Power, Superior And Preeminent To Deliver Victorious, Most High, Highest, Preeminent, Source Of Life, One True God, Greatest, Superior, Character, Attribute, Impressive, God Who revealed Himself in power and enters into covenant relationship with humanity, supernatural provision and power, Holy, Creator, Savior, covenant involves God’s care and love for His family, ethical, righteous, Everlasting God Of Eternity, continuity, stability, veneration of God, Supreme Deity, Magistrate, Yehowah Elohim, His Power and Preeminence, Unoriginated Immutable Eternal Self Sustained Existence, Unity, Almighty Highest Most High, Infinite Creator and Savior, Faithful, Mercy, Love, Truth, Word, Ruler and Owner of all, Source of all moral authority, Master Teacher, Redeemer, Everlasting Father, of the thing of which God is Author, things of God, Counsel, things due to God, because He Is As Is, things respecting and pertaining to God, wholly devoted to God and for which alone one lives, resemblance, similitude, at One

H3051- יהב YaHaB/A1030- yahv/G1325- δουναι dounai: to give, to put, come, ascribe, bring, give out, set, take, deliver, Given, portion, grant, bestow, commit, minister, offer, yield, provide, furnish, accord, contribute, convey, impart, communicate, entrust, devote, dedicate, permit, occasion, produce, arrange, perform, execute, administer, deal, Gift, present, care, account, express, appoint, measure, commission, pour out forth, make known, reveal

A1261- lamed/*G: affirmation, conclusion, denoting truly therefore, verily as the case stand, set forth, explained, explicative force, for, the fact is, namely, thus the force is conclusive or demonstrative, declaratory, conclusive force, answer, assuredly, profess, herein then is assuredly, certainly, approval, adduce the cause and give the reason of preceding statement or opinion, assigns reason why, for the authority of, established, proved to be correct, commanded, direction

A2432- teshbukhta/*G: very visible and apparent, manifest, honor, dignity, glory, praise, worship, exhibited, shone forth, revealed character and nature of God, everlasting power and Divinity, His attributes and power revealed, manifested perfection of His character and righteousness, due acknowledgement and recognition of His exhibited attributes and ways, source from whom all divine splendor and perfection proceed in their manifestation and to whom they belong, character and ways of God exhibited and manifested in Christ and by the indwelling of His Spirit in His children in His likeness and resemblance, brightness, supernatural emanation from God, His Name and Reputation, ascription of praise to God, appearance commanding respect and reverence, magnificence, excellence, high renown and honor won by notable achievements, thanksgiving offered to God, greatness, distinction, special cause of delight and respect, heavenly, luminous, take pleasure and delight in, enthusiastic piety expressed, exclamation of surprise and delight, state of extreme joy and exaltation, eminence, recognition, adoration, veneration, homage, resplendence, majesty, nobility, rejoice and bask in, clear and obvious to the eye or mind, display by one’s acts or appearance, demonstrate, make evident, prove, declaration, record, show, exhibit, present, sign, indicate, attest, establish, substantiate, confirm, plain, palpable, overt, glaring, transparent, conspicuous, undisguised, noticeable, stand out, marked, pronounced, prominent, striking, worthy, deserving effort, attention and respect, suitable, important, notable, fit, righteous, good, moral, ethical, upright, principle, pure, Light Giver, Leading Light, Master, Guiding Light

A1347- metul/G3754- οτι oti: on account of, for the sake of, on behalf of, because, in order that, about, for this purpose, resemblance, likeness, similitude, concerning, reason, result of, consequence, due, by virtue of, effect, ramification, concomitant, aftermath, fruit, product, end, importance, significance, substance, mark, note, prominence, value, concern, interest, care, regard, effect of an action or condition, relevance, distinction, accept responsibility, following closely, go in the same direction or way, parallel, undertake, carry out, conform to, support, mention, remember, back, adhere, cling to, advocate, answer, be near and close, ensuing, succeeding, subsequent, heir, achieve, lead to, become, inherit, take place, come close after, intimate connection, faithful devotion, dedication, commitment, cherish, knit together, enfold, include, encircle, hold, keep, continuous, fulfill, satisfy, resolve, finalize, complete, made perfect, conclusive, permanent, joined, union, adjacent, reach, evenly matched, similitude, immediate, direct, dear, inseparable, attached, special, best, firm, strong, careful, attentive, conscientious, focused, possession, ownership, occupation, vigilant, watchful, keen, alert, strict, exact, precise, accurate, approval, appreciation, agree, secure, sealed, settle, establish, confirm, fixed, finished, lasting, enduring, perpetual, eternal, abiding, constant, standing, stable, steadfast, stay and remain, unchanging, continuing without interruption, remaining to the end, stay in the place that one has been occupying, continue to possess a particular quality, fulfill a particular role, prevail, available, triumph, victorious, come out on top, superior, overcome, rule, reign, govern, regulated, be the order of the day, customary, be in force and effect, persuaded, convinced, conviction, powerful, current, relevant, fresh, new, verified, belonging to, certainty, assurance, confidence, trust, sureness, doubtless, poise, peace, calm, quiet, guarantee, bond, honor, respect, covenant, security, earnest, fulfill, bring to completion and reality, realize, understand, fully develop abilities and character, meet, suitable, fit, sound, whole, fill to the full

H858- אתה ATaH/A208- etha/G2064- ερχομαι erkomai: to arrive, brought, to come or go, accompany, appear, bring, enter, grow, be set, light upon, meet, more close and nearer, approach, advance, draw close and near, proceed, arrive, materialize, reach, arrive at, happen, originate, occur, reside, live, take place, come about, transpire, present, arise, ensue, follow, encounter, discover, find, perceived, communicated, be clear, understood, progress, develop, regain, recover, converted, agree with, yield to, revive, return, hold, choose, settle, decide, conclude, prefer, favor, abide, remain, inherit, willed, plan, succeed, result, known, familiar, association, communication, apparent, visible, pour out forth, teach, learn, instructed, taught, endure, withstand, produce, submit, advocate, move, drive, give, grant, devoted

A2573- shatha/G5610- ωραν oran: time, hour, season, day, instant, any time or period, definite point of time when an appointed action is to begin, belonging to the right time, suitable, opportune, convenient, at hand, close and near, be instant in season, occasion, set and proper time, opportunity, due time, fitness, due measure, proportion, fulfillment, right time and suitable for a purpose, favorable opportunity, temporary, transient, fixed or special occasion, particular period or interval, space, denotes a space of time, duration marked by certain features, definitely limited portion of time with added notion of suitableness

H1779- דןן DWN/A497- dina/G2920- κρισεις kriseis: to rule, govern, judge, umpire, strive, contend, execute and minister judgment, plead the cause, settlement of what is right, mode in which men are to be governed and their affairs administered, tread out, advocate, to distinguish, decide judicially, to try, determine, avenge, conclude, decree, ordain, sentence, choose, separate, pick out, select, approve, prefer, deem, resolve, pronounce an judgement concerning right and wrong, to rule, govern, decision resulting from investigation, to exercise right or law, give judgement, decision, justice, decide, leader having authority to settle and conclude giving verdict, to say the law, magistrate, adjudicator, arbiter, referee, moderator, mediator, deem, deduce, gather, surmise, regard, look on, hear, give a ruling, pronounce, decree, find, examine, review, to pick out, separate, select, choose, approve, esteem, prefer, hold it sacred, to be of opinion, think, decided correctly, to judge one worthy, resolve, ordain, pronounce an opinion concerning right and wrong, sifting and weighing of evidence, to give decision respecting one, the substance of the decision examined, rendered evident to all and put to an end, subject to censure, discipline, require, preside over with power of giving judicial decisions, prerogative, to contend together, defend and protect, cherish

H5456- סגד SaGaD/A1599- seged/G4352- προσκυνουντας proskunountas: to prostrate oneself in humility and worship, homage, fall down at one’s feet, direction toward, near by the side of, destination of relation unto, with, accession, nearness with, intimacy, to approach and come near, visit, worship, assent to, come to, come unto, go unto, draw near, consent, agree, go near, ask after, bid, cry for, longing, desire, need, require, call after, name, own, confide in, expression of personal need, devotion, childlike confidence represented by genuine conversation with God asking and praying to worship and praise Him, supplicate, to hold the mind toward, pay attention to, to attend and care about, to apply oneself to, adhere to, beware, give heed, to be given over to, taken, have regard, devotion of thought and effort to a thing, to peg to, spike fast, a bond, union, communion, close association and communication, intimate conversation with, to know and be known, connection, belonging to, owned by, ruled and governed by, to call toward, summon, invite, name, choose, call unto, to bid to come, earnest toward, constant, diligent, to attend assiduously, to adhere closely to, to continue, stay and remain, steadfastly remain, to wait on continually, to give self continually, to be strong towards, to endure with in, to persevere in, to be continually steadfast with a person or thing, continuing, ministration and attendance continually upon, persistency, leaning toward to favor, cleave to, to glue to, be joined, twin, duplicate, resemblance, similitude, double, be wholly given to, devotion, dedication, commitment, belonging and pertaining to, possessed and occupied by, ruled, regulated, owned, bound, joined, to regard, care, respect, esteem, honor, reverence, worship, adore, receive, admit, profess, confess, abide and stay with, remain and endure, permanent with, settled, remain near beside with, destination, arrived, accession, intimacy, resolution, conviction, willing, obedient, kept, taken, loyalty, fidelity, constancy, faithful, to cling and adhere to, allegiance, ardent, fervent, useful, available near at hand, present, suitable, agree, covenant, be inclined toward, favor, choose, prefer, adore, venerate, defer to, consult, ask, desire, long after, seek for, familiar, know well, acquainted, recognize, acknowledge, refer, answer, address, think of, exalt, praise, thank, magnify, admire, pray to, extol, hold dear, cherish, treasure, adulate, follow, resemble

H5652- עבד AiBaD/A1724- evad/G4160- ποιησω poieso: undertaking, arrangement, industrious, conduct, course of action, to work, serve, till, do, servant, worship, labor, execute, keep, cultivate, dress, vassals, diligent, love, serve with gladness, prepare, cover, protect, defend, envelope, shelter, hide, close, take refuge, repair, humility, courtesy, subject, submit, obliged, yielding, willing, work of any kind, daily, familiar, chosen, prefer, approval, keep charge, associate, occupation, diligence, business, work, endeavor, servant, toil, deed, act, doing, labor, field, teacher, task, effect, be engaged and occupied in and with, wrought, minister about, commitment, trade, produce, perform, accomplish, bring about, job, profession, employment, position, post, situation, career, vocation, calling, craft, activity, pursuit, interest, residence, habitation, tenure, living, possession, subject to, rule, control, ownership, appropriation, what one spends time in doing, preoccupation, state or period of occupying or being occupied by something, action of entering or taking control of something, belonging to, affiliation, building, fill or take up, hold, keep, stay and remain, abide with, care about, persistent, tend to, attend, pay close attention, assiduous, application, concentration, effort, dedication, devotion, obligation, duty, tie, allegiance, loyalty, fidelity, vow, promise, oath, pledge, contract, covenant, decision, resolution, intention, intent, aim, plan, purpose, determination, firm, steadfast, perseverance, answer, settle with, conclude

H8064- שמים ShaMYM/A2543- shemaya/G3772- ουρανου ouranou: aloft, to be lofty, heaven, atmosphere, space, vast expanse, place of exaltation, heights, above, upper regions, the vaulted expanse with all things visible and invisible in it, universe, world, outmost, extreme limits, greatest distance, extreme measure of altitude, acme, zenith, glory, prosperity, better, best, aerial, sidereal, seat of an order of things eternal and consummately perfect, distinct, eternal blessing, dwelling of Most High, all space, sky, high, realm of Aloha’s storehouse, vapor, firmament, connected, joined, wheel, whirlwind, breath, dust, powder, whirled, rolling thing, gyrate, circular, spiral, coil, enfold, surround, encompass, elevation, heaven, abode of God, happiness, power, prosperity, eternity, eternal dwelling place of God, ascending above all the heavens, uncreated sphere of God’s abode, on high, spiritual, to rise, lifted high above, mount on high, preeminent, prominent, distinct, above, great, imperial, powerful, prevailing, accomplished, established, enduring, everlasting, highest most high, important, chief, divine, deity, of righteousness, certainty, faithfulness, sure, devotion, dedication, conviction, commitment, loyalty, fidelity, distinct, pure, clear, clean, promoted, advance, upgrade, prefer, favor, choice, ennoble, step up, mountain, heights, greatest, grandeur, nobility, loftiness, majesty, sublime, being elevated, lift up, raise, rear, bring up, amount to, level up, augment, increase, adored, cherished, treasured, held and kept dear, near and close beside, continue, endure, lasting, abiding, stay and remain with, move to a higher level and position, set upright, made right, construct and build, bring to the surface from below, save, deliver, reunite, increase amount, level and strength of, promote, champion, support, foster, nourish, back, uphold, bring back from death, establish to stand firm, correspond, uplift, escalate, magnify, boost, assemble, acquire, accumulate, enlist, call up, present, awaken, engender, produce, induce, kindle, arouse, keep alive in full flame, nurture, look after, care for, tend, educate, train, keep, grow, cultivate, fulfill, wrap

H776- ארץ ARaTs/A199- ara/G1093- γη ge: soil, earth, solid, whole, land, ground, country, world, region, present abode of humankind, floor, clay, dirt, turf, territory, humanity, den, burrow, shelter, hideout, domain, dominion, dirty, stain, smear, spoil, dishonor, damage, sully, blacken, dark, taint, blemish, defile, muddy, weak, mutable, fragile, transient

H3220- ים YaM/A1057- yama/G2281- θαλασσαν thalassan: to roar, sea, as breaking in noisy surf, large body of water, large river, artificial basin, west, seafaring, ocean, uttermost, brazen, strong to break into pieces, spring, right, ruler of the wild and restless condition of nations and peoples, powers dominating the federated nations, multitude, salt, character and condition, being possessed of purifying, perpetuating and antiseptic qualities, emblematic of fidelity and friendship, spiritual health and vigor, virtue, reconciliation provided for man by God, seas, water, citizens especially when considered in relation to those who govern them, populace, community, group, fill or be present in place, environment or domain, inhabitants, individuals, body, collection, gathered, being in accordance to character, presence, persons, souls, subjects, residents, public, common, masses, commonality, herd, family, relations, folks, kinsmen, kin, flesh and blood, near and dear, race, tribe, clan, aggregate, united by common descent, history, culture, confederation, country, state, land, realm, kingdom, capacity, ability, behavior, ways, manner, political and social authority or control, right delegated, jurisdiction, strength, organization, order, association, influence, movement, potential, faculty, competence, mastery, sway, weight, warrant, zest, life, liveliness, vitality, spirit, spark, save, set aside, reserve, keep, store, preserve, mental and moral quality, distinctive nature, quality of being, originality, reputation, name, respect, honor, aspect, representative, identification, ownership, possession, occupation, stamp, seal, mark, trait, feature, personality, disposition, temperament, mentality, constitution, properties, essence, identity, ethos, tone, feel, integrity, moral strength, rectitude, uprightness, fortitude, resolve, will, desire, inclination, standing, stature, status, creature, role, part, figure, sign, lot, host, abundance, assembly, congregation, flock, structure, physical and moral aspects, main, central, substance, full, material, form, frame, core, heart, expanse, extent, volume, corpus, company, society, circle, corporation, contingent, complete, utter, total, entire, thorough, wholehearted, unconditional, devotion, dedication, commitment, loyalty, allegiance, belonging to, obligation, duty, tie, bond, engagement, faithfulness, oath, contract, covenant, deal, resolution, undertaking, responsibility, constancy, adherence, love, admiration, affection, care, worship, observance, meet, service

H5869- עין AiYN/A1794- aina/G3359- μετωπων metopon: eye, fountain, focal point, attention, sight, face, presence, countenance, favor, approval, resemblance, recognition, well, surface, appearance, spring, seeing, understanding, connection, desire, longing, devotion, commitment, dedication, making an evaluation, judgement, proof of faithfulness, loyalty, mental and spiritual abilities, acts and states, moral faculty, guide, in one’s view or opinion, in the sight of, Face To face, Source, Life, gushing, pouring out forth, flow, rain, water, source and supply, origin, spring, fountain, well, to feed and nourish, keep alive in full flame, indwelling Spirit of God, life, blessing, set up, fasten, secure, fix, permanent, confirm, verified, favor, love, care, tend

H4325- מים MaYaM/A1351-maya/G5204- υδορ hudor: water, juice, liquid, issue, watercourse, watering, one of the original basic substances, expanse, peoples, seed, offspring, emit, well, flow, Living Water, purification, consecration, cleansed, streams, seas, out bursting force, refreshing, rainy, wet, hydro, of the natural element, water of life, nations, rain, showers, to rain, teach, point out, shew forth, instruct, direct, pierce, penetrate, mark, own, possess, occupy, joined, complete, fasten

Greek with Strong’s Numbers:

λεγοντα G3004 εν G1722 φωνη G5456 μεγαλη G3173 φοβηθητε G5399 τον G3588 θεον G2316 και G2532 δοτε G1325 αυτω G846 δοξαν G1391 οτι G3754 ηλθεν G2064 η G3588 ωρα G5610 της G3588 κρισεως G2920 αυτου G846 και G2532 προσκυνησατε G4352 τω G3588 ποιησαντι G4160 τον G3588 ουρανον G3772 και G2532 την G3588 γην G1093 και G2532 θαλασσαν G2281 και G2532 πηγας G4077 υδατων G5204

[ ] Greek words not in Aramaic or Hebrew

*G: no equivalent in Greek translation

** For the Aramaic listed without Hebrew, the Aramaic becomes the Hebrew equivalent.

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