Answer to Keeping YHWH’s Appointments

1.  If according to some, the Holy or Feasts Days, Appointments With YHWH were abolished, “nailed to the cross”, so to speak, why then did YeShua Himself, and the apostles continue to keep them until the time of Constantine, over 300 years after the Resurrection Of YeShua?

“[Constantine] organized the Council Of Nicea in 325, which outlawed every biblical feast day and the Sabbath.  The Council also changed the date of YeShua’s resurrection to the first Sunday after the Vernal (Spring) Equinox.  Roman sun worshipers believed that the Vernal Equinox was the day when the Sun god impregnated Mother Earth.  This clearly violated the biblical account which placed YeShua’s resurrection on the Feast of Firstfruits, three days after Passover.”    – Valerie Moody, ‘The Feasts of Adonai’, pg. 18.

2.  Looking into the verse that is generally quoted for the abolition of the MUAD (H4150), Appointments With YHWH, Colossians 2:16, within the context of the body of Scripture:

Colossians 2:8-17

AENT:  8 Beware, or else any man make you naked by philosophy and by vain deception, according to the doctrines of men, according to the rudiments of the world, and not according to the Mashiyach 9 in whom dwells all the fullness of Elohim bodily.  10 And in him you are also complete because he is the head of all principalities and authorities.  11 And in him you have been circumcised with a circumcision without hands, by casting off the flesh of sins by a circumcision of the Mashiyach.  12 And you have been buried with him by immersion;  and by it you have risen with him while you believed in the power of Elohim who raised him from the dead.  13 And you who were dead in your sins and by the uncircumcision of your flesh, he has resurrected with him;  and he has forgiven us all our sins:  14 and, by his mandates, he blotted out the handwriting of our (sinful) debts which (handwriting) existed against us, and took (it) from the midst and affixed (it) to his stake.  15 And by yielding up his body, he showed contempt for principalities and authorities;  and put them to shame, openly in his own person.  16 Let no (pagan) therefore judge you about food and drink, or about the distinction of festivals and new moons and Shabbats 17 which were shadows of the things then future;  but the body of Mashiyach.

Reading this in English is clear, there is no abolition.  What is wiped out is our sins, not the Appointments of YaH.  YeShua said time and again, He came not to cancel the Law but to Affirm and Make Clear The Law, Appointments Of YHWH.  By His Own Example on earth, YeShua kept the Appointments Of YaH, and so did his disciples and Paul.  Why would He Who Is Changeless abolish something He Himself Set Forth For us To Mark And Remember From Generation To Generation, and Will Continue Celebrated In Heaven after the end of sin?

3.  Lexicology Study of Colossians 2:16 from the original Aramaic, pointing to Hebrew Root meaning, along with Greek and English translations.

HAGEBS:  None therefore are vulnerable, cherished in Spirit Of Truth.  Assuring in Forgiveness the separated, divisive, deviant, Restored in Foremost Renewal, Peaceful Rest.

English Equivalent/Hebrew Transliteration/Aramaic pronunciation/Hebrew Strong’s #/Aramaic LWM # Interlinear:

none  LA/la H3808/A1262
therefore  hakil A596
vulnerable  ANNaSh/nasha H582/A131
Cherished  DaWaD/dawed H1731/A493
Word/Spirit Of Truth  MaKaLaT/mekla H4361/A80
Assurance  MaShTaH/mashteya H4960/A2622
Forgive/Instruct  AW/ao H176/A24
separated/divided/deviate  PaLaG/pulaga H6385/A1970
Restore  AiWaD/ida H5749/A1720
Foremost/Beginning  RASh/risha H7218/A2362
Renew  YaRaK/yarkha H3391/A1083
Rest/Peaceful  SaBaT/shabtha H7676/A2445

Hebrew Root Word/Aramaic/Greek/English Expanded Exhaustive Definitions:

H3808- לא LA/A1262-la/G3361- μη me:  not, none, never, cannot, nothing, no, neither, without, not at all, in no wise, no more at all, by no means, in no case, not ever, not once, not even, not even one, not at all, without delay, not a whit, not even ever

A596- hakil/G3767- ουν oun:  then, so, since, now, therefore

H582- אנןש ANNaSh/A131-nasha/*G:  mortal, servant, frailty, vulnerability, finitude, stranger, enemy, nations, weak, insignificance, mankind, humanity, persons, people, those, these, contraction in anguish, seeking, groaning, lament, mourning, praying, wailing, crying, distressed, complaining, sorrow, fleeting, faint, troubled, enraged, angry, displeased, unclean, irascibility, sighing, feeble, melancholy, desperate, incurable, woeful, sick, desperately wicked, bound, prisoner, captive, oppressed, yoked, wrathful, countenance, face, human being without reference to gender or nationality, in distinction from God with suggestion of human frailty and imperfection, carnal, of human origin, standard generally accepted among men, not drawn from Scripture, inner self, fellow, complete and mature, full age, brought to its end, finished wanting nothing necessary to completeness when joined to God, verified, created by the Will of God in His likeness to belong with Him in His Family and given dominion of the earth, includes all human individuals, from Aloha as Divine, human life, wont to fight urged on by desire of gain, commiseration, maltreated and defenseless, two fold nature of man, moral condition, conformed to the nature of God, family, household, people, servant, employment, devoted to the service of God, resemblance, similitude, likeness of Aloha

H1731- דוד DaWaD/A493- dawed/*G:  to boil, be warm, love, companion, friend, resemblance, similitude, union, joined, affinity, affiliation, association, related, close, intimate, cherish, approve, stay and remain with, abiding, continue with

H4361- מכלת MaKaLaT/A80- mekla/G1035- βρωσει brosei:  nourishment, food, to eat, consume, devour, destroy, bearing the results of an action, waste, finest foods, Word, Spirit Of Truth, Provision, Salvation, meal

H4960- משתה MaShTaH/A2622- mashteya/G4213-ποσει posei:  drink, banquet, feast, to imbibe, undertake responsibility for, assurance, certainty, guarantee, participate in a feast, communion meal with YHWH, union with YaH, support, foundation, affinity, approval, remain and stay with, abiding, furnish, supply, give, provide for, water, teach, instruct, irrigate, immerse, cover, pay for in full, invite, name, call and seek after, recover, giving water to drink, moisture, refreshment, take in, receive, welcome, make room for

H176- או AW/A24- ao/*G:  fruit, result, desire, long after, wish, seek after, mark out, extend, yield, forgive, soft, point out, teach, instruct, plead, pleased, delight, agree, harmonious, sweet, prosperous, habitable, inviting, refuge, rest, quiet, peaceful, near and close, approach, meet, deliver, recover

H6385- פלג PaLaG/A1970- pulaga/G3313- μερει merei:  separated, divided, split, deviate, half, channel of water, irrigation, water, river, stream, fountain, section, division, runlet, distribute, communicate, distinction, share, portion

H5749- עוד AiWaD/A1720- ida/G1859- εορτης eortes:  to duplicate, repeat, testify, reiteration, encompass, restore, Witness, Record, authenticate, substantiate, genuine, legitimate, upright, truthful, honest, lift up to bear, undertake, uphold, support, sustain, maintain, assure protection, preserve, secure, continuance, abiding, affirm, settled, resolved, remain to stay with, repeatedly, perpetual, cycle, arrangement, appointment, ordain, set forth, celebration, feast day, holy day

H7218- ראש RASh/A2362- risha/^G:  head, sum, chief, first, top, beginning, captain, principal, ruler, end, excellent, forefront, foremost, highest, victory, strength, power,, leader, appointed, elect, choice, best, prince, represent the people, conspicuous, point, summit, exalted, worshipped, honor, veneration, praised, primacy, supreme, important, finest, greatest

H3391- ירח YaRaK/A1083- yarkha/^G:  lunation, moon, month, lunar cycle, renew, repair, rebuild, restore

H7676- שבת ShaBaT/A2445- Shabtha/G4521- σαββατων sabbaton:  repose, desist from exertion, cease, rest, celebrate, be still, abode, remain and stay, Home, seat, reside and live with, continue, complete rest, refreshing, restful, Blessing, Covenant, peaceful, settled, resolved, worship, signet, seal of ownership, appointment with YHWH, set

Greek with Strong’s Numbers:

μη G3361 ουν G3767 [τις G5100 υμας G5209 κρινετω G2919 εν G1722] βρωσει G1035 [η G2228 εν G1722] ποσει G4213 [η G2228 εν G1722] μερει G3313 εορτης G1859 [η G2228] νουμημιας G3561 [η G2228] σαββατων G4521

[  ]  Greek words not in Aramaic or Hebrew

*G:  no equivalent in Greek translation

** For the Aramaic listed without Hebrew, the Aramaic becomes the Hebrew equivalent.

^ G3561 Greek uses one word contraction – νουμημιας (noumenmias), for the two words in Aramaic and Hebrew.  Greek definition for the contraction is new moon festival or new moon/month.

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