Revelation 12:13

Revelation 12:13

HAGEBS: I AM Approval, Faithful Word, Most High seek after humanity to reconcile in Assurance, cherish in Recognition.

Magiera: And when the dragon saw that he was thrown on the earth, he persecuted the woman who gave birth to the male child.

English Equivalent/Hebrew Transliteration/Aramaic pronunciation/Hebrew Strong’s #/Aramaic LWM # Interlinear:

I AM/Source Of LIFE kad A1128
Approval/Cherish KaZaH/kheza H2372/A758
Regard/Faithful TaNYNa/tanina H8577/A2693
Word RaMaH/rema H7411/A2372
Most High/Owner AiL/al H5920/A1804
humanity/earth ARaTs/ara H776/A199
Seek After RaDaPh/redaph H7291/A2304
Reconcile AShaH/attha H802/A135
Assurance aina A66
Cherish/Family YaLaD/yiled H3205/A1046
Recognized/Support DaKaR/dekra H1798/A529

Hebrew Root Word/Aramaic/Greek/English Expanded Exhaustive Definitions:

A1128- kad/*G: being, existence, I AM AS I AM, when, after, follow, self, alone, mine own, self same, this, living, life, reality, Truth, actuality, Spirit, Essence, soul, inner being, heart, bosom, creature, living entity, is, occur, take place, occupy a position, attend, present, state, quality, identity, constitute, substance, Source Of LIFE, Origin, become, spring, grow, produce, beget, give rise and birth to, cause, abiding, Way, means, sum total, whole, complete

H2372- חזה KaZaH/A758- kheza/G1492- ειδεν eiden: gaze, perceive, contemplate with delight, vision of insight, behold, look at, choose, select, prefer, approval, cherish, delight in, grasp, possess, embrace, welcome, hold, keep, safeguard, favor, agreement, harmony, make known, reveal, Divine Revelation, communicating, received complete, whole, sound, view, appearance, take note, regard, heed, seen of God, bright, shining, show forth, sustain, strengthen, knit together, fortified, aware, realize, consider, have knowledge, sure, understand, to know absolutely, fullness of knowledge, know perfectly and completely, known, implies an active relationship between the one who knows and the person or thing known, to have an approving connection, standing very much related, to gaze with wide open eyes at something remarkable, earnest, more continued inspection, an inward impression or spiritual experience, mental occupation, that which is seen and understood, discern clearly, testimony, witness, care for, recover and receive sight, persons connected by bonds of nature or friendship in intimacy, must need, to kindle, keep alive in full flame, revive, to look again attentively, to view with interest, devotion, dedication, consecrated, to draw nigh, respect, looking away from all else at one object alone, sincerity without dissimulation or self seeking, simplicity, union, folded together, clear, appointed, determined, undivided, undistorted, clean, pure, unpolluted, unmixed, singleness of heart and mind and soul, unconditionally completely given over to, surrender, take fully, welcome, accept gladly without reservation, await with confidence, acknowledge, recognize upon a mark, settle, remain, stay, abide, dwell with, resemble, similar in sentiment, to be set at One, similitude, attached, taken, fasten, set on fire, cling to, lay hold of, have fellowship and close association with, to adhere, follow, practice, vital union between, own, belong to, occupy, immovable, perpetual, greet, draw to oneself, to teach to learn, constancy, faithfulness, loyalty, assimilate have access, willing, representation, corresponding, involved in essential relations with, to hear and obey, named, closest spiritual bond independent of space, gathered, nourish, protect, defend, entwined, have compassion, purchased and paid for, redeemed, distinguished, raise up, follow out to the end, yield to, accompany, rest in, rely, answer, appreciation, participation, envelop, overshadow, exerting influence, oversee, to visit and care for, confirm, make room for, present honorable emulation, communication of spiritual sustenance, enable to respond to His voice, respond fully and instantly, touched, connected, reconciled, mutuality, communion, common experience together, contribution, contact, trace out and conform

H8577- תנין TaNYNa/A2693- tanina/G1404- δρακοντα drakonta: to look, behold, see, understand, comprehend, capture, grasp, hold, seize, take, receive, accept, welcome, keep, remain and stay with, have sight, regard, look after, tend, heed, earnest, perceive, focus, direction, express, inspect something to establish its merit, scrutinize, discern, ascertain, examine, study, realize, read, identify, know, take interest in, think, contemplate, seek after, notice, union, Way, effect, Inspiration, cherish, uphold, support, minister to, defend, protect, nurse, nourish, feed, remember, eagerly anticipate, inquire, probe, penetrate, explore, mark, research, learn, resemble, similitude, of One Mind, take after, choose, favor, prefer, approval, devotion, dedication, committed, faithful, Truth, safeguard, alert, awake, careful, pay attention, keep one’s eyes on, take stock of, turn one’s thoughts to, occupation, employment, ownership, possession, rule, governance, regulation, address, defer and turn to, dependable, reliable, trustworthy, resort to, have recourse, fall back on, rely on, improve, admire, esteem, honor, worship, adore, venerate, approbation, acknowledge, recognize, love, beloved, gaze at steadily, intimate union, share, communication, companionship, fellowship, association, contribution, equal, enjoy, joined, possess in common, personal, involved, reciprocation, serve, suitable, agreement, harmonious, peaceful, participation, substantiate, witness, testimony, Record, Word, characterized by quality of interaction, engage, enter, demonstrate, reveal, evidence, sign, corroborate, confirm, wholly given to, obvious, clear, plain, apparent, patent, palpable, distinct, definite, glaring, explicit, transparent, conspicuous, open, Assurance, have developed relationship with someone through meeting and spending time with , familiar, friend, have command of, acquainted with, important, foremost, emphasis, significance, fact, aware, conscious, customary, assent, consent, agreement, covenant, take responsibility for, dovetail, right, appropriate, wise, irrefutable, beyond doubt, decisive, competent, inform, taught, instruct, conversation, intent, character, successful, center of interest or activity, point of origin, complete, full knowledge of, Given, meet at a single point, home, domestic hearth, center, nucleus, heart, cornerstone, priority, Essence, convergence, resolve, settle, permanent, family, unit, conclusion, arrive, comfortable, at ease, realize the full significance, relevant, accurate, precise, reach an intended target, achieve, accomplish, finish, happy, deepest affection, pleased, delightful, residence, house, accommodation, quarter, give and make room for, cover and roof over, answer, nest, habitation, rest, refuge, Source, cradle, Fountainhead

H7411- רמה RaMaH/A2372- rema/G906- εβαλον ebalon: to hurl, to shoot, cause to fall, deceive, beguile, thrown, assess, cast, impose, cast down, height as seat of idolatry, high places, pride, arrogance, deceit, rapid breeding of worms, spreading, betray, forsake, abandon, delude, be on high, raise on high, exalt, extol, offer, give, lofty, promote, increase, magnify, worship, venerate, honor, enlarge, thrust, lay, arise, pour, send, strike, with force and effort, to smite, buffet, let go, launch, catapult, propel, project, deliver, give, land, direct, shoot, dislodge, unseat, disconcert, unnerve, agitate, discomfit, unsettle, host, hold, have, provide, arrange, organize, deposit, cover, remove, drive, bring down, displace, reject, dismiss, refuse, spread, open, register, record, enter, file, emit, radiate, form, create, shine forth, shed light, lose, discard, mold, fashion, shape, model, sculpt, choose, select, prefer, favor, name, call, nominate, forge, decide, fix, appoint, elect, wish, desire, inclined, fit, place, set down, settle, leave, assign, allocate, attribute, submit, present, tend, offer, express, frame, render, convey, recognize, value, judge, explain, make clear, clarify, save, set aside, consider, come to light, become apparent, appear, emerge, result, follow, derive, originate, cause, stand up, proceed, Word, stream, flow, gush, rain, strong, prevail, dispatch, consign, direct, transmit, communicate, summon, contact, request, order, release

H5920- צך AiL/A1804- al/*G: Highest Most High, aloft, YHWH, above, on high, throughout, ascend on high, be high, mount, raised, arose, exalted, preeminent, prominence, pinnacle, to go up, offer up, movement from lower to higher place, to rise up, overwhelm, overpower, increasing in strength, Record, Truth, presenting offering, Gift, Sacrifice, wholly given, rest, Supreme Exceedingly Mighty Ruler Of Divine Majesty And Power, Superior To Deliver Victorious, Source Of Life, Character, Attribute, Impressive, YaH Who reveals Self in power and enters into covenant relationship with humanity, supernatural provision and power, Holy, Creator, Savior, covenant of constant care and love for His family, ethical, righteous, continuity, stability, veneration, Supreme Deity, Magistrate, YHWH Elohim, Unoriginated Immutable Eternal Self Sustained Existence, Unity, Almighty Infinite Faithful, Mercy, Love, Truth, Word, Ruler and Owner of all, Source of all moral authority, Master Teacher, Redeemer, Everlasting Father, Author, Counsel, resemblance, similitude, at One, denoting original point whence motion or action proceeds, completion

H776- ארץ ARaTs/A199- ara/G1093- γης ges: soil, earth, solid, whole, land, ground, country, world, region, present abode of humankind, floor, clay, dirt, turf, territory, humanity, den, burrow, shelter, hideout, domain, dominion, dirty, stain, smear, spoil, dishonor, damage, sully, blacken, dark, taint, blemish, defile, muddy, weak, mutable, fragile, transient

H7291- רדף RaDaPh/A2304- redaph/G1377- εδιωξεν ediozen: run after, pursue, abide, follow after, seek after, search for, successful pursuit, achieve intention, overtake, persecute, chase after, flight, defeated, hunt down, confront, cause to flee, destroy, victimize, relentless, passionate, devoted, commitment, dedication, cherishing, intent, require, desire, will

H802- אשה AShaH/A135- attha/G1135- γυνη gune: wife, woman, married, betrothed, bride, each and every, together, one who is under another’s authority and protection, fire offering, all legitimate sacrifices had to be presented before God, fire, flame, burning, instructed and taught, shown, God’s presence which is the instrument that transforms the offering to ascend heavenward reception, something brought near, to come and bring near, that which one brings near to God, approach, draw near, worship, adore, intimate proximity, communion, fellowship, close and present at hand, serviceable, ready, joined, coupled, nearness of the closest and most intimate kind, touch, personal involvement, being actively and personally involved, center, midst, within, come near, offer, joyous, complete, resemblance, present, give willingly of the heart, belonging to God, become, be made, fulfilled, be taken and preferred, favored, chosen, kept, to come together and be joined, finished, consummate, end, perfect, found, ordained, partake, require, need, sound, well, settled, resolved, devoted, set right, reconciled, decided, fix, agreement, named, called, established, appointed, designated, assigned, selected, accept, assent, make one’s home in, abide, continue, endure, reside, put down roots, live in, occupy, possess, own, rule, govern, dominion, inhabit, populate, apply and give oneself wholly to, committed, loyal, fidelity, dedication, set, sit down, stay and remain near beside, park oneself, rest, installed, enroll, participate, keep in full flame, kindle, legitimate and legal, rightful

A66- aina/*G: strong affirmation, yes, yea, even so, truth, verily, surely, indeed, doubtless, answer, assent to an assertion, confirmation of an assertion, in solemn asseveration, assuredly, abiding, uphold, support, ratify, endorse, sanction, sustain, approve, agree to, champion, defend, continue, preserve, maintain, protect, keep, hold to, back, stand fixed, verity, sincerity, honesty, accuracy, correctness, validate, authenticate, genuine, actual, real, certain, principle, law, in fact, faithfulness, fidelity, devotion, consecrated, reliable, dependable, ethical, moral, virtuous, straightforward, good, precise, exact, close, constant, loyal, allegiance, obedience, strictness, unswerving, steadfast, dedicated, committed, unerring, faultless, on the mark, legitimate, lawful, legal, authoritative, right, verifiable, in accord with, documented, unwavering, permanent, earnest, changeless, Will Of Aloha, settled, determined, commitment, faithfulness, dedication, loyalty, Truth, resolved, singleness of purpose, eye, focus, attention, regard, remembrance, fountain, spring, Origin, Source of all being, Creator, desire, intent, longing, cherish, beloved, assertion of confirmation, assurance, assuredly, even so as is, it is responsive and confirmatory of the substance of some question or statement, answer, firm, solid, authentic, legitimate, fact, uphold, upright, righteous, most emphatic, fulfilled, Given, true

H3205- ילד YaLaD/A1046- yiled/G5088- τεκειν tekein: bear young, beget, show lineage, bring forth, deliver, birth, engender, kindle, offspring, child, young ones, fruit, produce, yield, parental relationship, build family, nourish, nurture, cherish, serve, minister, kindred, parentage, generate, genealogy, record, descendants, contemporaries, partner, family

H1798- דכר DaKaR/A529- dekra/G730- αρρενα arrena: strong to lift up, raise, take up responsibility, remember, support, devotion, dedicated, committed, resolved, settle, anchor, important, significant, mark, seal, approval, favor, cherish, beloved, loose, liberate, bear, atone, expiate, cover, restore, absolve, accept, suffer, forgive, furnish, uphold, sustain, receive, regard, pardon, yield, record, witness, recognize, acknowledge, mention, mindful, remind, earnest, sincere, humble, pure, innocent, clean, transparent, clear, freedom from pollution, unadulterated, character, nature, bright, conspicuous, full abundance, intimate, near, companion, son, ram, sheep, sacrifice, selfless, Gift

Greek with Strong’s Numbers:

[και G2532 οτε G3753] ειδεν G1492 [ο G3588] δρακων G1404 [οτι G3754] εβληθη G906 [εις G1519 την G3588] γην G1093 εδιωξεν G1377 [την G3588] γυναικα G1135 [ητις G3748] ετεκεν G5088 [τον G3588] αρρενα G730

[ ] Greek words not in Aramaic or Hebrew

*G: no equivalent in Greek translation

** For the Aramaic listed without Hebrew, the Aramaic becomes the Hebrew equivalent.

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