Revelation 2 in Poetry

Revelation 2

verse 1

Honor Union Complete
Cover Beloved Joined
Presence Fasten To Sate
Gleaming Covenant Cleave
Bear Burning Sweet Remembrance

verse 2

Certainty I AM Contribute
Attend Hope Without Delay
Clear Comfort Accommodate
Evince Abiding Answer
Heart Initiate Choice
Without Delay Reconcile
Committed Undertake

verse 3

Patience Seek After Intent
Undergird Means Renown
Yearn To Overshadow

verse 4

Powerful Attachment Cause Sacrifice
Settlement Foremost Vindicate

verse 5

Remember Agreement Perpetual
Blossom Consecrate To Lead Forward
Origin Entail Conveyance
I AM Offering Burning
I AM Bestow Sacrifice Serviceable

verse 6

Champion Legitimate Consent
Affirmation Restore To Envelop
Victorious Union Abiding
I AM Regard My Own
verse 7

Become Assent Attached
Reveal Complete Agreement Sweet
Accept Consummate Call
Fulfillment Pour Out Forth
Portion Strong Revive
To Eat Declaration Together
Settled Unswerving

verse 8

Communicate Peaceful Anointing
Binding Permanent Word
Highest Completeness Assured
Accomplish Covering Gift

verse 9

Certainty I AM Embrace
Precious Strength Intreat
Possession Elevate Accord
Abiding Devotion Refreshed
Custody Honor Heart Intimate
Beloved Fulfill Resolved Finish

verse 10

Greatness Immediate Overflow
Given Constant To Prepare
Ensign Cherish Attestation
Make Fit Offering Prominent
Succession Faithful Encircle
Vindicate To Breathe Approval
Embrace Warm Surrender
Assured Genuine Satisfaction
Execution Pour Out Forth
Assign To Complete Honor

verse 11

Affection Set Forth Attuned
Consent Sweet Anticipate
Union Meet Assent
Fulfillment Settle Deliverance
Given Covering Enfold

verse 12

Confirm Agreement Fortified
Sealed Possession Adhere
To Breathe Desirable Affirmation
Covenant Blessing Restore Secure

verse 13

Trust Alongside Dwell
Legitimate Jurisdiction Amend
Beloved Meet Distinction
Yield Immediate Reconciliation
Continually Rising To Testify
Devoted Constancy Serve
Resolve Record Intimate
Submit Abiding Gift Joyous

verse 14

Proven Love Union Yoke
Genuine Assent Joined Steadfast
Portion Given Permanently
Presence Restore Fulness
Venerate Provision Eternal
Intimate Agreement Honor
Sacrifice Enjoin Possession

verse 15

Regard Assent Worthy
Approach Affinity Legitimate
Victorious Union Established

verse 16

Refresh Covenant Bond
Intimate Nearness I AM
Sacrifice Readily Draw Near
Permanent Ownership Secure

verse 17

Clear Conclusive Answer
Complete Agreement Sweet
Spirit Pleasant Invite
Resolved Given Portion
Desire Yearning Embrace
Pour Out Forth Affirmation
To Plait Magnanimous Delight
Cherish Continuance Harmonious
Binding Intimate Communion
Recognition Within Confirm Boldly

verse 18

Honor Agreement Permanent
Binding Assent Nourish
Beloved Unswerving Cleave
Covenant Establish Connection
Validate Flaming Passion
Regard Affinity
Blessed Presence Of YaH

verse 19

Answer Mine Cover To Cherish
Faithful Regularity Overflow
To Envelop Completeness Inexhaustible
Accomplish Agreement Foremost

verse 20

Courageous Beacon Profess
Atonement Enlarge Countervail
Permanent Endearment Cleave
Commune Beside Refreshed
Inseparably Related
Follow Legitimate Protection
Lovingly Submit Possession
Vigorous Bond Enjoin

verse 21

Gift Conclusive Vindicate
Restore Intimate Worship
Refresh Agreement Sacred

verse 22

Evidence Rejoicing
I AM Establish Surety
Authenticate Permanent Bond
Hearten Manifold Defense
Continually Given To Envelop

verse 23

Intimate Resolve Overcome
Ascertain Wedded Covenant
I AM I AM Devotion
Accomplish Willing Measure
Certainly Bring To Pass Oneness Bless

verse 24

Demonstrative Commission I AM
Remaining Permanent Wedded
Constant Essential Support
Kindle Congruous Abiding
Unreserved Certainty Entwine
Enquire Signal Counsel
Without Delay Venerate
Sacrifice Priceless Conclude

verse 25

Yearning Presence Fasten Joined
Beloved Consummation Bound I AM

verse 26

Fulfillment Safeguard Serve Accord
Joined Engagement Raised Alongside

verse 27

Steadfast Presence Overshadow
Seek With Pleasure Affinity
Magnify One Accord To Laugh
Assent Genuine I AM
Fulfill Given Source Of Joy

verse 28

Pour Out Forth Benefit
Ownership Treasure

verse 29

Beloved Affirmation Attuned
Consent Sweet Anticipate Union Meet

* Bolded English words correspond word for word with Aramaic Hebrew Interlinear based on Strong’s definitions

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