Revelation 16:11

Revelation 16:11

iBoS: The corrupt recognized, Most High Heaven Reconcile, Strengthen, Vindicate the wounded without delay, Restore in Original Devotion.

Magiera: And they reviled the name of the Alaha of heaven because of their pains and because of their ulcers and they did not repent of their works.

English Hebrew Strong’s #/Hebrew/Hebrew Transliterated Pronunciation/Aramaic LWM #/Aramaic Transliteration/Aramaic Pronunciation/Greek Strong’s #/Greek/Greek Transliteration Interlinear:

corrupt/lawless H1442 גדפ GaDaPh/A370 GDP qedaph/G987 εβλασφημησαν eblasfemesan
Recognition/Honor/Name H8034 שם ShaM/A2539 SMA shema/*G
Most High H433 אלה ALaH/A93 ALHA alaha/G2316 θεος theos
Heaven H8064 שמים ShaMYM/A2543 SMYA shemaya/G3772 ουρανου ouranou
Origin/Reconcile/Vindicate H4480 מן MaN/A1388 MN men/G1537 εκ ek
Enrich/Strengthen H3511 כאב KAB/A1116 KABA kiwa/G4192 πονου ponou
Origin/Source/Divine/Vindicate H4480 מן MaN/A1388 MN men/G1537 εκ ek
suffer/wound A2493 SWKNA shukna/G1668 ελκων elkon
without delay H3808 לא LA/A1262 LA la/G3756 ου ou
Restore H7725 שוב ShaWB/A2649 TWB tav/G3340 μετενοησαν metenoesan
Origin/Source/Divine/Vindicate H4480 מן MaN/A1388 MN men/G1537 εκ ek
Devotion H5652 עבד AiBaD/A1728 AiBDA evada/G2041 εργων ergon

Greek with Strong’s Numbers:

[και G2532] εβλασφημησαν G987 [τον G3588] θεον G2316 [του G3588] ουρανου G3772 εκ G1537 [των G3588] πονων G4192 [αυτων G846 και G2532] εκ G1537 [των G3588] ελκων G1668 [αυτων G846 και G2532] ου G3756 μετενοησαν G3340 εκ G1537 [των G3588] εργων G2041 [αυτων G846]

[ ] Greek words not in Aramaic or Hebrew

*G: no equivalent in Greek translation

** For the Aramaic listed without Hebrew, the Aramaic becomes the Hebrew equivalent.

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