Revelation 7 in poetry

Revelation 7

verse 1

Liberate Accord Bound Singing Worship
Honor Clear Atonement Homage Yielding
Inheritance Embosom Worthy Trust Kiss
Intimate Kindle Penetrating Offer Gird
Cover Yoke Suffusing Unreserved
Wholly Given Wedded Permanence

verse 2

Love Token Permanent Commission Kindle Afresh
Commune Day Star Awake Ponder Explicative Force
Filleted Quiescent Position Splendor Touch Illuminate
Bare Up Homage To Despatch Eager Occasion Reach
Deliverance All Embracing Gathering Together

verse 3

Quicken Resolve Elevated Serve
Desire Melting Disposition Tender
Mutual Contract Lovingly Submit
Hardihood Gush Over Connection

verse 4

Give Ear To Apportion Signet Consummate
Widen Appreciation Bring Forth Fruitful Means
Wholly Reap Benevolent Custody Revealed

verse 5

Vindicate Family Awaken Tranquil
Overshadow Free Peoples Conscious
Requite Yoking Rolled Together
Thoughtful Mastery Absolve Union

verse 6

Reconcile Kin Bestowment Compensate
Nurture Heart Mindful To Twine Secure
Hover Over Joined Union Yield Enfold Herd

verse 7

Commune Hold With Attention Crimson
Take Captive Present Fortify Worth
Potent To Associate With Accord
Safeguard To Fold Tranquil Union

verse 8

Fullness Preserve Permanence Peaceful
Overshadow Present Possession To Heighten
Compress Augment Given Safeguard
Inaugurate Secure Yoking Merged

verse 9

Completeness Penetrate Resemblance Bountiful
Responsive Tribute Immediate Attain To Breathe
Free Finish Familiar Fortify Conformity Poetic
To Rise Everlasting Manifested Presence Cleave
Array Delicacy To Grow Darling Wholesome

verse 10

Revelation Illuminate Manifold Counsel
To Call Near Prevailing Power Sustenance
Increasing In Strength Succession Relish

verse 11

Bring To Pass Authority Empowering
Extend Innermost Throne Legitimate
Bring To Life Brilliance Perpetual
Reign Over Wholly Given Accession

verse 12

Bosom Cleave Fidelity Fragrant
Prosper Endowed Inclusive Blessing
Peerless Freshness Bring Forth Whole
Sanction Splendor Earnest Trust

verse 13

Relate Ceaseless Choosing Agreement
Shower Benefit Perpetual Crown Willing
Overflow Sweet Eager Fullness Desire Meet

verse 14

Effect Reach Clear Consent Responsive
Girdle Nourish Direction Congruous Cleave
Validate Nearness Present Appeal Spill Forth
Touch Veil Gleaming Extend Fresh Offering

verse 15

Betoken Assimilation Habitable Everlasting
Uphold Divine Watchful Benefit Blessing
Encompass Citadel Custody Rest
Make Replete To Hedge About Delight

verse 16

Immediate Reconciliation Intimate Fortify
Gird Up Wholly Given Unreserved
Fused Resolve To Complete Vibrant

verse 17

Virtue Quicken Treasure Make Replete
Gracious Presence Balustrade Assured
Hover Over Bosom Reflection Humble
Refreshing Sustenance Bring To Pass
Preservation From The Interior Well

* Bolded English words correspond word for word with Aramaic Hebrew Interlinear based on Strong’s definitions

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