Revelation 14:9

Revelation 14:9

iBoS: I AM Defend Complete the destroyed, Affirm Word Reviving humanity, Confirm Devotion, LIFE Cover, Restore Faithful Connection Permanently.

Magiera: And another, a third angel, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “He who worshipped the creature and his image and took his mark on his forehead

English Equivalent/Hebrew Transliteration/Aramaic pronunciation/Hebrew Strong’s #/Aramaic LWM # Interlinear:

I AM AKaR/akerna H312/A53
Defender MaLAK/malaka H4397/A1375
Complete/Peace ShaLWSh/telath H7969/A2674
destroy NaQaPh/neqeph H5362/A1565
Affirmation/Approval lamed A1261
Word AMaR/emar H559/A116
Call/Voice/Illuminate/Revive QaL/qala H6963/A2204
humanity/family/people RaB/raba H7227/A2271
Confirm/Fulfillment aina A66
Devotion/Cherish SaGaD/seged H5456/A1599
LIFE/venomous/lawless/depraved khayutha A783
Cover/Protect/Resolve TsaLMa/tsalma H6754/A2112
Rest/Restore ShaQaL/sheqal H8254/A2587
Seal/Faithful rushma A2409
Covenant/Connection BYN/baini H996/A266
Recognition/Permanent AiYN/aina H5869/A1794

Hebrew Root Word/Aramaic/Greek/English Expanded Exhaustive Definitions:

H312- אחר AKaR/A53- akerna/*G: follow, continue, remain and stay, seek after, from beside, pursue, remaining, posterity, of me, belonging to, consist of, is, I AM, it is I, I exist, Being, are, to enter, point reached, one, set set at one, peaceful, harmonious, to listen to, to hear and obey, take into one’s favor, to choose, prefer, approve, far more exceedingly of one mind to the end throughout, resemblance, similitude, likeness, duplicate, because, for, how, as concerning that, as, in that, whosoever, any that, ever, whereas, which, too, when, while, after, as soon as, too, also, in as much as, whenever, as long as, for the reason that, since, on the account of, by reason of, owing to, seeing that, as a result of, as a consequence of, due to, by virtue of, effect, ramification, concomitant, aftermath, fruit, product, end result, importance, significance, substance, mark, note, prominence, value, concern, interest, care, regard, moment, result or effect of an action or condition, relevance, distinction, accept responsibility, following closely, coming after, in order, go in the same direction or way, parallel to, undertake, carry out, conforming to, support, mention, remember, back, adhere and cling to, advocate, answer, be near and close, ensuing, succeeding, subsequent, next, heir, further, hereafter, coming, achieve, lead to, become, inherit, take place, come close after, near, intimate, connection, resemblance, relationship, faithful, devotion, dedication, commitment, true, nearby, cherished, knit together, folded together, include, encircle, hold, keep, continuous, fulfill, satisfy, resolved, finalized, complete, made perfect, conclusive, permanent, joined, union, adjacent, reach, adjoin, alongside, evenly matched, similitude, likeness, even, immediate, direct, dear, inseparable, attached, special, best, firm, fast, strong, careful, attentive, conscientious, focused, possession, ownership, occupation, vigilant, watchful, keen, alert, strict, exact, precise, accurate, important, significant, valued, approval, appreciation, agree, secure, sealed, settled, established, confirmed, fixed, finished, lasting, enduring, perpetual, eternal, abiding, constant, standing, unending, endless, immutable, imperishable, stable, steadfast, stay and remain unchanged without end, continuing without interruption, remaining to the end, through, exist, related, stay in the place that one has been occupying, continue to possess a particular quality, fulfill a particular role, prevail, be available, triumph, victorious, come out on top, superior, overcome, rule, reign, govern, regulated, be the order of the day, customary, be in force and effect, persuaded, convinced, conviction, powerful, current, relevant, fresh, new, verified, confirmed, firmly held, kept, taken, owned, belonging to, certainty, assurance, confidence, trust, sureness, doubtless, poise, peace, calm, quiet, guarantee, commitment, bond, honor, respect, covenant, security, earnest, fulfill, bring to completion and reality, realize, understand, fully developing one’s abilities and character, meet, suitable, fit, sound, whole, succeed, bring to fruition, accomplish, execute, conduct, conclude, fill to the full, comply with

H4397- מלאך MaLAK/A1375- malaka/G32- αγγελος aggelos: to despatch as a deputy, a messenger, specifically of God, i.e. an angel, also a prophet, priest, or teacher, ambassador, spirits of the heavens that stand before the Lord of all the earth, Someone sent over a great distance by an individual or community in order to communicate a message, often several messengers are sent together, a representative of a King, diplomat, significant and important function, honor to the messenger signified honor to the sender, Supernatural messenger of the Lord sent with a particular message, commissioned to protect and deliver God’s people, given charge of His people, to keep them in the Way, to save them, Christ, employed, occupied, possessed, property of the Lord belonging to Him, One doing God’s bidding and business, ministration, to bring, drive, move, induce, bring forth, carry, lead along, cause to enter, bring message, to proclaim, bring tidings and news, messenger sent by God, guardian, representative, belonging to Heaven engaged in God’s service, chosen to carry His Word to declare and make known His Thoughts and Will, promoter, benefactor, paragon of virtue, shining forth, epitome, embodiment, personification, quintessence, apotheosis, acme, jewel, treasure, example, nonpareil, exemplar, consummate, inimitable, from God, sent from God, appointed by God, best person for the job, top, head, chief, central, main, principal, prince, emissary, delegate, deputy, plenipotentiary, diplomat, minister, dignitary, high commissioner, envoy, legate, champion, advocate, leader, consul, one in charge, surrogate, liaison, spokesperson, agent, intermediary, mediator, go between, substitute, replacement, proxy, stand in, relief, understudy, reserve, fill in, back up, provision, caretaker, protector, defender, preserver, custodian, keeper, conservator, curator, steward, trustee, superintendent, attendant

H7969- שלוש ShaLWSh/A2674- telath/G5154- τριτη trite: three, whole, one, complete, perfect, safe, well, happy, friendly, welfare, health, prosperity, peace, favor, familiar, great, wholly, rest, tranquility, at ease, unharmed, unhurt, to be whole, trust, comfortable with someone, relationship of harmony and wholeness, harmonious state of the soul and mind encourages full development of the faculties and powers, state of being at ease experienced internally and externally, prosperous relationship between two or more parties, full and complete understanding and comprehension, covenant of peace fulfilled, satisfied, everlasting covenant of peace, sanctuary, recompense, reward, prize, secure, successful, security, genuine, authentic, quietness, abundance, safety, unmolested, lawful, ruled, governed, mastery, power, successful conclusion, fully complete and lacking nothing necessary or needful, liberated, content, cherished, taught, instructed, fulfilled, level, triple, three fold, treble, triangle, highest, captain, lord, great measure, excellent, prince, mighty, premier, supreme, greatest, third rank, extremely good, outstanding, approval and pleasure, delightful, preeminent, appreciation, favor, preference, choice, best, superb, exceptional, marvelous, wonderful, magnificent, matchless, peerless, prime, first, foremost, important, chief, superlative, splendid, fine, beautiful, exemplary, tremendous, fantastic, fabulous, top notch, divine, faithful, loyal, devotion, dedication, commitment, fidelity, honor, respect, veneration, glory, awesome, brilliant, main, key, central, principal, most important, paramount, major, number one, fundamental, basic, essential, primary, select, finest, archetypal, characteristic, youthful, zenith, pinnacle, highest most high, from which everything is derived or proceeds, the best possible quality, having all the expected and typical characteristic as prime, most suitable, even, having no common factor but one, state or time of greatest strength, vigor and success, beginning, distinguished, marked, made ready for use or action, prepared, cover with preparation, seal, starting material, original, relevant, support, growth, progress, well funded, sustained, guarded, defended, protected

H5362- נקף NaQaPh/A1565- neqeph/*G: to strike, beat, corrode, attack, knock, surround, drive, encompass, circulate, go about, destroy, inclose, kill, round up, thresh, shake, rope, rent, tear, thrust, bore, penetrate, quarry, put out, cleft, fracture, entrap, snare, catch, smite, quarrel, vengeance, grudge, punish, avenge, puncture, discipline, instruct, point out forth, teach, perforate, brand, mark, seal, ownership, possession, tend, guard, preserve, defend, protect, keep, watch, snatch, rescue, spoil, recover, save, deliver, plus, preserve, escape, conserve

A1261- lamed/*G: affirmation, conclusion, denoting truly therefore, verily as the case stand, set forth, explained, explicative force, for, the fact is, namely, thus the force is conclusive or demonstrative, declaratory, conclusive force, answer, assuredly, profess, herein then is assuredly, certainly, approval, adduce the cause and give the reason of preceding statement or opinion, assigns reason why, for the authority of, established, proved to be correct, commanded, direction

H559- אמר AMaR/A116- emar/G3004- λεγει legei: utter, say, shew, declare, command, be or make prominent, lofty, King, address, introduce, mention, name, designate, tell, proclaim, question, answer, be referred to by, say of me, interrogate, say in the heart=think, desire, purpose, promise, command by letter, appointments, assign, related, told, of vision, concerning, called, deal with, emphasis, avow, avouch, exchange, Word, Wisdom, decree, plan, sworn, passage, corresponding, communicate, intention, determine, publish, make known, manifest, make clear, evidence, Message, authority, power, to lay forth, set forth, to cause to lie down and repose, cause to listen, put to sleep, to collect, gather, assemble, join in union, set at One again, reconcile, bring together, count with, enumerate, recount, narrate, describe, to pick out, point out forth, dictum, direct, discussion, direct discourse, speaking from the fullness of the heart, expression, judging, report, add, conjoin with speech, wrote in these words, wrote these words, ordered it to be said by messenger, send forth, exclamation, entreaty, sure, certain, profess one and the same thing, assertion, reference, to speak for on behalf, defend, regard rightly, advice, specify, asseverate, affirm, aver, maintain, uphold, sustain, teach, exhort, imperative, greet, welcome, call by a name, summon, surnamed, ownership, possession, hold and keep, safeguard, break silence, expression of thought and will, commune, call for, cry after, long for, seek after, investigate, examine, search out, discern, learn, distinguish, search out thoroughly, ascertain, unfold in teaching, reveal, bring light, enlighten, pray, to receive the spoken word requires an open heart, portal, understand, kindle, inspire, to glow with heat, burn, mark, ignite, refine, the Presence of YaH that brightens to transform

H6963- קל QaL/A2204- qala/G5456- φωνη phone: to call aloud, voice, sound, noise, thunder, proclamation, send out and forth, cry out, fame, sing, spoken, written down, take note and regard, follow, comply, obey, answer, make a sound, address in word, call for, calling out with a clear or loud voice, calling forth, inviting, calling by name, pleasure in taking possession of those called, disclosure, address, to shine, make manifest, make known, illuminate, show forth, make evident, reach the eye and mind, emanate, give discernment and understanding, give light, make transparent, full of light, shed rays, to brighten, bring light, make to see and understand, to lift up the voice to declare, give sight, to kindle, stir up, keep in full flame, keep alive, revive, make to flourish in understanding and knowledge, communicate, to be prominent, conspicuous, to shout, raise a cry, call out for any purpose, to exclaim, entreat, shouts, to lighten, show, be seen, make apparent, brought forth into light, become evident, become visible, public and open, open to sight, render apparent, manifestly declare, manifest forth, reveal in one’s true character, open to all, unveiling, what is evident and known and understood, plainly, clearly, exhibition, expression, spectacle, sight, display

H7227- רב RaB/A2271- raba/G3173- μεγα mega: creation, creatures, acquisition, purchase, wealth, substance, of getting and owning, begetting, bringing forth, goods, riches, with, possession, occupation, property, belonging to someone, to build, erect, set up, establish, procure by purchase, create, to own, owner, possessor, recover, redeemed, attain, teach to keep, sure, verified, bring into being, making purchase agreement with another, earn, resemblance, beam, branch, scion, offspring, generate, generation, to dwell among with, full measure given, subjugate, cause, large, great, elder, big, loud, exceeding, mighty, high, strong, sore, of rank, degree, intensity, force of voice, magnitude, strength, number, abundance, precedence, conspicuous, outpouring, power, increase, greatness, dignity, ascription, acknowledge, recognition, mankind, humanity, countenance, face, human being without reference to gender or nationality, in distinction from God with suggestion of human frailty and imperfection, carnal, of human origin, standard generally accepted among men, not drawn from Scripture, inner self, fellow, complete and mature, full age, brought to its end, finished wanting nothing necessary to completeness when joined to God, verified, created by the Will of God in His likeness to belong with Him in His Family and given dominion of the earth, includes all human individuals, from Aloha as Divine, human life, wont to fight urged on by desire of gain, commiseration, maltreated and defenseless, two fold nature of man, moral condition, conformed to the nature of God, family, household, people, servant, employment, devoted to the service of God, resemblance, similitude, likeness of Aloha

A66- aina/*G: strong affirmation, yes, yea, even so, truth, verily, surely, indeed, doubtless, answer, assent to an assertion, confirmation of an assertion, in solemn asseveration, assuredly, abiding, uphold, support, ratify, endorse, sanction, sustain, approve, agree to, champion, defend, continue, preserve, maintain, protect, keep, hold to, back, stand fixed, verity, sincerity, honesty, accuracy, correctness, validate, authenticate, genuine, actual, real, certain, principle, law, in fact, faithfulness, fidelity, devotion, consecrated, reliable, dependable, ethical, moral, virtuous, straightforward, good, precise, exact, close, constant, loyal, allegiance, obedience, strictness, unswerving, steadfast, dedicated, committed, unerring, faultless, on the mark, legitimate, lawful, legal, authoritative, right, verifiable, in accord with, documented, unwavering, permanent, earnest, changeless, Will Of Aloha, settled, determined, commitment, faithfulness, dedication, loyalty, Truth, resolved, singleness of purpose, eye, focus, attention, regard, remembrance, fountain, spring, Origin, Source of all being, Creator, desire, intent, longing, cherish, beloved, assertion of confirmation, assurance, assuredly, even so as is, it is responsive and confirmatory of the substance of some question or statement, answer, firm, solid, authentic, legitimate, fact, uphold, upright, righteous, most emphatic, fulfilled, Given, true

H5456- סגד SaGaD/A1599- seged/G4352- προσκυνουντας proskunountas: to prostrate oneself in humility and worship, homage, fall down at one’s feet, direction toward, near by the side of, destination of relation unto, with, accession, nearness with, intimacy, to approach and come near, visit, worship, assent to, come to, come unto, go unto, draw near, consent, agree, go near, ask after, bid, cry for, longing, desire, need, require, call after, name, own, confide in, expression of personal need, devotion, childlike confidence represented by genuine conversation with God asking and praying to worship and praise Him, supplicate, to hold the mind toward, pay attention to, to attend and care about, to apply oneself to, adhere to, beware, give heed, to be given over to, taken, have regard, devotion of thought and effort to a thing, to peg to, spike fast, a bond, union, communion, close association and communication, intimate conversation with, to know and be known, connection, belonging to, owned by, ruled and governed by, to call toward, summon, invite, name, choose, call unto, to bid to come, earnest toward, constant, diligent, to attend assiduously, to adhere closely to, to continue, stay and remain, steadfastly remain, to wait on continually, to give self continually, to be strong towards, to endure with in, to persevere in, to be continually steadfast with a person or thing, continuing, ministration and attendance continually upon, persistency, leaning toward to favor, cleave to, to glue to, be joined, twin, duplicate, resemblance, similitude, double, be wholly given to, devotion, dedication, commitment, belonging and pertaining to, possessed and occupied by, ruled, regulated, owned, bound, joined, to regard, care, respect, esteem, honor, reverence, worship, adore, receive, admit, profess, confess, abide and stay with, remain and endure, permanent with, settled, remain near beside with, destination, arrived, accession, intimacy, resolution, conviction, willing, obedient, kept, taken, loyalty, fidelity, constancy, faithful, to cling and adhere to, allegiance, ardent, fervent, useful, available near at hand, present, suitable, agree, covenant, be inclined toward, favor, choose, prefer, adore, venerate, defer to, consult, ask, desire, long after, seek for, familiar, know well, acquainted, recognize, acknowledge, refer, answer, address, think of, exalt, praise, thank, magnify, admire, pray to, extol, hold dear, cherish, treasure, adulate, follow, resemble

A783- khayutha/G2342- θηριον therion: wild beast, venomous, dangerous, deadly, appointed for sacrifice, bestial, destructive, lawless, out of control, not tame, opposed to Life, inhumanly cruel, violent, depraved, objectionable, unpleasant, brutish, maligned, monster, brute, savage, ogre, fiend, demon, devil, swine, pig, animal, savagely cruel and degenerate, subhuman, vicious, barbaric, brutal, perverted, distorted, debauched, immoral, warped, unkind, vicious, ferocious, wicked, murderous, bloodthirsty, cold blooded, callous, heartless, ruthless, merciless, sadistic, heinous, abominable, atrocious, unsparing, naked, stark, blunt, rough, harsh, severe, causing pain and suffering, punishing, hard, uncomfortable, without any attempt to disguise unpleasantness, dull, stupid, showing sadistic disregard for pain and suffering of others, crude, evil, diabolical, uncaring, pitiless, remorseless, stony heart, unfeeling, dastardly, bitter, harrowing, agonizing, traumatic, grievous, lacking human qualities of compassion and mercy, not human in nature or character, egregious, inconsiderate, unforgiving, intense ill will, ill disposed, unyielding, unsympathetic, uncharitable, unbending, inflexible, implacable, deliberately cruel and violent, wild and dangerous to people, imperfect, defective, victimize, predacious, killer, fierce, homicidal, abusive, malicious, malevolent, malignant, spiteful, hateful, vindictive, poisonous, rancorous, mean, cutting, acrimonious, hostile, antagonistic, nasty, defamatory, slanderous, catty, detestable, horrible, awful, disagreeable, despicable, insufferable, revolting, loathsome, abhorrent, execrable, odious, disgusting, distasteful, obnoxious, offensive, vile, ghastly, having and showing a strong or unreasoning desire for revenge, motivated by a desire to get even, harboring grudges for perceived wrong, alienated, bitter and vicious vindictiveness, vengeful, forceful, oppressive, strong urge to actually seek vengeance, suffering from a deep seated and lasting bitterness, cancerous, desire to cause harm and injury to others, stinging, attacking, accusing, disapproval, revengeful, resentful, mean spirited, showing malice, evil intentioned, hurtful, mischievous, wounding, bitchy, malefic, maleficent, intention and desire to do evil, ill will, wrongful intention especially as increasing the guilt of certain offenses, bad, animus, enmity, state of feeling of being actively opposed and hostile to someone, enemy, adversary, foe, opposition, animosity, friction, contentious, argumentative, antipathy, resentment, aversion, ill feeling, hatred, not peaceful, unfriendly, discord, resistant, cold, disharmony, disruptive, death, primitive, a live thing, the living, engender alive, saved from death, rescued, preserve alive, vitalize, quicken, give life, cause to live, anew, impartation of life and communication of spiritual sustenance, enable to respond, born again and indwelt by Ruach Qodesh Spirit Of LIFE, life, Eternal Life, principle of power and mobility, moral association inseparable from it that is holiness and righteousness, breath, sentient principle, spirit, soul, mind, heart, vital force that animates, living being, moral being, revival, keep alive, salvation

H6754- צלם TsaLMa/A2112- tsalma/*G: to shade, cover, defend, protect, shadow, settle, sink, dwell, knit together, overing over, defense, stronghold, refuge, sanctuary, representative, resemblance, replica, copy, image of essential nature, shadow of a thing which represents the original, similitude, likeness, sameness, union, joined, resolved, close, heart, coupled, gird, link, fasten, yoked together, sprout, Branch, Messenger, Herald, Ambassador, errand doer, servant, pressed out, carved, marked, sealed, ownership, possession, occupation, rule, lawful, legitimate, authentic, genuine, govern, regulate, magistrate, teach, guide, lead

H8254- שקל ShaQaL/A2587- sheqal/*G: to suspend, poise, pay, receive, spend, weight, standard, rest, repose, subside, cease, abate subdue, quench, settle, resolve, abide, be still, quietness, appeased, calm, composed, peaceful, harmonious, agreement, corresponding, meet, suitable, resemblance, similitude, matched, set at One, reconciled, get hold of, grasp, keep, obtain, attain, accept, welcome, catch, willing, make room for, accompany, association, partake, apprehend, custody, charge, carry, own, possess, occupy, rule, govern, undertake, responsible, consider, study, examine, favor, prefer, choose, reserve, select, bring, bear, convey, transfer, transport, conduct, direct, teach, instruct, escort, accompany, assist, guide, lead, show forth, shepherd, usher, derive, acquire, gain, award, secure, win, earn, draw, regard, tend, care for, assume, trust, gather, understand, follow, appreciate, acknowledge, recognize, mark, note, agree, suitable, accord, endure, bear, abide, adhere, continue, learn, take up, require, need, involve, succeed, produce, effect, hold, safeguard, observe, profit, benefit, union, take up, loose, remove, raise, expiate, purge, offer up, bring up, lead up, leading persons to higher place, propitiatory sacrifice, endure, forbear, uphold, sustain, support as a burden, bear out, fulfill, be long spirited, patient, persevere and not lose heart, be patient in bearing the offenses and injuries of others and be mild and slow to avenge, long tempered, bear long with, fortitude, having the power to avenge but refrains from doing so, moderate, gentle, compassionate, affectionate, caring, treat with mildness, not being unduly disturbed by the faults and ignorance of others, understanding, convey, bear about, earnest, sincere, authentic, genuine, dependable, trustworthy, bring forth, execute, give, commit, devotion, dedication, roof over and cover in silence, protect, preserve, keep off that which threatens, bear up against, set fast, to bear from underneath, undergo hardship, assurance, guarantee, confidence, substance, a standing under, stationed, set, foundation, beginning, save, restore, reach, wear, constant accompaniment, continuous, repeated, habitation, dwell and stay with, remain with

A2409- rushma/G5480- χαραγμα karagma: mark, seal, stamp, character, representation, exact copy, duplicate, resemblance, similitude, likeness, engraved, stamped, sealed, secure, marked, ownership, possession, occupation, cut into, penetrated, taught, instructed, engross, immersed, impress, bears the image of that which produced it, corresponding respective to the Instrument that produced it, imprint, fact of complete similarity, stake, entrenched, adhere to, cling with, stay and remain with, abiding, constant companionship, etched, influence, inspired, bound, knit together, belonging to someone, nature, moral qualities, distinctive nature, strength, faithful resemblance to the Original, named, reputation, honor, respect, printed or written symbol or letter, Pattern, Standard, Ensample, in keeping with, consistent, feature, token, trait, description, personal qualities, distinguishing qualities, distinctive mark, disposition, temperament, temper, mentality, make up, properties, elements, aspects, spirit, essence, identity, believes, trust, ethos, complexion, tone, feel, integrity, moral strength and fiber, uprightness, rectitude, fortitude, resolve, will, stature, position, soul, person, sign, presence, attitude, way of thinking, point of view, outlook, thoughts, ideas, mood, frame of mind, state of mind, emotions, tendency, motivation, atmosphere, climate, standards, ethics, principles, courage, mettle, valor, enthusiasm, eagerness, liveliness, life, vivacity, energy, verve, vigor, dynamism, zest, zeal, passion, fire, fervor, exuberance, sparkle, gusto, real and true meaning, true intention, substance, authentic, genuine, legitimate, veritable, legal, lawful, reliable, dependable, trustworthy, authority, accurate, factual, truthful, of undisputed origin, based on facts, appropriate, significant, purposeful, responsible, complete, final, main, sincere, natural, proper, orderly, abiding, enduring, actual, attested, verified, honest, direct, open, unaffected, level, balanced, not going to extremes, moderate, even, sound, whole, fit, agreeable, harmonious, congruent, set at One again, reconciled, match, related, equivalent, agree, equivalent and analogous in character, form and function, communicating, together, responsive, able to be matched, joined or interlocked, having responsibility, give and take, association, answer, reply, rejoin, reciprocate, do the same in return, respond in kind, return, recovered, revived, restored, give back, requite, make replete, love, cherish, hold and keep, attention, focus, support, uphold, give back, reinstall, deliver, clear, choose, prefer, approve, favor, restitution, compensation, reward, record, statement, profit, gain, inscribe, incise, score, notch, fix, set, settle, brand, embed, cut and carve into a hard object to mark and score, permanently fixed, remaining to the end, remain throughout, lasting, intended to last or remain unchanged indefinitely, forever, for good, always, perpetuity, indelible, immutable, constant, continual, decisive, resolved, revealed, affix, indicator, certified, frank, direct, classify, set apart, devotion, dedication, commitment, affiliation, affinity, category, caliber, condition, type, overcome, clean, end

H996- בין BYN/A266- baini/*G: to distinguish, understand, consider, be prudent, perceive, regard, discern, deal wisely, pay attention, notice, inquire, separating to distinguish between two objects, make distinction, covenant relationship faithfulness, oath, space between, devotion, dedication, commitment, loyalty, fidelity, rely and depend upon, interval, divide rightly, wisdom, know YHWH’s Law And Character and Nature, should know, have fullness of knowledge in Righteousness, face, countenance, presence, with an eye, companionship, accompaniment, with, amid, association, succession, joined, union, occupying, follow, stay and remain together, knit together, relation of participation and proximity, transfer, sequence, penetration, immersion, sharpness, taught, instructed, singleness of purpose and motive, will, desire, heart, mind, soul, spirit, vision, perception, understanding, comprehension, to know, discernment, judgement, decision, choice, favor, preference, approval, devotion, dedication, commitment, loyalty, fidelity, truth, genuine, authentic, legitimate, allegiance, friendship, relationship with, front, corresponding, resemblance, expression, communication, conversation, conveying a particular quality or association, present, visible, side, belonging to, ownership, possession, occupation, rule, governance, regulation, control, influence, power, authority, jurisdiction, deal with, accept, receive, welcome, make room for, determination, be with, remember, have in mind, meet, suitable, fit, agreement, harmonious, reconciled, appear, direct, approach, enter, draw near and close with, respect, honor, worship, venerate, cherish, adore, open, close with, Way, manner, bearing, aspect, elevation, display and show forth, character, nature, regard, appreciation, prestige, standing, status, dignity, facing, look and behold, gaze upon, abide and dwell with, contact, connection, bound, bond, knit together, cover, clothe, state and fact of existing, being, station, position, rank, ability to remain, continue, endure, being at hand, available, serviceable, useful, attendance, company, poise, assurance, confidence, Spirit, composure, equanimity, level, clam, alert, quickened, revived, restored, regenerated, renewed, stable, dependable, reliable, closeness, amity, rapport, affinity, attachment, familiarity, affection, warmth, recognition, acknowledgement, relaxed, appropriate, know well and fully acquainted with, family, live with

H5869- עין AiYN/A1794- aina/G3359- μετωπων metopon: eye, fountain, focal point, attention, sight, face, presence, countenance, favor, approval, resemblance, recognition, well, surface, appearance, spring, seeing, understanding, connection, desire, longing, devotion, commitment, dedication, making an evaluation, judgement, proof of faithfulness, loyalty, mental and spiritual abilities, acts and states, moral faculty, guide, in one’s view or opinion, in the sight of, Face To face, Source, Life, gushing, pouring out forth, flow, rain, water, source and supply, origin, spring, fountain, well, to feed and nourish, keep alive in full flame, indwelling Spirit of God, life, blessing, set up, fasten, secure, fix, permanent, confirm, verified, favor, love, care, tend

Greek with Strong’s Numbers:

[και G2532] τριτος G5154 αγγελος G32 [ηκολουθησεν G190 αυτοις G846] λεγων G3004 [εν G1722] φωνη G5456 μεγαλη G3173 [ει G1487 τις G5100 το G3588] θηριον G2342 προσκυνει G4352 [και G2532 την G3588 εικονα G1504 αυτου G846 και G2532 λαμβανει G2983] χαραγμα G5480 [επι G1909 του G3588] μετωπου G3359 [αυτου G846 η G2228 επι G1909 την G3588 χειρα G5495 αυτου G846]

[ ] Greek words not in Aramaic or Hebrew

*G: no equivalent in Greek translation

** For the Aramaic listed without Hebrew, the Aramaic becomes the Hebrew equivalent.

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