Revelation 4 in poetic verse

Revelation 4

verse 1

Heart Accord Congruous To Gaze
Attestation Recall Spacious Heights
Emanate Presence Undivided
Signal Refreshment Pleasant
Conjunction Effect Ascend Responsive
Quicken Enduring Tribute
Accomplish Suitable Assimilation

verse 2

Consummation Extend Constant
Offering Celebrated Favor
Honor Highest Kingship Trust

verse 3

Accommodate Alongside Fruitful
Magnify Agreement Vibrant
Transparent Intent Compass Bond
Protect Reflection Present Shining

verse 4

To Inclose Appointed Fulness
Enrich To Honor Highest Settlement
Jurisdiction Reconciled Worthy Trust
Faithful Sustenance Compass Embrace Eager
Wholly Given Foundation Recover Consecrated

verse 5

Consent Canopied Blossom Verdant
Fragrant Proclamation Fill To Satisfaction
Delightful Conflagration Hasten Justice Constant
Validate Pledge Dawning Unswerving

verse 6

Anticipate Fulness Effervescing
Seal Over Banner Covering True
Participation Make Replete Communion
Jurisdiction Venerate Living Decree
Guide Heart Eternal Perfection Heed

verse 7

Bosom Bring Forth Fruitful Resolve
Springing Potent Reflection Twined Strong
Comprehension Seek After Joined Accession
Choice Nourish Fresh Appreciation
Set Apart Penetrating Disclosure

verse 8

Appreciation Revive Perfect Consent
Empowering Affection Establish Resolve
Overlay Wholly Given Welcome Twining
Assimilate Heart Embrace Amidst Decree
Recognition Tranquil Intimate Regard
Perpetually Hold Together Promise Sacred
Chosen Sanctified Sustenance Bind Strong
Unify Committed Assent Follow Clear Signal

verse 9

Veneration Pour Out Forth Appreciation
Bosom Brighten Noble Trust Joyous
Make Room For Rest Appointed
Nourish Constant Blameless Fidelity

verse 10

Surrender To Gather Worship Intimate
Prepare Pleasant Sustenance On High
Canopied Humility Perpetual Serve
Loving Expansion Revive Triumphant
Finalize Meet Succession Sum Entreat

verse 11

Befitting Presence Cleave Unswerving
Enkindle Fruitful Recognition Within
Betoken Possession Blessing Unify
Border Enjoin Relationship Proven

* Bolded English words correspond word for word with Aramaic Hebrew Interlinear based on Strong’s definitions

The New Strong’s Expanded Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, red letter edition, Hebrew & Greek Dictionary, 2010 edition. CWP Teacher edition Interlinear Bible. Aramaic Peshitta New Testament Dictionary Number Lexicon, Vertical Interlinear Vol. III, Word Study Concordance. Oxford English Dictionary. Wigram’s Concordance of Hebrew O.T. and Greek N.T. The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon. Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament. Wycliffe Bible Complete Text 1450 edition. Tyndale 1526 edition. Matthews Bible 1537 edition. Geneva Bible 1560 edition. Etheridge NT Peshitta. Holy Bible: From The Ancient Eastern Text by George M. Lamsa. Aramaic Peshitta New Testament Translation – Messianic Version by Janet Magiera. Blue Letter Bible. Aramaic English New Testament, 5th edition. HAGEBS – Hebrew Aramaic Greek English Bible Studies. iBoS – interpretation Based on Study. eHAG (English Hebrew Aramaic Greek) Interlinear 4th Revision, transliterations based on iBoS HAGEBS eHAG version.

Studies can be referenced at:

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