Grace’s Bible Interpretation from Hebrew, Aramaic & Greek Reference Studies

I am not a Biblical scholar and have never attended seminary. My education is a simple one, taught daily by my LIFE GIVER, grounded in simple living. I have no degree in Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek and never took any classes on these subjects in academia. My background is that of being the oldest child of three from 1st and 2nd generation Seventh Day Adventist parents, making me a quasi third generation. My parents worked their entire lives and career for the SDA church in Asia and also America. My father being a professional pastor to many churches and my mother principal of many of our schools overseas. My extended family many of whom also serve the church in various capacities, as presidents of our colleges, publishing houses, hospitals, schools, unions, etc. I was born into the culture of adventism and was raised on its many campuses straddling many countries. I finished my formal education in the East coast at our college in South Lancaster, completing a two and four year degree in Nursing by 1991.

My journey through life is an exploratory and winding one, taking me to many places around the world, residing now in Hawaii, where I homestead with my two children. For many years prior to these past few, I had left my religion behind to seek after the rewards of the world, amassing many fine things, living a lavish lifestyle, learning through many experiences that left their indelible mark on me. Throughout all this searching for Truth, there was only non-substantial emptiness, a big huge void. The more I acquired to fill that void, the more empty I realized I felt and understood that it can never be filled by things, no matter how nice and expensive they may be. Neither could the void be filled by experiences and pleasures the world offers. None of my attainments, spiritual or otherwise, could fill this necessary void, until the Lord of Heaven, my ABa, found and returned me to Belong.

This was a few years ago, and I will always be forever grateful for the Saving of my soul, to know the ONE and the Blessedness of Genuine Constant Companionship. ABa has become my very Breath of Life that I choose not to live without, because I really cannot live without this Abiding Presence in my life. Union with LIFE GIVER has become Vital and Essential to me and I feel grateful for being so bound in ABa, my great need and requirement for Nourishment daily, my Comfort and Companion with me.

Anyone who has a desire to know the Creator Savior’s Heart is able because God is willing to show it to them, always. My desire has been to find Truth. When I was younger, my constant inquiry and questioning made many uncomfortable. I was not able to get the answers I sought from anyone within my church, so I left it to seek Truth elsewhere. Since the world touts that it knows the Truth and has the Truth, I turned there to look. I explored the different denominations, then onto the different Eastern religions, some to much depth, going into the various inner studies and ancient writings. None of them gave me the answer that I needed.

When my LORD returned me in the year 2009, along the course of a bitter divorce that took every thing away from me, effectively crushing any sense of security in humanity, my only hope was in the God I knew as a child, the foundation built by my parents. I reluctantly with curiosity returned to the church, still prideful and arrogant, full of ignorance, but thought otherwise of myself, because the world said I was accomplished by its measure. Little by little, day by day, my LORD drew me back into His Embrace. I do not realize the incredulity of this monumental journey of return, except that it is a miracle indeed. If God can return me, He can return anyone.

I have always had a desire to study the ancient Biblical writings in their original languages. My father having gone to seminary and knows these languages seemed like a convenient teacher, but he always refused, saying it was difficult. My LORD had other plans. In the simplest form and Way, He taught me by first giving me the desire, then presenting the tools I needed, then showing me the meaning of this Living Word by connecting the definitions daily, as an answer to my prayer, to know Infinite Heart intimately, as we commune and converse as my first order of business upon waking. In this Way, YaHWaH touches my heart every day, every time, to teach me the meaning ABa desires for me to know, so that I may know His Heart toward me.

As my LORD awakens me each morning to spend time together near alongside, I hasten to respond, because this is my favorite time of the day and I delight in our communion together. Telling ABa of my heart and desiring to know His Heart and Will for me. I keep a prayer journal which I started typing each morning, since I have so much to say, my writing not able to keep up with my thoughts to Him. This is my time of contemplation, reflection, poured forth from my soul to LIFE GIVER, asking ABa to teach, show and direct my life in His Will and Way for me each day. ABa has never failed to answer this prayer and is always generous and gracious to connect the meaning of His Word for me, so that I may know His Heart. He fully satisfies my desire to deepen my walk and relationship with Him because He fully reciprocates all the time abundantly! How amazing indeed my LORD and Friend, Most Beloved Constant Companion! ABa alone has shown me that He Is Indeed Very Good!

The Way ABa has taught me in the study of the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek Bible texts is a simple one that even a grade schooler is able to follow. If you know how to look things up in a dictionary, this is even easier! You only need two tools which are easily available anywhere and very inexpensively or even free online. First, an interlinear Bible with the Hebrew, Greek and Strong’s numbers that go with each word so you can look them up. Next, you will need the Expanded Exhaustive Strong’s Concordance with the Vines’s dictionary. This is the most comprehensive Strong’s Hebrew and Greek dictionary because it includes the Vine’s. Once you use it, you will understand.

For me, there are many texts in the Bible that I do not understand, possibly because it is a translation and therefore loses much of its original nuance, meaning and depth. I find that I am able to understand the texts clearly when I study them in the original languages, always with YaHWaH’s guidance and help. None of this I can accomplish on my own. I have tried and realized it is not possible to clearly understand the true meaning of the texts without the interpretation that can only come from and be given by the Author. After all, it is His Word, not ours. It is His Love Letter to us and only He is able to clearly explain everything to us, plain and simple, so that we may understand it.

The way that I have learnt to study is simple. I will choose a verse that I desire to understand and look up every word based on the Strong’s number. Nowadays, I type everything up because it helps me remember and reference it later without forgetting and losing the information. This has also created a way for me to share it with many people in blessing, as the Word touches my heart and theirs, and they go on to share with others what they know of the ABa’s Heart toward them. Every day, it blows my mind by what God means. You will see and understand once you begin studying for yourself to connect with and know ABa.

When I am done looking up every Word in the text, be it Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek, I ask and wait for YaHWaH to connect and show me His meaning. He guides and leads me through all the words to show me the connection, picture and story. This result in interpretation given me to know, I happily receive with all my heart because it is dearest to me, and penetrates my heart deeply when YaH shows me His Heart.

The majority of the time, I am able to find very adequately, the definitions supplied in the Hebrew and Greek dictionaries in the Strong’s Concordance. Other times, I refer to another tool to expand upon the meanings to help me see the concept more clearly. Sometimes, I will also use The Word Study Dictionaries for the Old and New Testaments to gain insight. I also utilize the dictionary and thesaurus. Mostly, I rely on ABa to bring me to different sections of the Strong’s dictionaries, directing me to different Words to expand upon the meaning, to clarify the idea for me to understand. This is a deeply personal experience and I see how much ABa cares for me, to make it relevant to my current life experience, to deepen my understanding of His Word. In other words, I find many times daily, how His Word applies to my current life, and how one coincides with the other, as ABa guides, leads and teaches me to allow me to know Him.

He is alive for me and very active in every aspect of my being. He is Central and Important, the Most Important FOCUS of my day as I converse and commune with ABa, beyond the study, into my daily activities. I consult ABa for everything because I trust ABa’s Counsel to me. He has shown me how valuable and dear His Voice is to me, I cannot live without ABa with me Always.

I pray that this will become your experience as you begin to study for yourself Living Word to know YaHWaH. I pray that you will come to know the Blessedness of ABa’s Companionship which I enjoy immensely. John 17:3 “And this is life eternal, that they may know You, the Only True God, and Jesus Christ whom You sent.”

YaHWaH Bless You In Companionship And Tutelage Of You!

Grace Foo
August 24, 2014

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