Revelation 15:1

Revelation 15:1

iBoS: Approval Abiding, Truth Of Heaven to humanity, Authentic Messenger Faithful Counsel the devastated, Completely Settle in Union, Word Cherish in Most High.

Magiera: And I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvelous, angels who had the seven last injuries, for in them the fury of Alaha is completed.

English Hebrew Strong’s #/Hebrew/Hebrew Transliterated Pronunciation/Aramaic LWM #/Aramaic Transliteration/Aramaic Pronunciation/Greek Strong’s #/Greek/Greek Transliteration Interlinear:

Approval/Cherish H2372 חזה KaZaH/A758 KZA kheza/G1492 ειδον eidon
Abiding/Eternal/I AM H312 אחר AKaR/A53 AKRNA akerna/*G
Agreement/Truth H226 אות AWT/A206 ATA atah/G4592 σημεια semeia
Heaven H8064 שמים ShaMYM/A2543 SMYA shemaya/G3772 ουρανω ourano
humanity/family/people H7227 רב RaB/A2271 RBA raba/G3173 μεγα mega
Authentic H8539 תמה TaMaH/A2681 TMYHTA tametha/G2298 θαυμαστον thaumaston
Messenger H4397 מלאך MaLAK/A1375 MLAKA malaka/G32 αγγελος aggelos
Presence/Faithfulness/Devotion H335 אי AY/A69 AYT aik/*G
Honor/Exalted/Counsel H5920 על AiL/A1804 AiL al/*G
devastated/damaged A1342 MKWTA mekhutha/G4127 πληγαις plegais
Complete H7651 שבע ShaBAi/A2437 SBAi sheva/G2033 επτα epta
Settle H310 אחר AKaR/A51 AKRYA akheraya/G2078 εσχατων eskaton
Union/Join/Together A217 B va/*G
Word H4390 מלא MaLA/A1366 MLA mla/G5055 τελεσωσιν telesosin
Cherish/Enkindle H2534 חמת KaMaTh/A838 KMTA khemtha/G2372 θυμου thumou
Most High H433 אלה ALaH/A93 ALHA alaha/G2316 θεου theou

Hebrew Root Word/Aramaic/Greek/English Expanded Exhaustive Definitions:

H2372 חזה KaZaH/A758 KZA kheza/G1492 ειδον eidon: gaze, perceive, contemplate with delight, vision of insight, behold, look at, choose, select, prefer, approval, cherish, delight in, grasp, possess, embrace, welcome, hold, keep, safeguard, favor, agreement, harmony, make known, reveal, Divine Revelation, communicating, received complete, whole, sound, view, appearance, take note, regard, heed, seen of God, bright, shining, show forth, sustain, strengthen, knit together, fortified, aware, realize, consider, have knowledge, sure, understand, to know absolutely, fullness of knowledge, know perfectly and completely, known, implies an active relationship between the one who knows and the person or thing known, to have an approving connection, standing very much related, to gaze with wide open eyes at something remarkable, earnest, more continued inspection, an inward impression or spiritual experience, mental occupation, that which is seen and understood, discern clearly, testimony, witness, care for, recover and receive sight, persons connected by bonds of nature or friendship in intimacy, must need, to kindle, keep alive in full flame, revive, to look again attentively, to view with interest, devotion, dedication, consecrated, to draw nigh, respect, looking away from all else at one object alone, sincerity without dissimulation or self seeking, simplicity, union, folded together, clear, appointed, determined, undivided, undistorted, clean, pure, unpolluted, unmixed, singleness of heart and mind and soul, unconditionally completely given over to, surrender, take fully, welcome, accept gladly without reservation, await with confidence, acknowledge, recognize upon a mark, settle, remain, stay, abide, dwell with, resemble, similar in sentiment, to be set at One, similitude, attached, taken, fasten, set on fire, cling to, lay hold of, have fellowship and close association with, to adhere, follow, practice, vital union between, own, belong to, occupy, immovable, perpetual, greet, draw to oneself, to teach to learn, constancy, faithfulness, loyalty, assimilate have access, willing, representation, corresponding, involved in essential relations with, to hear and obey, named, closest spiritual bond independent of space, gathered, nourish, protect, defend, entwined, have compassion, purchased and paid for, redeemed, distinguished, raise up, follow out to the end, yield to, accompany, rest in, rely, answer, appreciation, participation, envelop, overshadow, exerting influence, oversee, to visit and care for, confirm, make room for, present honorable emulation, communication of spiritual sustenance, enable to respond to His voice, respond fully and instantly, touched, connected, reconciled, mutuality, communion, common experience together, contribution, contact, trace out and conform

H312 אחר AKaR/A53 AKRNA akerna/*G: follow, continue, remain and stay, seek after, from beside, pursue, remaining, posterity, of me, belonging to, consist of, is, I AM, it is I, I exist, Being, are, to enter, point reached, one, set set at one, peaceful, harmonious, to listen to, to hear and obey, take into one’s favor, to choose, prefer, approve, far more exceedingly of one mind to the end throughout, resemblance, similitude, likeness, duplicate, because, for, how, as concerning that, as, in that, whosoever, any that, ever, whereas, which, too, when, while, after, as soon as, too, also, in as much as, whenever, as long as, for the reason that, since, on the account of, by reason of, owing to, seeing that, as a result of, as a consequence of, due to, by virtue of, effect, ramification, concomitant, aftermath, fruit, product, end result, importance, significance, substance, mark, note, prominence, value, concern, interest, care, regard, moment, result or effect of an action or condition, relevance, distinction, accept responsibility, following closely, coming after, in order, go in the same direction or way, parallel to, undertake, carry out, conforming to, support, mention, remember, back, adhere and cling to, advocate, answer, be near and close, ensuing, succeeding, subsequent, next, heir, further, hereafter, coming, achieve, lead to, become, inherit, take place, come close after, near, intimate, connection, resemblance, relationship, faithful, devotion, dedication, commitment, true, nearby, cherished, knit together, folded together, include, encircle, hold, keep, continuous, fulfill, satisfy, resolved, finalized, complete, made perfect, conclusive, permanent, joined, union, adjacent, reach, adjoin, alongside, evenly matched, similitude, likeness, even, immediate, direct, dear, inseparable, attached, special, best, firm, fast, strong, careful, attentive, conscientious, focused, possession, ownership, occupation, vigilant, watchful, keen, alert, strict, exact, precise, accurate, important, significant, valued, approval, appreciation, agree, secure, sealed, settled, established, confirmed, fixed, finished, lasting, enduring, perpetual, eternal, abiding, constant, standing, unending, endless, immutable, imperishable, stable, steadfast, stay and remain unchanged without end, continuing without interruption, remaining to the end, through, exist, related, stay in the place that one has been occupying, continue to possess a particular quality, fulfill a particular role, prevail, be available, triumph, victorious, come out on top, superior, overcome, rule, reign, govern, regulated, be the order of the day, customary, be in force and effect, persuaded, convinced, conviction, powerful, current, relevant, fresh, new, verified, confirmed, firmly held, kept, taken, owned, belonging to, certainty, assurance, confidence, trust, sureness, doubtless, poise, peace, calm, quiet, guarantee, commitment, bond, honor, respect, covenant, security, earnest, fulfill, bring to completion and reality, realize, understand, fully developing one’s abilities and character, meet, suitable, fit, sound, whole, succeed, bring to fruition, accomplish, execute, conduct, conclude, fill to the full, comply with

H226 אות AWT/A206 ATA atah/G4592 σημεια semeia: come, assent, consent, agree, signal, flag, beacon, monument, evidence, mark, meet, suitable, identifying banner, reminder, show Truth, attestation of validity, speak in conformity to, reveal, make known, clear, indicator, conspicuous, Divine display or act, affirmation, confirm, symbol, Representation, specify, indication, evidence, palpable, trace, convey, notice, publicly displayed in written or symbolic form to give information and instruction, communication, arrangement, named, situated, associated, accord, agreement with, authorization of contents of document by attaching signature, engage to work by signing a contract, fulfillment of covenant, commitment, devotion, dedication, employed, occupation, possession, ownership, rule, governance, regulation, consecrate, set apart, perform, establish, accomplish, Bless, exemplify, consistent, constant, abiding, enduring, register, record, Word, conclude, resolved, determined, bid, approval, belonging to, undertaking, receive, welcome, token, character, state of being, deliberate, definite, comprehensive, point out, manifestation, perceptible, prove, existence, abstract, demonstration, portent, cue, guide, emblem, endorse, support, substantiate, genuine, authenticate, certify, sanction, inscribe, join, union, volunteer, distinguished, vouchsafe, recognition, acknowledgement, injunction, discern, property of, prominent, worthy of respect, resemblance, associate closely with, set at One, prefer, choice, favor, remember, ascertain, verify, connection, couple, mention in the same breath, side by side, empathize with, be in tune with, rapport, close similarity, affinity, allegiance, faithfulness, fidelity, set, equality, same, identical, reputation, recommendation, pattern, stamp, engrave, trait, quality, disposition, temper, makeup, Spirit, integrity, honor, moral strength, rectitude, uprightness, fortitude, will, standing, stature, role, part, answer, corresponding, model, type, target, regard, stay close to, lasting and significant effect, accurate, precise, correct, important, required, annotate, seal, stamp of approval, insignia, hallmark, benchmark, watermark, imprint, attribute, calling card, aim, objective, end, finish, complete, commemorate, herald, Messenger, take heed, consideration, prosper, make good, alert, bright, awake, rightful

H8064 שמים ShaMYM/A2543 SMYA shemaya/G3772 ουρανω ourano: aloft, to be lofty, heaven, atmosphere, space, vast expanse, place of exaltation, heights, above, upper regions, the vaulted expanse with all things visible and invisible in it, universe, world, outmost, extreme limits, greatest distance, extreme measure of altitude, acme, zenith, glory, prosperity, better, best, aerial, sidereal, seat of an order of things eternal and consummately perfect, distinct, eternal blessing, dwelling of Most High, all space, sky, high, realm of Aloha’s storehouse, vapor, firmament, connected, joined, wheel, whirlwind, breath, dust, powder, whirled, rolling thing, gyrate, circular, spiral, coil, enfold, surround, encompass, elevation, heaven, abode of God, happiness, power, prosperity, eternity, eternal dwelling place of God, ascending above all the heavens, uncreated sphere of God’s abode, on high, spiritual, to rise, lifted high above, mount on high, preeminent, prominent, distinct, above, great, imperial, powerful, prevailing, accomplished, established, enduring, everlasting, highest most high, important, chief, divine, deity, of righteousness, certainty, faithfulness, sure, devotion, dedication, conviction, commitment, loyalty, fidelity, distinct, pure, clear, clean, promoted, advance, upgrade, prefer, favor, choice, ennoble, step up, mountain, heights, greatest, grandeur, nobility, loftiness, majesty, sublime, being elevated, lift up, raise, rear, bring up, amount to, level up, augment, increase, adored, cherished, treasured, held and kept dear, near and close beside, continue, endure, lasting, abiding, stay and remain with, move to a higher level and position, set upright, made right, construct and build, bring to the surface from below, save, deliver, reunite, increase amount, level and strength of, promote, champion, support, foster, nourish, back, uphold, bring back from death, establish to stand firm, correspond, uplift, escalate, magnify, boost, assemble, acquire, accumulate, enlist, call up, present, awaken, engender, produce, induce, kindle, arouse, keep alive in full flame, nurture, look after, care for, tend, educate, train, keep, grow, cultivate, fulfill, wrap

H7227 רב RaB/A2271 RBA raba/G3173 μεγα mega: creation, creatures, acquisition, purchase, wealth, substance, of getting and owning, begetting, bringing forth, goods, riches, with, possession, occupation, property, belonging to someone, to build, erect, set up, establish, procure by purchase, create, to own, owner, possessor, recover, redeemed, attain, teach to keep, sure, verified, bring into being, making purchase agreement with another, earn, resemblance, beam, branch, scion, offspring, generate, generation, to dwell among with, full measure given, subjugate, cause, large, great, elder, big, loud, exceeding, mighty, high, strong, sore, of rank, degree, intensity, force of voice, magnitude, strength, number, abundance, precedence, conspicuous, outpouring, power, increase, greatness, dignity, ascription, acknowledge, recognition, mankind, humanity, countenance, face, human being without reference to gender or nationality, in distinction from God with suggestion of human frailty and imperfection, carnal, of human origin, standard generally accepted among men, not drawn from Scripture, inner self, fellow, complete and mature, full age, brought to its end, finished wanting nothing necessary to completeness when joined to God, verified, created by the Will of God in His likeness to belong with Him in His Family and given dominion of the earth, includes all human individuals, from Aloha as Divine, human life, wont to fight urged on by desire of gain, commiseration, maltreated and defenseless, two fold nature of man, moral condition, conformed to the nature of God, family, household, people, servant, employment, devoted to the service of God, resemblance, similitude, likeness of Aloha

H8539 תמה TaMaH/A2681 TMYHTA tametha/G2298 θαυμαστον thaumaston: completeness, gentle, perfect, undefiled, plain, upright, simple, unadulterated, pure, innocent, integrity, honest, sincere, faithful, trust, authentic, genuine, moral, fullness, abundance, prosperity, happy, secure, safe, humble, marvelous, wonderful, amazing, astonishing, unexpected, beyond expectation, surprise, satisfaction, joyful, celebration, rejoicing, veneration, praise, awesome, honor, respect, appreciation, regard, reverence, worship, stand in awe of, favor, approval, cherish, admire, esteem, adore, revere, recognize, exalt, fulfill, uplift, obey, follow, heed, effect, abide, adhere, comply, homage, value, worth, virtuous, benefit, advantage, useful, desirable, signficance, merit, eminence, important, distinction, excellent, priceless, preeminent, supreme

H4397 מלאך MaLAK/A1375 MLAKA malaka/G32 αγγελος aggelos: to despatch as a deputy, a messenger, specifically of God, i.e. an angel, also a prophet, priest, or teacher, ambassador, spirits of the heavens that stand before the Lord of all the earth, Someone sent over a great distance by an individual or community in order to communicate a message, often several messengers are sent together, a representative of a King, diplomat, significant and important function, honor to the messenger signified honor to the sender, Supernatural messenger of the Lord sent with a particular message, commissioned to protect and deliver God’s people, given charge of His people, to keep them in the Way, to save them, Christ, employed, occupied, possessed, property of the Lord belonging to Him, One doing God’s bidding and business, ministration, to bring, drive, move, induce, bring forth, carry, lead along, cause to enter, bring message, to proclaim, bring tidings and news, messenger sent by God, guardian, representative, belonging to Heaven engaged in God’s service, chosen to carry His Word to declare and make known His Thoughts and Will, promoter, benefactor, paragon of virtue, shining forth, epitome, embodiment, personification, quintessence, apotheosis, acme, jewel, treasure, example, nonpareil, exemplar, consummate, inimitable, from God, sent from God, appointed by God, best person for the job, top, head, chief, central, main, principal, prince, emissary, delegate, deputy, plenipotentiary, diplomat, minister, dignitary, high commissioner, envoy, legate, champion, advocate, leader, consul, one in charge, surrogate, liaison, spokesperson, agent, intermediary, mediator, go between, substitute, replacement, proxy, stand in, relief, understudy, reserve, fill in, back up, provision, caretaker, protector, defender, preserver, custodian, keeper, conservator, curator, steward, trustee, superintendent, attendant

H335 אי AY/A69 AYT aik/*G: habitation, abiding, eye, fountain, Face To face, in the presence of, present, sight, countenance, resemblance, spring, seeing, desire, longing, devotion, faithfulness, moral guide, agreement, appropriate, characteristic, reference to a person of thing of the same kind, another having similar qualities, faithful resemblance to the Original, satisfy, pay for in full, meet, fulfill, choose, prefer, favor, regard, care for, pleased, representation, small part or quantity intended to show what the whole is like, specimen, analogous, Record or extract for reuse as a part of something, similar in position, structure and origin but not necessary in function, pairing, pattern, consistent, having a common descent, uniform, identical duplicate, fidelity, true, unswerving, dependable, reliable, constant, steadfast, resolved, resolute, authentic, legitimate, genuine, accurate, exact, on the mark, enduring, eternal, endless, regular, unchanging, firm, verified, unwavering, Given, upright, principled, truthful, level, balanced, sound, whole, healthy, complete on target, sure, certain, definite, assurance, guaranteed, absolute, evident, plain, clear, conclusive, established, effective, secure, safe, substantiated, appointed, done, protected from harm and danger, sheltered, at ease, sealed, fortify, strengthen, uphold, possession, occupation, rule, ownership, kept fixed so as not to give way nor become loose or lost, certain to remain and continue safe and unharmed, having provisions for, stable, having no doubt about attainment, victorious, attached firmly so that it cannot be moved or lost, succeed despite difficulties, having a right to take possession of an asset, quiet, tranquil, calm, serene, supported, unity, love, regard, solitude, equanimity, law and order, reconciled, restore friendly relations, coexist in harmony, compatible, accept, welcome, bring together, make congruent, synchronize, mend, remedy, rectify, heal, live with together, remain and stay with, assimilated, communicating, connecting, dove tail, fit, touching, pertaining to, responsive, answer, obedient, I AM, exist, being, it is I, give self wholly to, cause, Origin, Beginning and End, First and Last, Way, I AM AS I AM, at One, point reached or entered of place, time, purpose or result, union, joined, of one mind, corresponding, suitable, identified with, fully acquainted and familiar, gathered, arrive, converge

H5920 על AiL/A1804 AiL al/*G: Highest Most High, aloft, YHWH, above, on high, throughout, ascend on high, be high, mount, raised, arose, exalted, preeminent, prominence, pinnacle, to go up, offer up, movement from lower to higher place, to rise up, overwhelm, overpower, increasing in strength, Record, Truth, presenting offering, Gift, Sacrifice, wholly given, rest, Supreme Exceedingly Mighty Ruler Of Divine Majesty And Power, Superior To Deliver Victorious, Source Of Life, Character, Attribute, Impressive, YaH Who reveals Self in power and enters into covenant relationship with humanity, supernatural provision and power, Holy, Creator, Savior, covenant of constant care and love for His family, ethical, righteous, continuity, stability, veneration, Supreme Deity, Magistrate, YHWH Elohim, Unoriginated Immutable Eternal Self Sustained Existence, Unity, Almighty Infinite Faithful, Mercy, Love, Truth, Word, Ruler and Owner of all, Source of all moral authority, Master Teacher, Redeemer, Everlasting Father, Author, Counsel, resemblance, similitude, at One, denoting original point whence motion or action proceeds, completion

A1342 MKWTA mekhutha/G4127 πληγαις plegais: sickness, injuries, a stroke, wound, calamity, stripes, heavy affliction, public devastation, disaster, an event causing great and sudden damage or distress, catastrophe, tragedy, cataclysm, adversity, trials, tribulations, misfortune, hardship, misadventure, causing great sufferi, pain, serious accident, crime, natural catastrophe, tragic, having unhappy ending especially concerning the downfall of the main character, drama, goat, mishap, blow, humiliation, mortification, tortuous, tormenting, disorder, disease, malady, sick, complaint, ailment, illness, indisposition, handicap, scourge, trouble, misery, wretchedness, sorrow, woe, discomfort of mind or body, cause or source of great distress, discomfort, unpleasant, inappropriate, continued harassment and molestation, abusive, severe harsh treatment, killing, murderous, violent, out of control, anguish, anxiety, angst, grief, heartache, despair, despondency, dejection, rejection, desolation, depression, gloom, melancholy, sadness, the dumps, blue, difficulty, ordeal, deprivation, extreme suffering and sorrow, in danger, suffering caused by lack of basic necessities of life, exhaustion, distraint, strain, strenuous, age and wear and tear, pulled apart, separation, divorced, forsaken, abandoned, betrayed, agony, peril, destitution, indigence, impoverished, dire straits, bother, perturb, disquiet, agitate, harrow, torment, penury, need, disturbance, displease, severe physical and mental suffering, annoy and provoke in a deliberate unkind cruel way, to twist, instrument of torture, hell, purgatory, bane, thorn in one’s side or flesh, cross to bear, rack, haunt, bedevil, tease, bully, bait, goad, persecute, hound, needle, experience or be subjected to something bad and unpleasant, affected by or subjected to become worse in quality, undergo execution, impatient, angry, hostile, antagonistic, unfriendly, inhospitable, intolerant toward people, burden, trauma, hurt, damage, stress, death stroke

H7651 שבע ShaBAi/A2437 SBAi sheva/G2033 επτα epta: seven as the Sacred Full One, week, indefinite number, seven times, complete, perfection, satiety, fulness, enough, sufficient, fill to satisfaction, plenty, rain, watered, supplied, abundance, oath and charge fulfilled, strongly affirmed, authentic, genuine, legitimate, honest, sincere, truthful, undeviating, allegiance, faithfulness, fidelity, devotion, dedication, commitment, approval, making and upholding promises, binding, knit together, harmonious, agreement, reconciled, set at One, drawn to a close, brought to complete end, joined in union, finished, complete in itself, accomplished, established, settled, abiding, consummation, resolution, realization, intimate, evenly matched, choice, marked, owned, distinct, attentive, focused, fresh, kept in full flame alive, vibrant, meet, form a circle, cease trading, reception, agree, seal, secure, highest point, crown, crest, highlight, reached and arrived, highest point of development, elevated, made to resemble ALaH, belonging to YaH, occupied and employed by Aloha, refined, shining, epitome, embodiment, quintessence, jewel, gem, delight, pleasure, suitable, expression, representation, actualization, congruent, correspond, consistent, accord, communion with, kept, taken, acceptance, steadfast, constant, dependable, reliable, appointed, unchanging, immovable, anchored, unfailing, sure, certain, lawful, valid, veritable, attested, good, straight, open, wholehearted, accurate, exact, correct, true to life, equitable, righteous, reach the target, honorable, clear, warm, benignant, favor, advantage, worship, venerable, adored, praise, thanksgiving, cherish, follow, set great store by, care for, tend to, protect, feed, nourish, preserve, keep safe, prize, value highly, adhere, cling to, keep in mind and heart, nurture, foster, named, blessed, endowed, enjoy, appreciate, celebration, contentment, rejoice, anticipate, comfort, peace, equanimity, presence, Word of Honor, guarantee, covenant, alliance, face to face, familiar, family, gathered, endure, answer, gracious, magnanimous, merciful, compassionate, kind, forgiving, forbearing, long suffering, humane, selfless, openhanded, free, absolute total, eminent, principal, central, matchless, powerful, foremost, chief, magnificent, majestic, splendid, brilliant, passionate, congenial, prime, essential, fundamental, number One, indispensable, of concern and interest, relevant, Highest Most High Creator Savior

H310 אחר AKaR/A51 AKRYA akheraya/G2078 εσχατων eskaton: be behind, follow, continue, defer, remain and stay with, posterity, to sit down, rest, dwell, settle, resolved, abide, determined, still, taken, married, endure, established, set, return, seat, make to keep, heir, inheritance, possession, ownership, rule, govern, devotion, dedication, commitment, inhabit, occupancy, permanent, stand, sustain, sure, prosper, succeed, complete, final, end, finish, accomplish, fulfilled, arrive, reach, meet, suitable, accompany

A217 B va/*G: into, in, with, join, together, union, joint, among, by

H4390 מלא MaLA/A1366 MLA mla/G5055 τελεσωσιν telesosin: completely without wavering to the end, absolution, performance, execution, accomplished, achieved, fulfillment, completion, perfection, complete in application, labor, growth, character, object, aim, purpose, etc., full age, wanting nothing necessary to completion of integrity and virtue, mature, ripe, full development, complete revelation and knowledge of God’s Way and Will, preserved in completeness, attained moral end, assigned purpose and intention, state of completeness, actual accomplishment of end, consummate, to bring and carry and bear to completion, to finish and end, completely execute and discharge, fill up, carry out a thing to the full, uttermost, final, paid, conclusion, redeemed, saved, restored, return, fix, rebuild, done, to fill, be full of, fulfill, consecrate, replenish, whole, set, fully gathered, overflow, satisfy, confirm, be at an end, fenced, defend and protect, cherish, furnish, fulness, endow, ordain, fill up, penetrate thoroughly, inexhaustible, fruitful, multiply, satiated, content, to the full extent of what is expected, proof of authority, authenticate, substantiate, legitimate, genuine, Truth, Word, successfully complete, delivered, recovered, revived, made whole, heart, hand, arm, manifest, show, made known and clear, prepare, supply, support, strengthen, armed, shield, fill entirely, level, balanced, containing and holding as much or as many as possible, having no empty space, satisfaction, abundance, plenteous, completely occupied and engrossed, involved, not lacking or omitting anything, made perfect, union, joined, bond, inseparable, reaching the utmost limit, maximum, having all privileges and status attached to a particular position, covered, well rounded, generous, fit, strong, healthy, sound, whole, filled to capacity, brimming, teeming, abounding, bursting, overflow, occupied, possessed, owned, belonging to someone, kept, taken, wholly given to, well fed, lively, energetic, active, thorough, all inclusive, all encompassing, all embracing, in depth, top, greatest, highest, ample, well endowed, rich, deep, vibrant, direct, right, straight, resolved, settled, prized, finalized, responsive, answer, reply, give and take, reconciled

H2534 חמת KaMaTh/A838 KMTA khemtha/G2372 θυμου thumou: affinity, beloved, warm, cherish, delight in, desire, pleasant, desirable, precious, heat, hot, kindle, keep alive in full flame, boil, fervent, to glow, ruddy, bubbling, rising, heap, fermentation, result of complete fermentation, drink, effervesce, banqueting, refreshment, make merry, rejoicing before the Lord, wine at any stage, sweet wine, fresh juice, must, new wine, not bitter, fresh, squeezed out, pressed, new and sweet, trodden out, trample, squeeze out juice, mixture, wine mixed with water or spices, drink offering, mingle, chemical breakdown or a substance by bacteria, yeast or other microorganisms typically involving effervescence and the giving off of heat, the process of this kind of conversion, excitement, incite, stir up, develop, catalyst, to boil, love, preserve, nourish, feed, dear, choice, favor, approval, warmth, devotion, dedication, commitment, foster, harmonious, brew, immerse, penetrate, teach, cause, bring about, give rise to, generate, engender, spawn, instigate, provoke, originate, enkindle, beget, fever, zealous, earnest, ardent, passionate, wholehearted, fiery, enthusiastic, keen, avid, glowing, burning, to burn, goodly

H433 אלה ALaH/A93 ALHA alaha/G2316 θεου theou: Supreme God, Exceedingly Mighty Ruler Of Divine Majesty And Power, Superior And Preeminent To Deliver Victorious, Most High, Highest, Preeminent, Source Of Life, One True God, Greatest, Superior, Character, Attribute, Impressive, God Who revealed Himself in power and enters into covenant relationship with humanity, supernatural provision and power, Holy, Creator, Savior, covenant involves God’s care and love for His family, ethical, righteous, Everlasting God Of Eternity, continuity, stability, veneration of God, Supreme Deity, Magistrate, Yehowah Elohim, His Power and Preeminence, Unoriginated Immutable Eternal Self Sustained Existence, Unity, Almighty Highest Most High, Infinite Creator and Savior, Faithful, Mercy, Love, Truth, Word, Ruler and Owner of all, Source of all moral authority, Master Teacher, Redeemer, Everlasting Father, of the thing of which God is Author, things of God, Counsel, things due to God, because He Is As Is, things respecting and pertaining to God, wholly devoted to God and for which alone one lives, resemblance, similitude, at One

Greek with Strong’s Numbers:

[και G2532] ειδον G1492 [αλλο G243] σηεμιον G4592 [εν G1722 τω G3588] ουρανω G3772 μεγα G3173 [και G2532] θαυμαστον G2298 αγγελους G32 [επτα G2033 εχοντας G2192] πληγας G4127 επτα G2033 [τας G3588] εσχατας G2078 [οτι G3754 εν G1722 αυταις G846] ετελεσθη G5055 [ο G3588] θυμος G2372 [του G3588] θεου G2316

[ ] Greek words not in Aramaic or Hebrew

*G: no equivalent in Greek translation

** For the Aramaic listed without Hebrew, the Aramaic becomes the Hebrew equivalent.

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