Revelation 12:14

Revelation 12:14

HAGEBS: Gift reconcile in Devotion embracing the failing peoples. Fruitful Assurance, Approval nourish in Abiding Safety, settling the separated. Protection Divine recognize the desperate, depraved.

Magiera: And two wings of a large eagle were given to the woman, so that she would fly to the wilderness to her place to be fed there [for] a time, times, and half of a time, from before the face of the serpent.

AENT: And to the woman were given the two wings of the great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, to her place; where she is nourished a time and times and half a time, from the face of the serpent.

English Equivalent/Hebrew Transliteration/Aramaic pronunciation/Hebrew Strong’s #/Aramaic LWM # Interlinear:

Gift/Deliver YaHaB/yahav H3051/A1030
Reconcile AShaH/attha H802/A135
Devotion ShaNaYM/terein H8147/A2709
Reconcile/Embrace GaPh/gepha H1611/A451
destroyed/failing NaShaR/neshra H5404/A1575
peoples RaB/raba H7227/A2271
Fruitful/Result PaRaK/perakh H6524/A2024
Peace/Assurance khurba A892
Home/Approval duka A494
Nourish tarsi A2715
Name/Abiding ShaM/taman H8033/A2682
Safety/Settlement AiDaN/edana H5732/A1750
Safety/Settlement AiDaN/edana H5732/A1750
separated/divided/deviate PaLaGaH/pelgutha H6392/A1973
Protection AiDaN/edana H5732/A1750
Resolve/Divine MaN/men H4480/A1388
Recognition/Eternal QaDaM/qedam H6924/A2154
desperate/distressed/troubled AP/apey H639/A173
malicious/filthy/depraved NaKaSh/kheuya H5175/A740

Hebrew Root Word/Aramaic/Greek/English Expanded Exhaustive Definitions:

H3051- יהב YaHaB/A1030- yahv/G1325- δουναι dounai: to give, to put, come, ascribe, bring, give out, set, take, deliver, Given, portion, grant, bestow, commit, minister, offer, yield, provide, furnish, accord, contribute, convey, impart, communicate, entrust, devote, dedicate, permit, occasion, produce, arrange, perform, execute, administer, deal, Gift, present, care, account, express, appoint, measure, commission, pour out forth, make known, reveal

H802- אשה AShaH/A135- attha/G1135- γυνη gune: wife, woman, married, betrothed, bride, each and every, together, one who is under another’s authority and protection, fire offering, all legitimate sacrifices had to be presented before God, fire, flame, burning, instructed and taught, shown, God’s presence which is the instrument that transforms the offering to ascend heavenward reception, something brought near, to come and bring near, that which one brings near to God, approach, draw near, worship, adore, intimate proximity, communion, fellowship, close and present at hand, serviceable, ready, joined, coupled, nearness of the closest and most intimate kind, touch, personal involvement, being actively and personally involved, center, midst, within, come near, offer, joyous, complete, resemblance, present, give willingly of the heart, belonging to God, become, be made, fulfilled, be taken and preferred, favored, chosen, kept, to come together and be joined, finished, consummate, end, perfect, found, ordained, partake, require, need, sound, well, settled, resolved, devoted, set right, reconciled, decided, fix, agreement, named, called, established, appointed, designated, assigned, selected, accept, assent, make one’s home in, abide, continue, endure, reside, put down roots, live in, occupy, possess, own, rule, govern, dominion, inhabit, populate, apply and give oneself wholly to, committed, loyal, fidelity, dedication, set, sit down, stay and remain near beside, park oneself, rest, installed, enroll, participate, keep in full flame, kindle, legitimate and legal, rightful

H8147 שנים – ShaNaYM/A2709- terein/G1417- δυο duo: to fold, duplicate, transmute, change, doubled, alter, repeat, prefer, return, transform, renew, revive, resolve, settle, refresh, second, another, again, more, second rank, dual, representative, like, same, two, both, couple, twain, more, next, following, subsequent, succeeding, additional, extra, alternative, spare, back up, inferior, lesser, copy, further more, support, back, approve, agree, endorse, moment, instant, very soon, shortly, in the twinkling of an eye, momentarily, in no time, now, temporary, transient, transfer, move, shift, relocate, reassign, send, after, secondly, other, interval, sequence, comparable, resemblance, known, familiar, acquainted, subordinate, position, assistant, lasting for a limited time, interim, provisional, fill in, stand in, caretaker, brief, momentary, fleeting, passing, short lived, quick, cursory, transitory, not lasting, come behind, replace, take the place of, accompany, attend, comply, conform, adhere, keep, accord, abide, heed, result, arise, consequence, caused, brought about, emanate, spring from, originate from, stem from, understand, appreciate, grasp, take in, imitate, echo, emulate, pattern, example, model, devoted, complete, continue with, stay with, committed, dedicated, fidelity, faithfulness

H1611- גף GaPh/A451- gepha/G4420- πτερυγας pterugas: to arch, the back, body, self, highest place, wing, bend, vine, twining, grape, tree, heaven, high, end, completion, finish, conclude, union, joined, reconcile, gather, cherish, devotion, faithful, loyal, embrace, approval, favor, beloved

H5404- נשר NaShaR/A1575- neshra/G105- αετω aeto: lacerate, cut, prey, eagle, arms, arsenal, harness, weapon, equipment, prepare, eliminate, destroy, fail, dry up, rule, mark, respect, fasten, approval, favor, blessed, kindle, burning, breeze, prevail, dawning, enlighten, shining, vital, inspiration, exalted, high, swift, intellect, leader, pillar, intelligence, beloved, penetrating, pierce, instruction, direction, conduct, strong, influence, persuasive, winsome

H7227- רב RaB/A2271- raba/G3173- μεγα mega: creation, creatures, acquisition, purchase, wealth, substance, of getting and owning, begetting, bringing forth, goods, riches, with, possession, occupation, property, belonging to someone, to build, erect, set up, establish, procure by purchase, create, to own, owner, possessor, recover, redeemed, attain, teach to keep, sure, verified, bring into being, making purchase agreement with another, earn, resemblance, beam, branch, scion, offspring, generate, generation, to dwell among with, full measure given, subjugate, cause, large, great, elder, big, loud, exceeding, mighty, high, strong, sore, of rank, degree, intensity, force of voice, magnitude, strength, number, abundance, precedence, conspicuous, outpouring, power, increase, greatness, dignity, ascription, acknowledge, recognition, mankind, humanity, countenance, face, human being without reference to gender or nationality, in distinction from God with suggestion of human frailty and imperfection, carnal, of human origin, standard generally accepted among men, not drawn from Scripture, inner self, fellow, complete and mature, full age, brought to its end, finished wanting nothing necessary to completeness when joined to God, verified, created by the Will of God in His likeness to belong with Him in His Family and given dominion of the earth, includes all human individuals, from Aloha as Divine, human life, wont to fight urged on by desire of gain, commiseration, maltreated and defenseless, two fold nature of man, moral condition, conformed to the nature of God, family, household, people, servant, employment, devoted to the service of God, resemblance, similitude, likeness of Aloha

H6524- פרח PaRaK/A2024- πετωμενω perakh/G4072- petomeno: to break forth, bloom, spread, fly, extend the wings, flourish, thrive, bud, grow, spring, abundance, fruitful, productive, offspring, result, accomplish, increase

A892- khurba/G2048- ερημον eremon: solitude, quiet, peace, restful, pasture, alone, stillness, silent, undisturbed, uninterrupted, continuance, discreet, tranquil, reserved by nature, not brash nor forceful, gentle, meek, mild, humble, lowly, unobtrusive, not showy, absence of noise or bustle, calm, clear, freedom from disturbance or interruption by others, peaceful and settled state, quieted, content, satisfied, fulfilled, secret Hiding Place, Sanctuary, Safety, Refuge, Security, docile, tame, remain and stay, abide, enduring, lasting, repose, hushed, noiseless, soft, untroubled, private, confident, serenity, silence, quietude, comfortable, relaxed, unruffled, unperturbed, unflustered, equable, even tempered, moderate, composed, cool and collected, possession, occupation, ownership, rule, governance, regulated, unflappable, trusting, unfazed, nonplussed, smooth, glassy, sangfroid, soothed, comforted, encouraged, reconciled, set at One, harmonious, congruent, agree, resemblance, like minded, assent, consent, ease, without turbulence or disorder, changeless, lofty and undisturbed calmness, balance, even, equilibrium, aplomb, poise, presence, imperturbability, in control, level, Assurance, Good, Word, Guarantee, Devotion, Commitment, Dedication, Truth, Faithful, Fidelity, Honor, bond, oath, covenant, fulfillment of Promise, certainty, verified, surety, certitude, complete undertaking, married, taken, wholly Given, wholehearted, sincere, authentic, genuine, true, legitimate, honest, cherish, feed and nourish, nurture, meadow, field, greens, covered, defended and protected, suitable, fit, meet, appropriate, grow, cultivate, regard, care, beloved, a place or activity regard as offering new opportunities, bright, shining, happy, Sabbath, cease from work in order to relax and be refreshed, rejuvenated, revived, recovered, saved from death and destruction, keep alive in full flame, vibrant, strengthened, regain strength, healthy, energetic, conclusive, resolve, settle, be placed and supported so as to stay in a specified position, uphold, rest upon, reliable, dependable, grounded, strong, directed, taught, guide, lead, Shepherd, place hope and trust in, belong to, ceasing from engagement of strenuous or stressful activity, without exertion, not agitated, not irritated, stop doing and moving, give it a rest, come to rest, at rest, relieve from anxiety and uncertainty, reassure, evidence, convicted, rest one’s case, sufficient, remain to stand, recharge, be at leisure, free, liberated, chill out, be supported by, able to lean on, based on, Foundation, Cornerstone, Hinge, revolve around, center on, be contingent on, respite, breathing space, lie down, vacation, interval, holiday, breather, stand, base, Holder, frame, standstill, stop, resident, permanent, continue to be, keep, carry on being

A494- duka/G5117- τοπων topon: position, place, room, spot, set, bear, stance, state, condition, advantage, primacy, importance, influence, stature, rank, consequence, post, appointment, role, occupation, employment, capacity, duty, function, placement, approach, stand, perspective, attitude, installation, station, arrange, correct place, part of, strategic, configuration, holding, keep, defend and protect, cherish, attend, present, identified, purpose, home, residence, designation, space, available, acceptance, privilege, assured, attached, joined, union, notable, favor, preference, choice, approval, connection, related, recognize, acknowledge, first, succeed, considered, remembered, habitation, domicile, dwelling, abode, stay and remain with

A2715- tarsi/G5142- τρεφωσιν trephosin: nourish, cherish, devotion, sustain, support, carry, feed, provide, uphold, raise, cultivate, nurture, guide, lead, bring up, rear, strengthen, comfort, affirm, settle, maintain, encourage, promote, augment, uplift, foster, boost, advance, enrich, harbor, succor, nurse, hold, keep safe, kindle, enliven

H8033- שם ShaM/A2682- taman/*G: place, appoint, establish, set, fix, give, care, show, commit, preserve, mark, remember, name, heed, present, abiding, remain and stay, continue, conspicuous position, honor, praise, authority, character, name, identify, specify, designate, call, reflect, inherit, property, ownership, cherish, shining, bright, clear, make known

H5732- עדן AiDaN/A1750- edana/*G: pleasant home, settlement, contentment, delightful, safety, protection, rest, satisfaction, residence, pasture, habitation, fold, dwelling, comely, pleasant place, temple, sanctuary, safety, protection, stay and remain, comfort, quiet, complete envelopment, permanence, stop, cease, peace, celebration, praise, kept, support, prepared, provisions, tend, care, present, attention, accommodation

H5732- עדן AiDaN/A1750- edana/*G: pleasant home, settlement, contentment, delightful, safety, protection, rest, satisfaction, residence, pasture, habitation, fold, dwelling, comely, pleasant place, temple, sanctuary, safety, protection, stay and remain, comfort, quiet, complete envelopment, permanence, stop, cease, peace, celebration, praise, kept, support, prepared, provisions, tend, care, present, attention, accommodation

H6392- פלגה PaLaGaH/A1973- pelgutha/*G: gully, division, split, rift, section, cleave, set apart, separate, distinguish, break, pierce, cut, bring forth, slice, penetrate, flow, instruct, teach, show forth, channel, Way, stream, river, water, irrigate, shower, carve, branch, apportion, allot, share, distribute, dispense, breach, gulf, gap, boundary, deviate, rupture, open, defy, dissension, discord, disunion, disagree, schism, gap

H5732- עדן AiDaN/A1750- edana/*G: pleasant home, settlement, contentment, delightful, safety, protection, rest, satisfaction, residence, pasture, habitation, fold, dwelling, comely, pleasant place, temple, sanctuary, safety, protection, stay and remain, comfort, quiet, complete envelopment, permanence, stop, cease, peace, celebration, praise, kept, support, prepared, provisions, tend, care, present, attention, accommodation

H4480- מן MaN/A1388- men/*G: a part of, from, out of, follow, with, among, over, above, because, apportion, accord, denoting origin the point whence motion or action proceeds, from, out of place, time, or cause either direct or remote, of, by, with, beyond, by the means of, exceeding, abundantly above, for, because, by reason of, since, thenceforth, through, of completion, unfolding, opening out, of something tied together or rolled up, utterly, entirely, out and out, denoting completion and perfection, joined, beyond measure, by equality, in equal proportion, of the measure or standard, by consent or agreement, of source, of direction whence, in which lies the idea, from day to day, proceeding from, succession, series, forthwith, instant, attraction, coalesce as it were into one, resolving, settle, of that from which a rule of judging or acting is derived, source of conduct, as to be found in the state of the soul, of the whole of which anything is a part, of that from which anything is obtained, Origin, belongs to, of the supply out of which a thing is taken, given, received, eaten, drunken, etc., close connection, from the interior, emanating from, derived, of the place forth from which one does anything, heart, from the midst of, after, choosing, to be of a number, company, fellowship, community, group, regard, conception, of the direction whence, of the condition or state out of which one comes or is brought forth, alive from being dead, reconciled, dissolution, liberate and free, vindicate, cause, Source, from the Divine nature, name, author

H6924- קדם QaDaM/A2154- qedam/*G: fore, front part, East, Holy One, to project, precede, anticipate, hasten, meet to help, before, confront, prevent, absolutely the front part, antiquity, ancient, afore time, Eternal, everlasting, forward part, in front, former time, precedence, priority in time, Beginnings, First, in the presence of, face, in the sight of, before, in the face of, present, close, near and at hand, available, serviceable, to attend, regard, care, respect, honor, deem, being there, companionship, assurance, approval, favor, preference, equanimity, possession, occupation, employed, ownership, belonging to someone, station, positioned, settled, coupled, union, joined, inspire, impress, teach and learn, mark, recognize, acknowledge

H639- אף AP/A173- apey/G4383- προσωπον prosopon: breathe hard, angry, enraged, distress, complain, troubled, displeased, groaning, unclean, irascible, cry, sign, wail, frail, feeble, melancholy, incurable, desperate, wicked, woeful, sick, enemy, weak, vulnerable, finite, lament, contraction in anguish, wrath, snort, suffering, snout, nostril, force, coercion, bring forth blood, strife, burnt, pride, seizure, shackled, bound, prisoner, enslave, tormented, consumed, destroyed, presence, face, appearance, countenance, aspect, fashion

H5175- נחש NaKaSh/A740- kheuya/G3789- οφιν ophin: artful malicious person, sly cunning, to snort and hiss, snorer, whisper a magic spell, prognosticate, enchant, incantation, augury, copper, brass, imitation, snake, serpent, made of metal, coin, fetter, base, brasen, chain, filthiness, steel, mixture, spoil of war, cessation of life giving rain and sunshine, to sink and descend, to press and lead down, broken, bring away, depose, imposition, unfavorable, punishment, oppression, degradation, depravation, harsh, hardness, unrelenting, unrepentant, unyielding, noisome, troubler, pity, turn away, pervert, bend away, deflect, malignant, spread out, deduction, go off the Way, turn aside, satan, evil, dangerous, venomous, poisonous, treacherous, unscrupulous, vicious, violent, cruel, skulking, murderous proclivities, viper, evil character, adversary, enemy of God and man, brazen, deadly, hateful, vindictive, curse, to harass, molest, endanger, vex, steal, kill and destroy, disorganized throng, crowd, suffocate, strangle, restrict, constricting, imprison, enslave, entangle, envious, jealous, covetous, prideful, malignly fascinate, sophistication, complicated, complex, not understandable, to snort or hiss, whisper a magic spell, enchantment, prognosticate, learn by experience, incant, augury, divination, rites, ceremony, stretching, distortion, iniquity, perverseness, reach, symbolize spiritual power and rule, guilty of and involving betrayal and deception, hazardous because of presenting hidden or unpredictable dangers, to cheat, liar, traitorous, disloyal, faithless, unfaithful, adulterous, duplicitous, false, backstabbing, double crossing and dealing, two faced, weaselly, untrustworthy, unreliable, apostate, renegade, two timing, perfidious, dangerous, perilous, unsound, unsafe, precarious, not dependable, shifty, risky, dicey, hairy, rough, dishonest, misleading others by deception on a habitual basis, intent to deceive relentlessly, untruthful, mendacious, insincere, disingenuous, unprincipled, underhanded, scheming, calculating, sneaky, trick, foxy, crooked, fraudulent, counterfeit, fabricated, invented, concocted, made up, trumped up, untrue, fake, bogus, spurious, fallacious, imitation of something valuable or important with intention to deceive or defraud, pretense, sham, shameful, disgrace, forgery, in opposition to make, phony, knock off, feign, not being what it purports to be, apparently but not actually valid, illegitimate, not genuine, not what it appears to be, delusion, illusive, artificial, superficial, man made, imitation of something natural and inherent, synthetic, substitute for something natural, ersatz, inferior, apocryphal, widely circulated untruths, inaccurate, doubtful, simulated, specious, wrong

Greek with Strong’s Numbers:

[και G2532] εδοθησαν G1325 [τη G3588] γυναικι G1135 δυο G1417 πτερυγες G4420 [του G3588] αετου G105 [του G3588] μεγαλου G3173 [ινα G2443] πετηται G4072 [εις G1519 την G3588] ερημον G2048 [εις G1519 τον G3588] τοπον G5117 [αυτης G846 οπου G3699] τρεφεται G5142 [εκει G1563 καιρον G2540 και G2532 καιρους G2540 και G2532 ημισυ G2255 καιρου G2540 απο G575] προσωπου G4383 [του G3588] οφεως G3789

[ ] Greek words not in Aramaic or Hebrew

*G: no equivalent in Greek translation

** For the Aramaic listed without Hebrew, the Aramaic becomes the Hebrew equivalent.

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