Application of Hygiene

Hygiene is the preservation and restoration of health by the use of means that are absolutely essential to life and that are abundantly supplied to man to preserve him in a normal state.  But in an abnormal state these means have to be adjusted to the body’s capacity to use them.

Learn not to interfere with the living process, except to supply suitable materials for its use and to supply conditions favorable to their appropriation.  The true principle of caring for the sick is that of providing the sick organism with favorable conditions for the efficient operation of its own remedial processes.  This principle rejects in toto every means and process known to directly destroy life or to injure the living tissues, or to interfere with the performance of the normal physiological activities of the organism.

It embraces every directly remedial agency in the universe and rejects nothing that nature does not reject.  Excluding nothing except those poisons which nature declares to be incompatible with the living organism.  Healing is a vital or biological process, as much a function of the living organism as digestion, circulation, respiration, nutrition, excretion, etc., and the process can neither be imitated nor duplicated.

Health is the result of the normal performance of all the functions of life.  Health gives development, beauty, vigor and happiness and is characterized by strength of body, power and serenity of mind and keenness of enjoyment of all the good things of life.

Disease is the result of impairment of the normal functions.  It hinders development, mars beauty, impairs vigor and destroys happiness.  It is characterized by indolence, weakness, pain and misery, and brings a wretched life to a premature and painful end.

There is no truth in nature more positive than that the normal condition of man is on of health.  So long has man lived in violation of the laws of his being – so long has he suffered disease and premature death.

– Dr. Herbert Shelton, Natural Hygiene: Man’s Pristine Way of Life, excerpts.