Revelation 12:15

Revelation 12:15

iBoS: The deceived, arrogant, malicious, Vindicated In Word, Way reconcile peoples in Faithfulness, nourish to restore nations in Humble Devotion.

Magiera: And the serpent threw water as a river out of his mouth after the woman, so that the water would cause her to be carried away.

English Equivalent/Hebrew Transliteration/Aramaic pronunciation/Hebrew Strong’s #/Aramaic LWM # Interlinear:

deceived/arrogance RaMaH/rema H7411/A2372
malicious/filthy/depraved NaKaSh/kheuya H5175/A740
Resolve/Vindicate MaN/men H4480/A1388
Word PaH/puma H6310/A1936
Way batar A215
Reconcile AShaH/attha H802/A135
peoples/nations MaYaM/maya H4325/A1351
Face to face/Faithful AYK/aik H349/A60
Cherish/Nourish NaHaR/nahra H5104/A1478
Rest/Restore ShaQaL/sheqal H8254/A2587
peoples/nations MaYaM/maya H4325/A1351
Humility/Devotion AiBaD/evad H5652/A1724

Hebrew Root Word/Aramaic/Greek/English Expanded Exhaustive Definitions:

H7411- רמה RaMaH/A2372- rema/G906- εβαλον ebalon: to hurl, to shoot, cause to fall, deceive, beguile, thrown, assess, cast, impose, cast down, height as seat of idolatry, high places, pride, arrogance, deceit, rapid breeding of worms, spreading, betray, forsake, abandon, delude, be on high, raise on high, exalt, extol, offer, give, lofty, promote, increase, magnify, worship, venerate, honor, enlarge, thrust, lay, arise, pour, send, strike, with force and effort, to smite, buffet, let go, launch, catapult, propel, project, deliver, give, land, direct, shoot, dislodge, unseat, disconcert, unnerve, agitate, discomfit, unsettle, host, hold, have, provide, arrange, organize, deposit, cover, remove, drive, bring down, displace, reject, dismiss, refuse, spread, open, register, record, enter, file, emit, radiate, form, create, shine forth, shed light, lose, discard, mold, fashion, shape, model, sculpt, choose, select, prefer, favor, name, call, nominate, forge, decide, fix, appoint, elect, wish, desire, inclined, fit, place, set down, settle, leave, assign, allocate, attribute, submit, present, tend, offer, express, frame, render, convey, recognize, value, judge, explain, make clear, clarify, save, set aside, consider, come to light, become apparent, appear, emerge, result, follow, derive, originate, cause, stand up, proceed, Word, stream, flow, gush, rain, strong, prevail, dispatch, consign, direct, transmit, communicate, summon, contact, request, order, release

H5175- נחש NaKaSh/A740- kheuya/G3789- οφιν ophin: artful malicious person, sly cunning, to snort and hiss, snorer, whisper a magic spell, prognosticate, enchant, incantation, augury, copper, brass, imitation, snake, serpent, made of metal, coin, fetter, base, brasen, chain, filthiness, steel, mixture, spoil of war, cessation of life giving rain and sunshine, to sink and descend, to press and lead down, broken, bring away, depose, imposition, unfavorable, punishment, oppression, degradation, depravation, harsh, hardness, unrelenting, unrepentant, unyielding, noisome, troubler, pity, turn away, pervert, bend away, deflect, malignant, spread out, deduction, go off the Way, turn aside, satan, evil, dangerous, venomous, poisonous, treacherous, unscrupulous, vicious, violent, cruel, skulking, murderous proclivities, viper, evil character, adversary, enemy of God and man, brazen, deadly, hateful, vindictive, curse, to harass, molest, endanger, vex, steal, kill and destroy, disorganized throng, crowd, suffocate, strangle, restrict, constricting, imprison, enslave, entangle, envious, jealous, covetous, prideful, malignly fascinate, sophistication, complicated, complex, not understandable, to snort or hiss, whisper a magic spell, enchantment, prognosticate, learn by experience, incant, augury, divination, rites, ceremony, stretching, distortion, iniquity, perverseness, reach, symbolize spiritual power and rule, guilty of and involving betrayal and deception, hazardous because of presenting hidden or unpredictable dangers, to cheat, liar, traitorous, disloyal, faithless, unfaithful, adulterous, duplicitous, false, backstabbing, double crossing and dealing, two faced, weaselly, untrustworthy, unreliable, apostate, renegade, two timing, perfidious, dangerous, perilous, unsound, unsafe, precarious, not dependable, shifty, risky, dicey, hairy, rough, dishonest, misleading others by deception on a habitual basis, intent to deceive relentlessly, untruthful, mendacious, insincere, disingenuous, unprincipled, underhanded, scheming, calculating, sneaky, trick, foxy, crooked, fraudulent, counterfeit, fabricated, invented, concocted, made up, trumped up, untrue, fake, bogus, spurious, fallacious, imitation of something valuable or important with intention to deceive or defraud, pretense, sham, shameful, disgrace, forgery, in opposition to make, phony, knock off, feign, not being what it purports to be, apparently but not actually valid, illegitimate, not genuine, not what it appears to be, delusion, illusive, artificial, superficial, man made, imitation of something natural and inherent, synthetic, substitute for something natural, ersatz, inferior, apocryphal, widely circulated untruths, inaccurate, doubtful, simulated, specious, wrong

H4480- מן MaN/A1388- men/*G: a part of, from, out of, follow, with, among, over, above, because, apportion, accord, denoting origin the point whence motion or action proceeds, from, out of place, time, or cause either direct or remote, of, by, with, beyond, by the means of, exceeding, abundantly above, for, because, by reason of, since, thenceforth, through, of completion, unfolding, opening out, of something tied together or rolled up, utterly, entirely, out and out, denoting completion and perfection, joined, beyond measure, by equality, in equal proportion, of the measure or standard, by consent or agreement, of source, of direction whence, in which lies the idea, from day to day, proceeding from, succession, series, forthwith, instant, attraction, coalesce as it were into one, resolving, settle, of that from which a rule of judging or acting is derived, source of conduct, as to be found in the state of the soul, of the whole of which anything is a part, of that from which anything is obtained, Origin, belongs to, of the supply out of which a thing is taken, given, received, eaten, drunken, etc., close connection, from the interior, emanating from, derived, of the place forth from which one does anything, heart, from the midst of, after, choosing, to be of a number, company, fellowship, community, group, regard, conception, of the direction whence, of the condition or state out of which one comes or is brought forth, alive from being dead, reconciled, dissolution, liberate and free, vindicate, cause, Source, from the Divine nature, name, author

H6310- פה PaH/A1936- puma/G4750- στοματος stomatos: mouth, blowing, speech, edge, portion, side, according to, commandment, appointment, assent, spoken, talk, Word, opening, entrance, utterance, order, evidence, collar, skirt, sound, edge of sword, with one accord, testimony, by dictation, breath, speak, channel, to constitute, enjoin, charge, bade, set up, communicate, establish, rule, Law, set down the rule, carried out, accomplishment, intent, Will, commission, send forth, emissary, requiring inner commitment and devotion not just external obedience, issues, explain, apply, make known and clear, pour out forth, point out, teach, sharpen, instruct, penetrate, pierce, speak, reveal, disclose, front, face, emanating from the heart, revealed thought and will, utter, double edged, to cut, make evident and apparent, shine forth, show forth, direct, drive, execute, bring forth, tell, relate, ordain, bid, answer, bring word, call, grant, to flow, water, rain, to lay forth, relate in words, break silence, describe, name, put forth, bringing together of words, ask, inquiry, desire, beg, require, crave, call for, cry after, seek, search for, request, cry out after, discern, judge, determine, distinguish, ascertain, enquire, declare, unfold in teaching, ask after, beseech, pray, intreat, requires an open heart to receive the message, grasp, get hold of, understand, to teach, to learn, need, enlighten, bring light, brighten, kindle, ignite, glow, refine, be on fire, burn, mark, own, occupy, possess

A215- batar/G3694- οπισω opiso: follow after, behind in order, against, next, accordingly, hereafter, set in the same Way, such, then, toward, hereof, hereby, the same, hence, with, by, to, in like manner, in the same Way, even thus, like, resemblance, similitude, likeness, duplicate, exact, precise, accurate, identical, not different, unchanged, the same thing, sharing the same characteristics, similarly in the same Way, simultaneously, conviction, trust, reliance, dependence, essentially the same in spite of apparent differences, selfsame, synonymous, corresponding, interchangeable, paired, twin, coupled, joined, union, equivalent, very same, one and the same, matching, indistinguishable, parallel, comparable, congruent, in full agreement, harmonious, concordant, consonant, unvarying, consistent, uniform, regular, symmetrical, of the same mind and heart, still, tantamount, devotion, dedication, commitment, true, honest, sincere, authentic, genuine, whole hearted, adhere, cling to, stay and remain with, loyal, fidelity, faithful, constant, steadfast, resolved, fully resembling the original, unswerving, staunch, dependable, reliable, accurate, unerring, faultless, close and near, strict, real, on the mark, upright, principled, ethical, moral, virtuous, incorruptible, responsible, mature, sensible, reasonable, levelheaded, safe, sound, whole, reputable, discreet, honorable, righteous, decent, respectable, good, worthy, just, fair, noble, lawful, legitimate, credible, illustrious, distinguished, eminent, great, glorious, renowned, acclaimed, prestigious, admirable, free of deceit and untruthfulness, correct, blameless, well intentioned, successful, simple, clear, understandable, unpretentious, set, established, complete, perfect, right minded, law abiding, candid, frank, open, forthright, straight, plain, conforming to the law and rules, able to be defended with logic and justification, born of parents lawfully married to each other, having a title based on strict hereditary rights, constituting or relating to be distinct and clear, legal, authorized, permitted, admissible, sanctioned, approved, licensed, constitutional, rightful, real, proper, acknowledged, recognized, valid, sound, well founded, officially agree to and accepted as satisfactory, prove and shown to be approved, corroborate, substantiate, confirm, verify, satisfy, stamp and seal of approval, endorsed, certify, ratify, agree with, support, uphold, back, subscribe to, recommend, advocate, be in favor, think well of, appreciate, take kindly to, pleased with, praise, worship, accept, receive, make room for, consent, assent to, bless, validate, pass, give OK to, commend, grant, allow

H802- אשה AShaH/A135- attha/G1135- γυνη gune: wife, woman, married, betrothed, bride, each and every, together, one who is under another’s authority and protection, fire offering, all legitimate sacrifices had to be presented before God, fire, flame, burning, instructed and taught, shown, God’s presence which is the instrument that transforms the offering to ascend heavenward reception, something brought near, to come and bring near, that which one brings near to God, approach, draw near, worship, adore, intimate proximity, communion, fellowship, close and present at hand, serviceable, ready, joined, coupled, nearness of the closest and most intimate kind, touch, personal involvement, being actively and personally involved, center, midst, within, come near, offer, joyous, complete, resemblance, present, give willingly of the heart, belonging to God, become, be made, fulfilled, be taken and preferred, favored, chosen, kept, to come together and be joined, finished, consummate, end, perfect, found, ordained, partake, require, need, sound, well, settled, resolved, devoted, set right, reconciled, decided, fix, agreement, named, called, established, appointed, designated, assigned, selected, accept, assent, make one’s home in, abide, continue, endure, reside, put down roots, live in, occupy, possess, own, rule, govern, dominion, inhabit, populate, apply and give oneself wholly to, committed, loyal, fidelity, dedication, set, sit down, stay and remain near beside, park oneself, rest, installed, enroll, participate, keep in full flame, kindle, legitimate and legal, rightful

H4325- מים MaYaM/A1351-maya/G5204- υδορ hudor: water, juice, liquid, issue, watercourse, watering, one of the original basic substances, expanse, peoples, seed, offspring, emit, well, flow, Living Water, purification, consecration, cleansed, streams, seas, out bursting force, refreshing, rainy, wet, hydro, of the natural element, water of life, nations, rain, showers, to rain, teach, point out, shew forth, instruct, direct, pierce, penetrate, mark, own, possess, occupy, joined, complete, fasten

H349- איח AYK/A60- aik/*G: habitation, abiding, eye, fountain, Face To face, in the presence of, present, sight, countenance, resemblance, spring, seeing, desire, longing, devotion, faithfulness, moral guide, agreement, appropriate, characteristic, reference to a person of thing of the same kind, another having similar qualities, faithful resemblance to the Original, satisfy, pay for in full, meet, fulfill, choose, prefer, favor, regard, care for, pleased, representation, small part or quantity intended to show what the whole is like, specimen, analogous, Record or extract for reuse as a part of something, similar in position, structure and origin but not necessary in function, pairing, pattern, consistent, having a common descent, uniform, identical duplicate, fidelity, true, unswerving, dependable, reliable, constant, steadfast, resolved, resolute, authentic, legitimate, genuine, accurate, exact, on the mark, enduring, eternal, endless, regular, unchanging, firm, verified, unwavering, Given, upright, principled, truthful, level, balanced, sound, whole, healthy, complete on target, sure, certain, definite, assurance, guaranteed, absolute, evident, plain, clear, conclusive, established, effective, secure, safe, substantiated, appointed, done, protected from harm and danger, sheltered, at ease, sealed, fortify, strengthen, uphold, possession, occupation, rule, ownership, kept fixed so as not to give way nor become loose or lost, certain to remain and continue safe and unharmed, having provisions for, stable, having no doubt about attainment, victorious, attached firmly so that it cannot be moved or lost, succeed despite difficulties, having a right to take possession of an asset, quiet, tranquil, calm, serene, supported, unity, love, regard, solitude, equanimity, law and order, reconciled, restore friendly relations, coexist in harmony, compatible, accept, welcome, bring together, make congruent, synchronize, mend, remedy, rectify, heal, live with together, remain and stay with, assimilated, communicating, connecting, dove tail, fit, touching, pertaining to, responsive, answer, obedient, I AM, exist, being, it is I, give self wholly to, cause, Origin, Beginning and End, First and Last, Way, I AM AS I AM, at One, point reached or entered of place, time, purpose or result, union, joined, of one mind, corresponding, suitable, identified with, fully acquainted and familiar, gathered, arrive, converge

H5104- נהר NaHaR/A1478- nahra/G4216- ποταμοφορητον potamophoreton: river, flood, stream, spring, sea, prosperity, flow, assemble, sparkle, cheerful, sheen of running stream, flow together, lightened, gathered, canal, current, permanent natural watercourses, deep, bestow, give, bring forth, produce, shed forth, spill, shine forth, pour out forth, gush out, emptying, bear out, carry out, cherish, train, nourish, feed, rear up to maturity, fully develop, care for, attend, regard, govern, emit, radiate, transmit, close connection, companionship, distribute largely, confer, present, Gift, honor, devote, accord, grant, endow, show forth, reveal, point out forth, instruct, vest in, support, uphold, entrust, vouchsafe, freely transfer possession of something to someone, hand over, love, affection, administer, make replete, communicate, impart, dedicate, commit, consign, freely set aside and sacrifice for a purpose, sanction, consent, agree, pass on, introduce, cause, allow, provide, allot, assign, sentence, concede, yield as valid and deserved, respect, undertake responsibility for, result, perform, host, surrender, comply, respond, answer from beside, express a desire or request, approve, favor, choice, natural consequence, furnish, proffer, contribute, send, relay, commend, relinquish, permit, offer, indicate, display, create, lend, deal, disclose, discharge, release, exude, issue, dispense, mete out, allocate, fresh, drinkable, clear, running water, natural, effects of the operation of the Holy Spirit, overwhelm, inspire, teach, instruct, guide, lead, furnish drink, invigorate, revitalize, irrigate, immerse, penetrate, ministering, Word, Spirit, Truth, provision, sustenance, maintenance, satisfy, partake, imbibe, consume, take up and in, receive, accept, welcome, strengthen, derive, share, participation, experience, accomplish, complete, fill up, fulfill, union, co-spirited, like minded, together with, resemblance, possession, instrumentation, close and near beside, accompany, sounding alike and together, harmonious, congruous in nature, suitable, concur, yoked, live together, conjoin, friendly, move together, set at One again, reconciled, recovered, redeemed, saved, preserve, confirm, solidify, stable, sure, make strong, receive strength, established, steadfastness, foundation, fidelity, genuine, authentic, legitimate, pure, clean, rightful, cover over to defend and protect, Life, shower, Blessing

H8254- שקל ShaQaL/A2587- sheqal/*G: to suspend, poise, pay, receive, spend, weight, standard, rest, repose, subside, cease, abate subdue, quench, settle, resolve, abide, be still, quietness, appeased, calm, composed, peaceful, harmonious, agreement, corresponding, meet, suitable, resemblance, similitude, matched, set at One, reconciled, get hold of, grasp, keep, obtain, attain, accept, welcome, catch, willing, make room for, accompany, association, partake, apprehend, custody, charge, carry, own, possess, occupy, rule, govern, undertake, responsible, consider, study, examine, favor, prefer, choose, reserve, select, bring, bear, convey, transfer, transport, conduct, direct, teach, instruct, escort, accompany, assist, guide, lead, show forth, shepherd, usher, derive, acquire, gain, award, secure, win, earn, draw, regard, tend, care for, assume, trust, gather, understand, follow, appreciate, acknowledge, recognize, mark, note, agree, suitable, accord, endure, bear, abide, adhere, continue, learn, take up, require, need, involve, succeed, produce, effect, hold, safeguard, observe, profit, benefit, union, take up, loose, remove, raise, expiate, purge, offer up, bring up, lead up, leading persons to higher place, propitiatory sacrifice, endure, forbear, uphold, sustain, support as a burden, bear out, fulfill, be long spirited, patient, persevere and not lose heart, be patient in bearing the offenses and injuries of others and be mild and slow to avenge, long tempered, bear long with, fortitude, having the power to avenge but refrains from doing so, moderate, gentle, compassionate, affectionate, caring, treat with mildness, not being unduly disturbed by the faults and ignorance of others, understanding, convey, bear about, earnest, sincere, authentic, genuine, dependable, trustworthy, bring forth, execute, give, commit, devotion, dedication, roof over and cover in silence, protect, preserve, keep off that which threatens, bear up against, set fast, to bear from underneath, undergo hardship, assurance, guarantee, confidence, substance, a standing under, stationed, set, foundation, beginning, save, restore, reach, wear, constant accompaniment, continuous, repeated, habitation, dwell and stay with, remain with

H4325- מים MaYaM/A1351-maya/G5204- υδορ hudor: water, juice, liquid, issue, watercourse, watering, one of the original basic substances, expanse, peoples, seed, offspring, emit, well, flow, Living Water, purification, consecration, cleansed, streams, seas, out bursting force, refreshing, rainy, wet, hydro, of the natural element, water of life, nations, rain, showers, to rain, teach, point out, shew forth, instruct, direct, pierce, penetrate, mark, own, possess, occupy, joined, complete, fasten

H5652- עבד AiBaD/A1724- evad/G4160- ποιησω poieso: undertaking, arrangement, industrious, conduct, course of action, to work, serve, till, do, servant, worship, labor, execute, keep, cultivate, dress, vassals, diligent, love, serve with gladness, prepare, cover, protect, defend, envelope, shelter, hide, close, take refuge, repair, humility, courtesy, subject, submit, obliged, yielding, willing, work of any kind, daily, familiar, chosen, prefer, approval, keep charge, associate, occupation, diligence, business, work, endeavor, servant, toil, deed, act, doing, labor, field, teacher, task, effect, be engaged and occupied in and with, wrought, minister about, commitment, trade, produce, perform, accomplish, bring about, job, profession, employment, position, post, situation, career, vocation, calling, craft, activity, pursuit, interest, residence, habitation, tenure, living, possession, subject to, rule, control, ownership, appropriation, what one spends time in doing, preoccupation, state or period of occupying or being occupied by something, action of entering or taking control of something, belonging to, affiliation, building, fill or take up, hold, keep, stay and remain, abide with, care about, persistent, tend to, attend, pay close attention, assiduous, application, concentration, effort, dedication, devotion, obligation, duty, tie, allegiance, loyalty, fidelity, vow, promise, oath, pledge, contract, covenant, decision, resolution, intention, intent, aim, plan, purpose, determination, firm, steadfast, perseverance, answer, settle with, conclude

Greek with Strong’s Numbers:

[και G2532] εβαλεν G906 [ο G3588] οφις G3789 οπισω G3694 [της G3588] γυναικος G1135 [εκ G1537 του G3588] στοματος G4750 [αυτου G846] υδωρ G5204 [ως G5613] ποταμον G4215 [ινα G2443 ταυτην G3778] ποταμοφορητον G4216 ποιηση G4160

[ ] Greek words not in Aramaic or Hebrew

*G: no equivalent in Greek translation

** For the Aramaic listed without Hebrew, the Aramaic becomes the Hebrew equivalent.

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