Revelation 14:5

Revelation 14:5

iBoS: Word kindle without delay the oblivious liar, without delay fulfill the disgraced in I AM.

Magiera: in whose mouth falsehood was not found, for they are without blemish.

English Equivalent/Hebrew Transliteration/Aramaic pronunciation/Hebrew Strong’s #/Aramaic LWM # Interlinear:

Word/Kindle PaH/puma H6310/A1936
without delay LA/la H3808/A1262
oblivious ShaKaK/shekakh H7911/A2510
deceitful/liar dagalutha A487
without delay LA/la H3808/A1262
disgrace/shame MWM/muma H3971/A1329
Fulfill/Faithful gir A403
I AM HWA/hu H1931/A592

Hebrew Root Word/Aramaic/Greek/English Expanded Exhaustive Definitions:

H6310- פה PaH/A1936- puma/G4750- στοματος stomatos: mouth, blowing, speech, edge, portion, side, according to, commandment, appointment, assent, spoken, talk, Word, opening, entrance, utterance, order, evidence, collar, skirt, sound, edge of sword, with one accord, testimony, by dictation, breath, speak, channel, to constitute, enjoin, charge, bade, set up, communicate, establish, rule, Law, set down the rule, carried out, accomplishment, intent, Will, commission, send forth, emissary, requiring inner commitment and devotion not just external obedience, issues, explain, apply, make known and clear, pour out forth, point out, teach, sharpen, instruct, penetrate, pierce, speak, reveal, disclose, front, face, emanating from the heart, revealed thought and will, utter, double edged, to cut, make evident and apparent, shine forth, show forth, direct, drive, execute, bring forth, tell, relate, ordain, bid, answer, bring word, call, grant, to flow, water, rain, to lay forth, relate in words, break silence, describe, name, put forth, bringing together of words, ask, inquiry, desire, beg, require, crave, call for, cry after, seek, search for, request, cry out after, discern, judge, determine, distinguish, ascertain, enquire, declare, unfold in teaching, ask after, beseech, pray, intreat, requires an open heart to receive the message, grasp, get hold of, understand, to teach, to learn, need, enlighten, bring light, brighten, kindle, ignite, glow, refine, be on fire, burn, mark, own, occupy, possess

H3808- לא LA/A1262- la/G3756- ουκ ouk: not, none, never, cannot, nothing, no, neither, without, not at all, in no wise, no more at all, by no means, in no case, not ever, not once, not even, not even one, not at all, without delay, not a whit, not even ever

H7911- שכח ShaKaK/A2510- shekakh/*G: mislay, intoxicate, forget, lose, drunk, oblivious, from want of memory or attention, forsake, betray, miss, summon up with an effort, recover the use of, recognize to be present, be aware of, discover to be the case, ascertain by study, calculation, inquiry, experience, declare, reach, arrive, come in, reach the understanding or conscience, dwell, abide, continue, stand up, prove, accept, establish, lodge, board, provide for free, allow, favor, prefer, detect, locate, spot, position, pinpoint, unearth, come across, encounter, light on, happen, invent, procure, secure, gather, present, exist, appear, notice, learn, consider, regard, rule, pronounce, bring to light, expose, disclose, receive, suffer, communicate, succeed, meet, result, respond, answer, invite, enter, cause, induce, begin, progress, move, situate, wound, injure, kill, punish, annoy, amuse, enthusiastic, initiative, manage, harmonious, friendly with, persuade, allow, deal with, contravening, survive, influence, imply, escape, blame, contact, comfortable with, swallow, drink, give serious attention to, train, involved, take control of, affect, aroused, perform, continue, publish, release, contrive, benefit from, undertake to exercise, complete, pass, assist, approve, legislate, become lawful, persist, rise, beget, engender, seize, contain, confide, trust, be given to, buy, purchase, collect, score, grow, convey, take home, capture, arrest, custody, detain, develop, succumb, sustain, materialize, contrive, find a way, work, fix, prepare, get ready, assemble, rustle up, exact, wreak, avenge, pay back, confound, bemuse, confuse, irritate, exasperate, irk, vex, provoke, incense, mad, infuriate, try, ruffle, aggravate, peeve, rile, needle, drive, impart, transmit, express, thrive, prosper, flourish, advance, compatible, agree, concur, be in accord, on the same wavelength, circulate, touch, intimate, pay off, break free and loose, bolt, flee, take flight, abscond, slip away, sneak out, escape blame for, return, redeem, find again, trace, meet, clear, exonerated, climb, mount, ascend, proceed, carry, persist, emerge, transpire, uncover, reveal, disseminate, disclose, report, recover, recuperate, overcome, surmount, master, rise above, bring together, rally, marshal, congregate, convene, amass, convoke, rendezvous, stir, surface, come into possession of, fetch, continued sustained cumulative acquisition, gratify, satisfy, fulfill, summit

A487- dagalutha/G1388- δολος dolos: spurious, pretended, false, untrue, erroneous, deceitful, wicked, liar, false witnesses, mendacious, speaking lies, untruth, to deceive by falsehood, falsely, imposter, lying, fabricated

H3808- לא LA/A1262- la/G3756- ουκ ouk: not, none, never, cannot, nothing, no, neither, without, not at all, in no wise, no more at all, by no means, in no case, not ever, not once, not even, not even one, not at all, without delay, not a whit, not even ever

H3971- מום MWM/A1329- muma/*G: stain, spot, physical or moral blemish, blot, speck, point, fault, harm, nothing, refuse, blame, flaw, defect, disgrace, shame, imperfect, shortcoming, weakness, frailty, vice, lack strength, error, mistake, miss the mark, inaccurate, liable, guilt, wrong, offense, transgress, culpable, smudge, patch, mark, taint, blight, dishonor, absorb, mar, sully, tarnish, erase, obliterate, delete, efface, expunge, eradicate, wipe out, conceal, hide, obscure, shadow, cover

A403- gir/G1063- γαρ gar: indeed, reason and cause, Way, means, because, verily, certain, surely, legitimate, authentic, genuine, person or thing that gives rise to an action, phenomenon or condition, principle, Will, desire, purpose, intent, commitment, devotion, prepared to defend and advocate, support, uphold, resolved, settled, determined, enable, promote, achieve, complete, bring about, effect, fulfill, satisfy, Source, Root, Origin, Beginning, starting point, mainspring, basis, foundation, fountainhead, originator, author, creator, producer, agent, justification, call, need, necessity, occasion, ideal, conviction, object, end, finish, conclude, aim, mission, generate, engender, spawn, precipitate, prompt, inspire, make happen, induce, foster, nurture, enkindle, beget, place which something comes and can be obtained, issue forth, inform, tell, Word, wellspring, birthplace, fount, derivation, genesis, initiator, inventor, reference, authority, capacity, convey, nourish, feed, teach, guide, lead, embed, basic cause, essential substance or nature of something, family, scion, arm, branch, descendant, fundamental, establish, cause to stand, grow, cultivate, seat, core, heart, hub, Essence, plant, sow, make at home, complete, thorough, total, entire, whole, encourage, bring to light, reveal, germinate, sprout, take hold, develop, thrive, flourish, existence, ancestry, attachment, fixed, commence, emergence, cradle, radix, provenance, descent, parentage, pedigree, lineage, line, heritage, extraction, blood, stock, provide first and continual supply, first and final cause, ultimate cause which something stems, undertake, institute, build, construct, inception, motive, impetus, driving force, incentive, impulse, prime mover, maintain movement, lowest load bearing part typically below ground, rest, undergird, endow, fund, infrastructure, bedrock, cornerstone, thrust, kernel, seed, rationale, founder, father, architect, designer, deviser, bring something into existence, invest, contribute, inaugurate, launch, organize, Good and obvious cause, Faithful, right, vindication, Wisdom, conclusion, prevail

H1931- הוא HWA/A592- hau/*G: self, same, this, AM, IS, being, be, come, have, exist, I AM, I exist, it is I, set at one again, together, certain, only, of me, belonging to, following, consist of, peaceful, harmonious, to listen to, to hear and obey, take into one’s favor, to choose, prefer, approve, resemblance, similitude, likeness, duplicate, reason, virtue of, effect, ramification, concomitant, fruit, importance, significance, substance, mark, note, prominence, relevance, distinction, parallel, undertake, carry out, support, mention, remember, back, advocate, answer, be near and close, faithful, devotion, dedication, commitment, true, continuous, fulfill, satisfy, resolve, finalize, complete, made perfect, conclusive, permanent, joined, union, adjacent, reach, adjoin, alongside, evenly matched, immediate, direct, dear, inseparable, attached, special, best, firm, fast, strong, careful, attentive, conscientious, focused, possession, ownership, occupation, vigilant, watchful, keen, alert, strict, exact, precise, accurate, approval, appreciation, agree, secure, sealed, settled, established, confirmed, fixed, finished, lasting, enduring, perpetual, eternal, abiding, constant, standing, unending, endless, immutable, imperishable, stable, steadfast, stay and remain unchanged continuing without interruption, remaining to the end, stay in the place that one has been occupying, continue to possess a particular quality, fulfill a particular role, prevail, be available, triumph, victorious, superior, overcome, rule, reign, govern, regulated, be the order of the day, customary, be in force and effect, conviction, powerful, current, relevant, fresh, new, verified, confirmed, certainty, assurance, confidence, trust, poise, peace, calm, quiet, guarantee, bond, honor, respect, covenant, security, earnest, bring to completion and reality, meet, suitable, fit, sound, whole, succeed, bring to fruition, accomplish, execute, conduct, conclude, fill to the full

Greek with Strong’s Numbers:

[και G2532 εν G1722 τω G3588] στοματι G4750 [αυτων G846] ουχ G3756 [ευρεθη G2147] δολος G1388 [αμωμοι G299] γαρ G1063 [εισιν G1526 ενωπιον G1799 του G3588 θρονου G2362 του G3588 θεου G2316]

[ ] Greek words not in Aramaic or Hebrew

*G: no equivalent in Greek translation

** For the Aramaic listed without Hebrew, the Aramaic becomes the Hebrew equivalent.

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