Revelation 8 in poetry

Revelation 8

verse 1

Bosom Spacious To Sink Into
Fill To Satisfaction Yearning Calm
Consummate Habitable Face Agree

verse 2

Breast Rain Answer Responsive To Project
Living Testify On Behalf Of Declaration
Pour Out Forth Favor Bound Abundance

verse 3

Possession Minister Endearment Vibrant Mount
Fidelity Complete Profess Trust To Gleam
Ascribe Purpose Benediction Bountiful Arrange
Genuine Wedded Spirit Make Replete
Press Together To Project Manifested Glory

verse 4

Kindle Afresh Fragrance Sweet
Prayerful Spirit Emanating From The Heart
Envelop To Despatch Perpetual Provision

verse 5

Fold Together Spirit Of Heaven Kiss
Nourish From The Midst Of Kindled Yoke
Shared Rejoicing Atonement Covering
Eager Outpouring Revive Fragrant Wave

verse 6

Satiate Charge Wholly Given Bound
Repose Festive Fervor Pave The Way

verse 7

To Breathe Cardinal Supplication Yearning Praise
Cleansing Let Go Free Churning Compassion
Atonement Restore Rest All Embracing
Animate Delightful Permanence Genuine
Finish To Glisten Inhabited Hearth

verse 8

Crimson Penetrating Intent Alongside Rock
Mound Up Steadfast Gust Suffusing
Committed Mastery Gathering Together Press

verse 9

Besiege Delightful Wedded Covenant
Melting Affection Union Sparkle
Comprehension Expansive Measure

verse 10

Sanctuary Portent Grace Emanating From The Heart
Storehouse Verdant Enfold Burning Affinity
Flaming Brilliance Raised Full Development
To Stream Exalted Beauty Out Bursting

verse 11

Appellation Radiant Counsel Soothing
Point Out Conclusion Refreshing Heed
Singing Inexhaustible Unbreakable Bond
Abode Convey Yielding Living Water

verse 12

Hold Dear Penetrating Relief Paramount
Compress Liberated Reconciled Abundance
Brace Up Continuance Sanctuary Blessing
Compel Vigorous Mastery Spiral Assent

verse 13

Proclaim Winsome Corroborated Progeny
Consummate Portion To Extend Relieve
Reflection Vigilance Rejoice Heart Thunder
Acceptance Genuine Communicate Poised Appeal

* Bolded English words correspond word for word with Aramaic Hebrew Interlinear based on Strong’s definitions

The New Strong’s Expanded Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, red letter edition, Hebrew & Greek Dictionary, 2010 edition. CWP Teacher edition Interlinear Bible. Aramaic Peshitta New Testament Dictionary Number Lexicon, Vertical Interlinear Vol. III, Word Study Concordance. Oxford English Dictionary. Wigram’s Concordance of Hebrew O.T. and Greek N.T. The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon. Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament. Wycliffe Bible Complete Text 1450 edition. Tyndale 1526 edition. Matthews Bible 1537 edition. Geneva Bible 1560 edition. Etheridge NT Peshitta. Holy Bible: From The Ancient Eastern Text by George M. Lamsa. Aramaic Peshitta New Testament Translation – Messianic Version by Janet Magiera. Blue Letter Bible. Aramaic English New Testament, 5th edition. HAGEBS – Hebrew Aramaic Greek English Bible Studies. iBoS – interpretation Based on Study. eHAG (English Hebrew Aramaic Greek) Interlinear 4th Revision, transliterations based on iBoS HAGEBS eHAG version.

Studies can be referenced at:

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