Revelation 12:2

Revelation 12:2

HAGEBS: Compassion cry out to the broken, violent, unfaithful, Spirit Cover In Devotion the perverted, hateful, bitter, Cherished In Family.

Magiera: and [she was] pregnant and crying and laboring in childbirth, also being in pain to give birth.

AENT: And, being with child, she cried and labored, and had the pangs of giving imminent birth.

English Equivalent/Hebrew Transliteration/Aramaic pronunciation/Hebrew Strong’s #/Aramaic LWM # Interlinear:

Compassion BaTaN/batna H990/A260
cry out qea A2227
broken/violent/unfaithful/cut off KaBaL/kheval H2254/A702
Spirit/Cover/Devotion AP/aph H637/A169
perverted/hateful/bitter ShaNA/shaneq H8132/A2565
Cherish/Family YaLaD/yiled H3205/A1046

Hebrew Root Word/Aramaic/Greek/English Expanded Exhaustive Definitions:

H990- בטן BaTaN/A260- batna/G1064- γαστρι gastri: hollow, vessel, bosom, womb, belly, body, within, midst, cherish, warm, compassion, tender, bowels, love, mercy, sympathy, union, joined, companionship, abide with, devotion, dedication, undertake, care, attendance, presence, kindness, support, nourish, feed, yearning, desire, will, matrix, house, accommodate, make room for, accept, receive, welcome, faithful

A2227- qea/G2896- εκραξεν ekrazen: appeal to, call out to, exclaim, intreat, cry out, declare, made known, loud and clear, cries of distress, shouts of opponents, to call out for a purpose, shout out, indicate or express unequivocally or powerfully, calling attention to something, call on or get in touch with someone, talk about something openly and jubilantly especially something that is personal and has been kept secret, revelation, announce, pronounce, assert, specify, indicate, point out forth, tell, openly align oneself for or against, reveal one’s intentions or identity, express feelings of love to someone, acknowledge possession of, exclamation, thoroughly make clear

H2254- חבל KaBaL/A702- kheval/G5605- ωδινουσα odinousa: to wind tightly as a rope, to bind by a pledge, to distort and twist, weave, plait together, bend, pervert, destroy, writhe in pain as in parturition, bands, brought forth, offend, spoil, travail, corrupt, ruin, sorrow, twisted, noose, throe, cord, tackle, measuring line, measurement, allotment, portion, region, being bound, thing measured, harm, damage, hurt, pawn as security for debt, clasp, embrace, cherish, union, joined with, wander off, break, lose oneself, perish, fail, spent, undone, be void of, have no way to flee, disappearance, cease to exist, come to nought, to succumb, carried off to death and destruction, lost, go astray, lessening, downfall, dissolution, desolation, withering away, fading, wretched, missing, vanish, gone, forgotten, absent, off track, disorientated, going around in circles, adrift, forfeit, neglected, wasted, squandered, down the drain, bygone, past, departed, extinct, died out, defunct, wiped out, exterminated, eradicated, hopeless, futile, forlorn, accursed, engrossed, absorbed, rapt, engaged, wrapped up, deprived of, cease to have, cause to fail to gain or retain, broken relationship, miscarry, suffer death of, killed, decrease, reduced, wanting, lose control of, confused, insecure, in great difficulties, defeat, misfortune, calamity, oppression, bent down, disaster, befall, tragedy, persecuted, hated, swallowed up, end, engulfed, consumed, to be dumb and silent, cut off, cut down, slaughtered, stop, pulled down, broken to pieces, demolished, break down, overthrown, beat down utterly, orphaned, forsaken, sic, weak, worn, grievous, decay, slay, parch, dry up, drought, violated, violence, adulterous, unfaithful, polluted, desert, inhospitable, stripped, exposed, naked, defame, shame, reproach, disgrace, humiliated, wounded, fettered, plowed, pierced, perforated, pricked, goaded, molested, harassed, defile, alter, distort

H637- אף AP/A169- aph/*G: accession, also, yea, even, moreover, therefore, much, especially, face, countenance, before, forehead, worthy, breath, Spirit, nostril, disposition, temperament, Character, intention, will, motive, emotion, to gird, bind, cover, entwine, wrap, image, resemblance, close fitting, association, given over to, attachment, devotion, commitment, dedication, occupation, worship, content, set, revolve, collect, gather, fruits, harvest, spiritual bond, belonging to, yoke, hitch, fasten to, joined, union, hold, keep, harness, tied, assemble, receive, accept, together, common, captive, congregate, end product, bring home and care for, welcome, relationship

H8132- שנא ShaNA/A2565- shaneq/*G: change, alter, transmute, to fold, duplicate, doubled, repeat, return, repetition, time, revolution, to live, correlation of the seasons, sleep, pervert, diverse, disguise, prefer, choice, select, hate, enemy, foe, hateful, odious, emotion of jealousy, bitter disdain, outright hatred, unloved, set against

H3205- ילד YaLaD/A1046- yiled/G5088- τεκειν tekein: bear young, beget, show lineage, bring forth, deliver, birth, engender, kindle, offspring, child, young ones, fruit, produce, yield, parental relationship, build family, nourish, nurture, cherish, serve, minister, kindred, parentage, generate, genealogy, record, descendants, contemporaries, partner, family

Greek with Strong’s Numbers:

[και G2532 εν G1722] γαστρι G1064 [εχουσα G2192] κραζει G2896 ωδινουσα G5605 [και G2532 βασανιζομενη G928] τεκειν G5088

[ ] Greek words not in Aramaic or Hebrew

*G: no equivalent in Greek translation

** For the Aramaic listed without Hebrew, the Aramaic becomes the Hebrew equivalent.

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