Matthew 2:7

Matthew 2:7

iBoS: Peaceful Support Settle Answer, Commander Reveal, Reconcile, Restore Covenant, Fortify Affirmation Of Shepherd.

Magiera: Then Herod secretly called the Magushe and learned from them at what time the star appeared to them.

English Hebrew Strong’s #/Hebrew/Hebrew Transliterated Pronunciation/Aramaic LWM #/Aramaic Transliteration/Aramaic Pronunciation/Greek Strong’s #/Greek/Greek Transliteration Interlinear:

Peaceful/Fulfill/Cherish/Regard A594 HYDYN haidein/G5119 τοτε tote
Support/Courage/Heroic A3179 HRWDS heraudus/G2264 ηρωδου erodou
Cover/Protect/Settle A1011 MTSYAYT matshaith/G2977 λαθρα lathra
Answer/Gather H7121 קרא QaRA/A2239 QRA qera/G2564 καλουμενη kaloumene
Commander/Shepherd H7248 רב מג RaB MaG/A3299 MGWSA megushe/G3097 μαγοι magoi
Teach/Reveal/Show Forth H3384 ירא YaRA/A1053 YLP yileph/G198 ηκριβωσεν ekribosen
Source/Reconcile H4480 מן MaN/A1388 MN men/G3844 παρ par
Revive/Restore/Agreement/Approval A66 AYNA aina/*G
Covenant/Authenticate H2165 זמן ZaMaN/A633 ZBNA zavna/G5550 χρονον kronon
Fortify/Cherish/Embrace H2372 חזה KaZaH/A758 KZA kheza/G5316 φαινομενου phainomenou
Affirmation/Assurance/Approval A1261 L lamed/*G
Guide/Shepherd H3556 חוחב KaWKaB/A1141 KWKBA kaukva/G792 αστερος asteros

Greek with Strong’s Numbers:

τοτε G5119 ηρωδης G2264 λαθρα G2977 καλεσας G2564 [τους G3588] μαγους G3097 ηκριβωσεν G198 παρ G3844 [αυτων G846 τον G3588] χρονον G5550 [του G3588] φαινομενου G5316 αστερος G792

[ ] Greek words not in Aramaic or Hebrew

*G: no equivalent in Greek translation

** For the Aramaic listed without Hebrew, the Aramaic becomes the Hebrew equivalent.

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