Revelation 16

Revelation 16

1Devotion Illuminate humanity, Original Faithful Word Fulfill Trust to the failing, Outpouring Complete Blessing Enkindle in Most High Highest the frail.

2Way Foremost Nourish in Blessing Most High the frail, I AM Gather the depraved, hurtful, Complete mankind, Honored in Assurance, Seal Of LIFE Revive in Humble Messenger.

3Messenger Faithful Answer Satisfy nations, Fulfill Covenant, Restore the lifeless, Genuine Comfort Revive broken peoples.

4Messenger Complete Uphold Blessing, Nourish in Approval, Living Water Fulfill Covenant.

5Genuine Advocate, Living Water, Word Faithful, I AM Assurance Settle, Fulfill Abiding Legitimate Constant Rule .

6Honor humanity, Messenger Devoted Nourish peoples in Given Assurance, Welcome, Restore in I AM.

7Devotion Honor Word Of Affirmation, Eternal ONE, Most High Ruler Of All, Complete Genuine Faithful Advocate

8Trustee Faithful Uphold Blessing, Most High Illumination Give Assurance, Safeguard humanity in Devotion.

9Embrace humanity, Cherish peoples violent, Recognition Most High, Faithful Assurance Establish to Raise the destitute, Approval without delay Restore Given Affirmation Of LIGHT GIVER.

10Messenger Fulfill, Uphold Blessing Most High, Honor LIFE, Cherish, Vindicate the depraved, Minister Settle, Word Reconcile in Devotion.

11the corrupt, Recognized in Most High, Heaven Vindicate, Strengthen in Source the wounded without delay, Restore in Original Devotion.

12Guardian Word Uphold Covenant Most High, Bless creation, Refresh exhausted humanity in Authentic Way, Ruler Reconcile in Enduring Favor.

13Approval Vindicate Word, Devotion Reconcile Testimony Of LIFE, Divine Will Illuminate falsehood, Spirit Complete without delay Cherish, Restore, Settle.

14I AM Support Accept the cancerous, Assurance Sustain, Confirm the lifeless, Most High Vindicate humanity, Gather Whole, Bring Near Eternal Devotion to offspring, Most High Redeemer Complete.

15Approval Reconcile in I AM the stolen, Fulfill, Satisfy, Awake, Cherish, Cover without delay the destitute, Way Embrace the faithless.

16Shepherd I AM Gather, Invite the estranged into Safety.

17Advocate Fulfill, Overflow, Revive Atmosphere Of LIFE, Voice Of Creation Reconcile Abiding Connection, Foremost Legitimate Word I AM

18I AM Cherish the troubled, trembling, Restore creation, Approve without delay, Settle, Reconcile, Liberate mankind. Most High Of earth I AM Assure the fearful, Shelter humanity in LIFE.

19I AM Gather creation, Complete Resolve Reconcile family, Revive unfaithful humanity. Cherish in Eternal Most High, Gift Of Assurance, Way Refresh, Nourish, Support,

20Assurance Settle the broken, Fortify without delay the forsaken,

21Recognize humanity. I AM Embrace the broken, Reconcile in Heaven, Exalt family of violent people, Redeemer Counsel the troubled, destroyed, Settle humanity in Support, devastation Restored.

*Bolded English words correspond word for word with Aramaic Hebrew Interlinear

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