Revelation 13:9

Revelation 13:9

iBoS: Representative I AM Affirm Answer In Devotion.

Magiera: He who has ears should hear.

English Equivalent/Hebrew Transliteration/Aramaic pronunciation/Hebrew Strong’s #/Aramaic LWM # Interlinear:

Representative MY/man H4310/A1389
I AM AY/aik H335/A69
Affirmation lamed A1261
Approval/Answer AZaN/edna H241/A21
Cherish/Devotion ShaMAi/shema H8085/A2547

Hebrew Root Word/Aramaic/Greek/English Expanded Exhaustive Definitions:

H4310- מי MY/A1389- man/*G: any, unto, who, for, that, what, which, whom, whose, whosoever would to YaHWaH, certain, direct, every, whereby, wherefore, some, ought, another, resemblance, likeness, representative

H335- אי AY/A69- aik/*G: habitation, abiding, eye, fountain, Face To face, in the presence of, present, sight, countenance, resemblance, spring, seeing, desire, longing, devotion, faithfulness, moral guide, agreement, appropriate, characteristic, reference to a person of thing of the same kind, another having similar qualities, faithful resemblance to the Original, satisfy, pay for in full, meet, fulfill, choose, prefer, favor, regard, care for, pleased, representation, small part or quantity intended to show what the whole is like, specimen, analogous, Record or extract for reuse as a part of something, similar in position, structure and origin but not necessary in function, pairing, pattern, consistent, having a common descent, uniform, identical duplicate, fidelity, true, unswerving, dependable, reliable, constant, steadfast, resolved, resolute, authentic, legitimate, genuine, accurate, exact, on the mark, enduring, eternal, endless, regular, unchanging, firm, verified, unwavering, Given, upright, principled, truthful, level, balanced, sound, whole, healthy, complete on target, sure, certain, definite, assurance, guaranteed, absolute, evident, plain, clear, conclusive, established, effective, secure, safe, substantiated, appointed, done, protected from harm and danger, sheltered, at ease, sealed, fortify, strengthen, uphold, possession, occupation, rule, ownership, kept fixed so as not to give way nor become loose or lost, certain to remain and continue safe and unharmed, having provisions for, stable, having no doubt about attainment, victorious, attached firmly so that it cannot be moved or lost, succeed despite difficulties, having a right to take possession of an asset, quiet, tranquil, calm, serene, supported, unity, love, regard, solitude, equanimity, law and order, reconciled, restore friendly relations, coexist in harmony, compatible, accept, welcome, bring together, make congruent, synchronize, mend, remedy, rectify, heal, live with together, remain and stay with, assimilated, communicating, connecting, dove tail, fit, touching, pertaining to, responsive, answer, obedient, I AM, exist, being, it is I, give self wholly to, cause, Origin, Beginning and End, First and Last, Way, I AM AS I AM, at One, point reached or entered of place, time, purpose or result, union, joined, of one mind, corresponding, suitable, identified with, fully acquainted and familiar, gathered, arrive, converge

A1261- lamed/*G: affirmation, conclusion, denoting truly therefore, verily as the case stand, set forth, explained, explicative force, for, the fact is, namely, thus the force is conclusive or demonstrative, declaratory, conclusive force, answer, assuredly, profess, herein then is assuredly, certainly, approval, adduce the cause and give the reason of preceding statement or opinion, assigns reason why, for the authority of, established, proved to be correct, commanded, direction

H241- אזן AZaN/A21- edna/G3775- ους ous: expand, enlarge, broaden, listen, give ear, hearken, hear, perceive, understand, know, choose to obey Truth As Revealed that broadens and liberates, investigate, distinguish, discern, ponder, contemplate, give good heed, weigh, measure, lot, plow, having a broad end, weapon, tool, penetration, informed, shining, instruction, taught, revealed, make known, clear, broadness, forgiving, yielding, soft, audience, approval, favor, pleased, delight, serve, conform, attend, present, incline, choose, prefer, attuned, allegiance, devotion, dedication, commitment, faithful, remain, stay with, receive, allow, respond, answer, bond, knit together, at One

H8085- שמצ ShaMAi/A2547- shema/G191- ηκουσα ekousa: hear intelligently with attention and obedience, hearken, understand, publish, diligently discern, perceive, report, careful, certain, consent, consider, content, give ear, regard, listen, proclaim, sure witness, give undivided attention, have fullness of knowledge, hear and agree with intention or petition, examine merit of a case to render just decision, guard, defend, protect, keep safe, preserve, beware, mark, watch, hedge about, watch over, retain, fulfilling responsibility, announce tidings, show forth, radiate, point out, nourish, feed, cherish, grow, cultivate, enrich, make fruitful, devotion, dedication, commitment, complete YaH’s will, kept alive in full flame, illuminate, enlighten, brighten, enlarge, improve, make fertile, rich, perfect, bring an end to finish, accomplish, deliver, observe, vigilant, shining forth, penetrating, open, reveal, disclose, make known and clear, manifest, evident, proof, sunlike, hear immediately, learn and become acquainted, present, absolve, follow closely, listen with the heart, know voice, yield to, answer, correspond, communicate, perceive in the soul the inward communication taught by YaH, favor, preference, approval, be heard, honor, respect, veneration, worship, enter in to become One with, adhere, abide, conform, conviction, audience, convey, receive, choose, union, to be in the same way with, reach, companionship, likeness, know the meaning, close and near beside, near at hand to attend, conversation, accurate, precise, diligent, seek after to know, focus, occupation, possession, ownership, covenant, informed, gather, glean, ascertain, match, satisfy, meet, fulfill, accountable, conversant with, proficient, effective, easy, comfortable aware, realize, conscious, notice, mastered

Greek with Strong’s Numbers:

[ει G1487 τις G5100 εκει G2192] ους G3775 ακουσατω G191

[ ] Greek words not in Aramaic or Hebrew

*G: no equivalent in Greek translation

** For the Aramaic listed without Hebrew, the Aramaic becomes the Hebrew equivalent.

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