Revelation 15:3 Simplified

Revelation 15:3

iBoS: Praise Confirm Goodwill, Devotion Most High Honor Assuring Word to humanity, Authentic Humility, Eternal ONE, Most High Ruler Of All, Complete Genuine Truth Settle Legitimate Trust.

Magiera: And they were praising the praise song of Mushe, the servant of Alaha, and the praise song of the Lamb and were saying, “Great and wondrous [are] your works, Marya Alaha Almighty, upright and true [are] your works, King of the ages.

English Hebrew Strong’s #/Hebrew/Hebrew Transliterated Pronunciation/Aramaic LWM #/Aramaic Transliteration/Aramaic Pronunciation/Greek Strong’s #/Greek/Greek Transliteration Interlinear:

Praise/Approval H7623 שבח ShaBaK/A2428 SBK shevakh/*G
Reveal/Recognize/Confirm A2432 TSBWKTA teshbukhta/*G
Goodwill H4872 משה MaSaH/A3305 MWSA mushe/G3475 μωσεως moseos
Humility/Devotion H5650 עבד AiBaD/A1727 AiBDA avda/G1401 δουλων doulon
Most High H433 אלה ALaH/A93 ALHA alaha/G2316 θεου theou
Honor/Recognize/Confirm A2432 TSBWKTA teshbukhta/*G
Reconciliation/Assurance/Lamb A117 AMRA emra/G721 αρνιου arniou
Word H559 אמר AMaR/A116 AMR emar/G3004 λεγει legei
peoples/humanity H7227 רב RaB/A2271 RBA raba/G3173 μεγα mega
Authentic H8539 תמה TaMaH/A2679 TMH temah/G2298 θαυμαστον thaumaston
Humility H5652 עבד AiBaD/A1728 AiBDA evada/G2041 εργα erga
Eternal ONE H3068 יהוה YaHWaH/A1426 MRA Mara/G2962 κυριε kurie
Most High H433 אלה ALaH/A93 ALHA alaha/G2316 θεου theou
Ruler Of All A48 AKYDA akhid/G3841 παντοκρατορος pantokratoros
Complete H3605 כל KaL/A1168 KL kul/*G
Genuine H3651 כן KaN/A1150 KANA kina/G1342 δικαιαι dikaiai
Truth A2593 SRYRA sharira/G228 αληθιναι alethinai
Settle/Answer H5652 עבד AiBaD/A1728 AiBDA evada/G2041 εργα erga
Legitimate H4428 מלח MaLaK/A1383 MLK malka/G935 βασιλεις basileis
Eternal/Trust H5769 עלם AiLaM/A1813 AiLMA alma/G165 αιωνας aionas

Greek with Strong’s Numbers:

[και G2532 αδουσιν G103 την G3588 ωδην G5603] μωσεως G3475 δουλου G1401 [του G3588] θεου G2316 [και G2532 την G3588 ωδην G5603 του G3588] αρνιου G721 λεγοντες G3004 μεγαλα G3173 [και G2532] θαυμαστα G2298 [τα G3588] εργα G2041 [σου G4675] κυριε G2962 [ο G3588] θεος G2316 [ο G3588] παντοκρατωρ G3841 δικαιαι G1342 [και G2532] αληθιναι G228 [αι G3588 οδοι G3598 σου G4675 ο G3588] βασιλευς G935 [των G3588 αγιων G40]

[ ] Greek words not in Aramaic or Hebrew

*G: no equivalent in Greek translation

** For the Aramaic listed without Hebrew, the Aramaic becomes the Hebrew equivalent.

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