Revelation 11:3

Revelation 11:3

Interpretation based on the study: Given Evidence, Word, Representation Of Foremost LIFE GIVER, Faithful Truth, Herald I AM cover to encircle the consumed, insatiable, loathsome, deceitful.

Magiera: And I will give my two witnesses [authority] to prophesy, one thousand, two hundred and sixty days, being clothed with sackcloth.

Strong’s Hebrew Numbers/Aramaic LWM Number Sequence:

Hebrew/Aramaic: YaHaB/yahav H3051/A1030 ShaNaYM/terein H8147/A2709 SaHaD/sahda H7717/A1609 NaBYA/naba H5030/A1456 YaWM/yauma H3117/A1036 ALaP/alpha H505/A99 MAH/mathien H3967/A1318 ShaSh/shetin H8337/A2616 kad A1128 AiTaP/etap H5848/A1790 SaQa/saqa H 8242/A1702

H3051- יהב YaHaB/A1030- yahv/G1325- εδοθη edothe: to give, to put, come, ascribe, bring, give out, set, take, deliver, Given, portion, grant, bestow, commit, minister, offer, yield, provide, furnish, accord, contribute, convey, impart, communicate, entrust, devote, dedicate, permit, occasion, produce, arrange, perform, execute, administer, deal, Gift, present, care, account, express, appoint, measure, commission, pour out forth, make known, reveal

H8147 שנים – ShaNaYM/A2709- terein/G1417- δυο duo: to fold, duplicate, transmute, change, doubled, alter, repeat, prefer, return, transform, renew, revive, resolve, settle, refresh, second, another, again, more, second rank, dual, representative, like, same, two, both, couple, twain, more, next, following, subsequent, succeeding, additional, extra, alternative, spare, back up, inferior, lesser, copy, further more, support, back, approve, agree, endorse, moment, instant, very soon, shortly, in the twinkling of an eye, momentarily, in no time, now, temporary, transient, transfer, move, shift, relocate, reassign, send, after, secondly, other, interval, sequence, comparable, resemblance, known, familiar, acquainted, subordinate, position, assistant, lasting for a limited time, interim, provisional, fill in, stand in, caretaker, brief, momentary, fleeting, passing, short lived, quick, cursory, transitory, not lasting, come behind, replace, take the place of, accompany, attend, comply, conform, adhere, keep, accord, abide, heed, result, arise, consequence, caused, brought about, emanate, spring from, originate from, stem from, understand, appreciate, grasp, take in, imitate, echo, emulate, pattern, example, model, devoted, complete, continue with, stay with, committed, dedicated, fidelity, faithfulness

H7717- שהד SaHaD/A1609- sahda/G3144- μαρτυς martus: record, witness, testify, name, make known and clear, point out forth, report, one who bears witness by his death, to attest in affirmation or exhortation, take to record, summon as a witness to confirm solemnly, adjure, give evidence, report, testimony, evidential, proclaim the truth, bear witness to the power of truth and its effects, bear record, charge, named, selected, chosen, ordained and appointed to affirm that which one has seen or heard or experienced, taught by Divine Revelation or Inspiration, to certify, corroborate, verify, substantiate, authenticate, demonstrate, show, prove, endorse, support, bear out, give credence, vouch for, evince, approve, favor, guarantee, validate, provide evidence, give proof, accredit, recognize, acknowledge, authorize, license, warrant, assurance, pledge, oath, vow, bond, commitment, covenant, secure, surety, collateral, earnest, underwrite, promise, swear to the fact, undertake, assume, shoulder, be responsible for, engage in, participate and take part in, set about, endeavor, take the charge of, in control of, at the helm, be accountable, liable, reliable, answerable, important, powerful, executive, bring to completion, trustworthy, faithful, dependable, dutiful, obliged, answer, respond, legal or moral obligation, assigned, designated, called upon, fulfill, satisfy, entrusted, carry out to the full end, reveal, show forth, account, perform, conduct, remind, written, Word, official, confidence, honest, willing to die for the truth, take one’s stand, state and prove a claim, show to be true, demonstrate the truth of, show beyond doubt, manifest, enlighten, produce evidence or proof, give substance to, determine, ratify, document, endorse, accept, uphold, formalize, sign, agree, sanction, approbation, back, imprint, impress, stamp, seal, mark, fix firmly in one’s mind, remember, trust, reproduce, go into press, brand, inscribe, etch, establish, stick, lodge, implant, embed, instill, inculcate, impact, lasting effect, influence, trace and conform to the truth, teach, instruct, show forth, drive in, fasten

H5030- נביא NaBYA/A1456- naba/G4395- προφητευσαι propheteusai: mouth pieces of God, companion and follower, speak by inspiration, messenger of God under the influence of Divine Spirit, to speak God’s Word calling into covenant faithfulness, conditional upon the response and choice of the people, associate of God, to lead forward and precede in place or time to show forth, to bring forth and reveal, go before and declare, make known from above, superior to affirm, to make apparent, make plain and manifest, openly express, enlighten, illuminate, shine forth to reveal, give understanding by making evident, disclosure, make visible, reveal true character, lighten, shining, bring forth into the light, shed light, brighten, display, explain, describe, enjoin, teach, uphold, to be clear, make clear and obvious, voice, to give light, reaching the mind, seen by the eye and understood, emanation, discern, reception, give capacity to know, imparted from God, Divine Revelation, guidance, salvation, prosperity, brilliancy, light bearing, fulfillment, make transparent, full of light, single-mindedness of purpose and intent, shed rays, make to see, favor, witness, speak the Thoughts and Will of God, declaring of Divine Counsel, inspired speaker, one who speaks forth openly God’s Message, one who has immediate conversation with God and in whom the Word and Message of God springs forth from, communication from God, on to whom and through whom God speaks, spokesperson, advocate, supporter of God, proclamation of Divine Purpose, showing forth of Divine Counsel, emanations from God of His Will, the speaking forth of the Mind And Counsel of God confirmed in His Authority and Power

H3117- יום YaWM/A10360- yauma/G2250- ημερας emeras: to be hot, day, warm, daily, ever, continually, full, always, whole, perpetually, present, remain, life, daylight, period, point of time or moment, year, tame, gentle, forever, time, age, hour, season, definite point of time, belonging to the right hour or season, timely, flourishing, beauteous, that which is seasonably produced at the right time, prime, time when anything is the loveliest and best, a period fixed by natural laws and revolutions, the best season, beautiful, to sit, dwell, immovable, stedfast, settled, fastened, fixed, abiding, enduring, set, married, complete, perfect, joined and coupled to stay and remain, peaceful, happy, fulfilled, satisfied, domesticated, bound, perpetuity, evermore, eternal, unbroken duration, indefinite duration, period marked by moral and spiritual characteristics in respects to increasing knowledge of God, stresses the quality of life, interminable duration, everlasting, endless, without end, permanence and unchangeableness, generation, begetting, successive, birth, whole, entire, origin, lineage, natural, delivered, gender, conceive, act of God, bring into special relationship with God, always uniquely related to God, anew from above, kin, fruit, offspring, children, kindred, people, maturity, full age, completeness, brought to its end, finished, wanting nothing necessary to completeness, consummate in integrity and virtue, full grown, end, having reached its end, full development, goodness, complete revelation of God’s Will and Way, preserved, attained moral end for which is intended, completing of assigned purpose, accomplishment of purpose, consecrate, fulfill, verified, confirmed, absolution, performed, ripe, limit, concluded, fill up, carry out a thing the the full, result, termination, uttermost, what is paid, acme, regularly, earnestly, continued duration, unceasing, be ready always, present, close, honest, have conversation, return with, without interruption or intermission

H505- אלף ALaP/A99- alpha/*G: to associate with, commune, to learn, to teach, utter, bring forth fruitful and a thousandfold, increase, enlarge, augment, family, yoking, taming, domesticated, lead a large group, first, foremost, great, uphold, rise, lift up, raise, nourish, feed, kindle, gender, look after, dawning, enlighten, make known and clear, rule, govern, ownership, possession, occupation, engagement, useful, advantage, benefit, pour out forth, shine forth, secure, fasten, settle, resolve, determination, devotion, faithfulness, dedication, commitment, bear fruit, grow, nurture, cultivate, mature, offspring, Giver and Fountain Of LIFE, cuddle, gather, embrace, cherish, beloved, union, joined, coupled, overshadow, hover over, defend and protect, shelter, support, supply, make provisions for, take care of, attend to, kinsman, unity, relationship, promote, prominent, conspicuous, Supreme, preeminent

H3967- מאה MAH/A1318- mathien/G1250- διακοσιας diakosias: hundredfold, complete productiveness of sown seed, hundreds, entire, whole, having all necessary and appropriate parts, full, collected together in One Volume, having run its full course, finished, end, conclusion, consummate, to the greatest extent or degree, total, perfect, fill up, fulfill, fully satisfied, replete, finalized, accomplished, achieved, discharged, settled, done, wrap up, absolute, utter, real, downright, thoroughly done, veritable, prize, full out, round off, crown, cap, answer, to cover completely, hundred percent, completely fit and healthy, maximum effort and commitment, devotion, dedication, faithfulness, truth

H8337- שש ShaSh/A2616- shetin/G1835- εξηκοντα exekonta: overplus, beyond, to be bright, cheerful, rejoice, glad, greatly, joy, mirth, joyful, abundance, prosperity, sixth, six, cardinal number, equivalent to the product of two and three, one more than five, overcome, overwhelm, sign, characteristic, lead to, correct sequence, explain, influence, control, powerful, strong, full, devoted, dedicated, determined, purposed, willed, committed, period, span, rest, brief, shift, relief, signify, mean, amount to, add, increase, augment, intensify, herald, involve, make clear and plain, clarify, elucidate, specify, designate, enumerate, declare, expound, configure, form, possession, ownership, rule, occupation, employment, designation, named, called, invited, meet, desire, long for, prefer, choose, favor, inclined, bend, heart, mind, soul, interval, season, course, time, fit, suitable, agree, effect, impact, sway, hold, authority, mastery, dominion, supremacy, guidance, instruction, teach to learn, direction, example, pattern, inspire, weight, pull, standing, prestige, stature, status, rank, position, clout, govern, decide, charge, transform, renew, revive, recover, regenerate, heal, restore, lean on, dependable, reliable, trust, fidelity, jurisdiction, command, sovereignty, right, mandate, prerogative, license, permission, yield, administration, establish, evidence, testimony, witness, attest, Word, avow, pledge, promise, fulfillment, illuminate, shine forth, give and shed light, flow, pour out forth, ability, capacity, competence, warrant, strength, might, vigor, energy, potency, cogency, persuaded, driving force, great deal of, enforce, obedience, delegated, sanction, approval, recognition, acknowledge, appreciation, honor, esteem, cherish, settled, ascertain, author, originator, promote, creator, to make, increase, enlarge, produce, generate, founder, builder, architect, father, designer, cause, reason, agent, means, Way, Word, combining form, equal sided, connected, joined, union, taken, kept, protected and defended, resemblance equivalent, design in a shape of a star, wheel, circular, straight, same, similar, same kind, homologous, consistent, constant, parallel whole, intersecting, meet, present, presence

A1128- kad/*G: being, existence, I AM AS I AM, when, after, follow, self, alone, mine own, self same, this, living, life, reality, Truth, actuality, Spirit, Essence, soul, inner being, heart, bosom, creature, living entity, is, occur, take place, occupy a position, attend, present, state, quality, identity, constitute, substance, Source Of LIFE, Origin, become, spring, grow, produce, beget, give rise and birth to, cause, abiding, Way, means, sum total, whole, complete

H5848- עטף AiTaP/A1790- etap/G4016- περιβεβλημενους peribeblemenous: to cover, clothe, defend, protect, hide, overwhelm, encircle, compass, languish, feeble, faint, swoon, fail, from the idea of darkness, to shroud, choke, collar, necklace, crown, fit out with supplies, furnish, liberally, chain, to pierce through, cast and put across, lay forth, pour forth, deliver to the uttermost, hold and have to the end, provide utterly and completely, shine forth to touch, to choose and prefer concerning, to recognize all around, to follow completely, companionship, to cover and encompass about, to prevail to the end, to emerge and arise for the sake of, to be submitted and inclined completely, to remove and discard thoroughly, to save wholly, to make clear and explain entirely, to finish and accomplish surely, settled and done, wrap up, to fix absolutely, to recognize and value totally, to prize, conclusive and resolute, answer thoroughly, fully launch, consummately give, collect together, ownership, guardianship, keeping, possession, occupation, care, regard, look after, cover thoroughly, invest in, surround, encompass, uphold, support, carry and bear all the Way, raise and rear up completely, abide and remain with, meet and be suitable, rightful, entitled, having freehold all around, save all the Way, redeem completely, fully satisfy and claim completely, to endow and bestow exceedingly, to clad and adorn abundantly, to bless and benefit fully, completely fit, blanket and envelop absolutely, always present near at hand, trustworthy, rest, harmony, peace, home, belong to completely, to dwell forever with, bond, union

H8242- שק SaQa/A1702- saqa/G4526- σακκος sakkos: mesh allowing liquid to run through, sieve, strain out, coarse loose cloth or sacking used in mourning or bagging, rough bag, sackcloth, burlap, to course like a beast of prey, seek greedily, devour, consume, appetite, insatiable, long range, run to and fro, to loathe, pollute, abominable, detest, idolatrous, cheat, untrue, fail, deal falsely, lie, deceitful, without cause, vain, wrongful, sorrow, grief, harsh, mean

Greek Strong’s Number Sequence:

Greek: και G2532 δωσω G1325 τοις G3588 δυσιν G1417 μαρτυσιν G3144 < μου G3450 και G2532 > προφητευσουσιν G4395 ημερας G2250 < χιλιας G5507 > διακοσιας G1250 εξηκοντα G1835 περιβεβλημενοι G4016 σακκους G4526

Additional Greek not in Hebrew/Aramaic:

G2532- και kai: and, also, even, so then too, both, indeed, moreover, therefore

G3588- το to: the, which, who, the things, this, that, one, he

< > Greek words not in Aramaic or Hebrew

* G: no equivalent in Greek translation

** For the Aramaic listed without Hebrew, the Aramaic becomes the Hebrew equivalent.

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