My personal journey in the realm of Bible Interpretation, in these past few years of delving, given a set of prescribed parameters
I discover the vast broadness, infinite proportion in which we may view YaHWaH’s Living Word.  I imagine it like a rubix cube, each turn produces a different face, yet very much part of a whole.

I began with no special training, only a keen desire to know the Word Of ABa.  Every tool and reference needed was brought forth in ABa’s Abundant Provision.  Today, this interpretation is more Alive for me, transforming my very soul and life.

I am devoted to ABa because ABa is Foremost Devoted to me
This is to say, ABa has Won my heart thoroughly and completely.  I feel grateful for this ongoing Renewing Process that is Endless
Suffusing my life with that of our common Parent ABa Most High.  I am thankful for this room ABa made for sharing of this very humble work in progress, AMeN.

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