Revelation 16:10

Revelation 16:10

iBoS: Messenger Fulfill, Uphold Blessing Most High, Honor LIFE, Cherish, Vindicate the depraved, Minister Settle, Word Reconcile in Devotion.

Etheridge: And the fifth poured his vial upon the throne of the beast of prey; and his kingdom became darkness, and they gnawed their tongues from pain;

Magiera: And the fifth angel poured is bowl on the throne of the creature and his kingdom became dark and they were biting their tongues from pain.

English Hebrew Strong’s #/Hebrew/Hebrew Transliterated Pronunciation/Aramaic LWM #/Aramaic Transliteration/Aramaic Pronunciation/Greek Strong’s #/Greek/Greek Transliteration Interlinear:

Messenger H4397 מלאך MaLAK/A1375 MLAKA malaka/G32 αγγελος aggelos
Fulfill H2568 חמש KaMaSh/A833 KMS khamesh/G3991 πεμπτος pemptos
Nourish/Uphold H793 אשד AShaD/A201 ASD eshad/G1632 εκκεω ekkeo
Permanent/Blessing/Covenant A629 ZBWRA zabora/G5357 φιαλε phiale
Most High/Highest H5920 על AiL/A1804 AiL al/*G
Jurisdiction/Honor H3676 כס KaS/A1159 KWRSYA kursya/G2362 θρονον thronon
LIFE/Spirit /Alive A783 KYWTA khayutha/G2342 θηριον therion
Settle/Cherish H1933 הוא HaWA/A603 HWA hewa/*G
Vindicate H4438 מלכה MaLKaT/A1385 MLKWTA makutha/G932 βασιλεια basileia
depraved/trespass A923 KSWKA kheshuka/G4656 εσκοτωμενη eskotomene
Minister/Bear/Govern A1308 LAiS leas/G3145 εμασσωντο emassonto
Settle/Cherish H1933 הוא HaWA/A603 HWA hewa/*G
Word H3956 לשן LaShaN/A1312 LSNA leshana/G1100 γλωσσας glossas
Reconcile/Vindicate H4480 מן MaN/A1388 MN men/G1537 εκ ek
Devotion H3511 כאב KAB/A1116 KABA kiwa/G4192 πονου ponou

Greek with Strong’s Numbers:

[και G2532 ο G3588] πεμπτος G3991 αγγελος G32 εξεχεεν G1632 [την G3588] φιαλην G5357 [αυτου G846 επι G1909 τον G3588] θρονον G2362 [του G3588] θηριου G2342 [και G2532] εγενετο G1096 [η G3588] βασιλεια G932 [αυτου G846] εσκοτωμενη G4656 []και G2532 εμασσωντο G3145 [τας G3588] γλωσσας G1100 [αυτων G846] εκ G1537 [του G3588] πονου G4192

[ ] Greek words not in Aramaic or Hebrew

*G: no equivalent in Greek translation

** For the Aramaic listed without Hebrew, the Aramaic becomes the Hebrew equivalent.

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