Revelation 12:5

Revelation 12:5

HAGEBS: Cherish beloved children recognized in I AM, Devoted Shepherd, Complete Assurance of the peoples, Advocate Truth embrace family in Welcome Most High, Faithful Permanence.

Magiera: And she gave birth to a male child who was going to rule all the nations with a rod of iron and her son was caught up to Alaha and to his throne.

AENT: And she brought forth a male child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron. And her child was caught up to Elohim and to his throne:

English Equivalent/Hebrew Transliteration/Aramaic pronunciation/Hebrew Strong’s #/Aramaic LWM # Interlinear:

Cherish/Family YaLaD/yiled H3205/A1046
beloved/children BaR/bera H1248/A323
Recognized/Support DaKaR/dekra H1798/A529
I AM HWA/hau H1931/A593
Devoted AiThYD/ethida H6264/A1914
Shepherd/Genuine RAiH/rea H7462/A2381
Assurance/Complete KaL/kul H3605/A1168
Gather/Make Room For/people AM/ama H5971/A1818
Staff/Advocate ShaBaT/shavta H7626/A2433
Straight/Truth BaRZaL/parzela H1270/A2023
Embrace KaTaP/khetap H2414/A774
family/children BaR/bera H1248/A323
Welcome/Protection LaWT/lauth H3890/A1288
Most High ALaH/alaha H433/A93
Faithful/Presence LaWT/lauth H3890/A1288
Permanent/Legitimate KaS/kursya H3676/A1159

Hebrew Root Word/Aramaic/Greek/English Expanded Exhaustive Definitions:

H3205- ילד YaLaD/A1046- yiled/G5088- τεκειν tekein: bear young, beget, show lineage, bring forth, deliver, birth, engender, kindle, offspring, child, young ones, fruit, produce, yield, parental relationship, build family, nourish, nurture, cherish, serve, minister, kindred, parentage, generate, genealogy, record, descendants, contemporaries, partner, family

H1248- בר BaR/A323- bera/G5207- υιον uion: heir apparent to the throne, beloved, pure, clean, best, finest, clear, grain, threshed, winnowed, harvested, field, cleansing, created, feed, nourished, offspring, family, builder of family name, relationship of subjection, children, descendants, subordinate, conscious willing submission, belonging to, unique unbreakable relationship, adopted, young, set up, established, repaired, founded, fortified, strengthened, conceived, made, resemblance, similitude, union, joined, association

H1798- דכר DaKaR/A529- dekra/G730- αρρενα arrena: strong to lift up, raise, take up responsibility, remember, support, devotion, dedicated, committed, resolved, settle, anchor, important, significant, mark, seal, approval, favor, cherish, beloved, loose, liberate, bear, atone, expiate, cover, restore, absolve, accept, suffer, forgive, furnish, uphold, sustain, receive, regard, pardon, yield, record, witness, recognize, acknowledge, mention, mindful, remind, earnest, sincere, humble, pure, innocent, clean, transparent, clear, freedom from pollution, unadulterated, character, nature, bright, conspicuous, full abundance, intimate, near, companion, son, ram, sheep, sacrifice, selfless, Gift

H1931- הןא HWA/A593- hau/G*: self, same, this, IS, being, come, I AM, I exist, it is I, to be, continual, far more exceeding, intent, purpose, of one mind, set at one again, to the end, together, certain, belonging to, enter, point reached, peaceful, harmonious, hear and obey, take into one’s favor, choose, prefer, approve, resemblance, similitude, likeness, duplicate, reason, virtue, effect, fruit, importance, significance, substance, mark, note, prominence, interest, care, regard, relevance, distinction, accept responsibility, parallel, undertake, carry out, support, remember, advocate, answer, be near and close, achieve, lead to, intimate, connection, faithful, devotion, dedication, commitment, true, cherished, knit together, folded together, include, encircle, hold, keep, continuous, fulfill, satisfy, resolved, finalized, complete, made perfect, conclusive, permanent, joined, union, evenly matched, immediate, direct, dear, inseparable, attached, special, best, firm, fast, strong, attentive, conscientious, focused, possession, ownership, occupation, vigilant, watchful, keen, alert, strict, exact, precise, accurate, appreciation, agree, secure, sealed, settled, established, confirmed, fixed, finished, lasting, enduring, perpetual, eternal, abiding, constant, standing, unending, endless, immutable, imperishable, stable, steadfast, stay and remain unchanged without end, continuing without interruption, remaining to the end, stay in the place that one has been occupying, continue to possess a particular quality, fulfill a particular role, prevail, be available, triumph, victorious, come out on top, superior, overcome, rule, reign, be the order of the day, be in force and effect, conviction, powerful, current, relevant, fresh, new, verified, confidence, trust, poise, peace, calm, quiet, guarantee, bond, honor, respect, earnest, fulfill, bring to completion and reality, realize, understand, fully developing one’s abilities and character, meet, suitable, fit, sound, whole, fill to the full

H6264- עתיד AiThYD/A1914- ethida/G3195- μελλει mellei: prepared, ready, treasure, cherish, help, assist, support, expectant, wait on, serve, look and seek after, intend, be about, regard, care about, tend to, remember, suffer long with, love, sense of purpose, duty, necessity, will, after, mean, of certainty, determined, devotion, dedication, commitment, loyalty, fidelity, true, genuine, honest, sincere, earnest, authentic, legitimate, longing after, consider and think of, gaze steadfastly upon, behold, respect, venerate, have relation to and connection with, concern, pay attention to, heed, goodwill, to guard, defend and protect, look on, see, deem, reckon, contemplate, observe, keep, hold, obey, study, notice, attend, present, approve, favor, greet, kind to, compliment, think about, important, accept, receive, make room for, highly regard, having or showing enthusiasm for, interested, anticipation, eager, pregnant, in the family, belonging to, stay and remain with, suitable, fit, serviceable, useful, helpful, intimate, watchful, ready, rest with, settled, stick around, look forward, yearn for, minister to, look after, keep vigil, surround about, be about, compelled, care for, make provision for, maintain, attach importance to, have affection for, willing, address, answer, reply, responsive, express care and concern, safekeeping, custody, charge, responsibility, guardianship, ward, careful, attentive, forethought, discretion, judicious, mindful, succor, support, solicitude, tender loving care, fond of, devoted to, adore, think the world of, idolize, fancy, nurse, make something ready for use or consideration, deal with, draw up, assemble, construct, put together, gather, arrange, get everything set, coach, train, tutor, prime, brace, steady, uphold, get into shape, fix, repair, restore, revive

H7462- רעה RAiH/A2381- rea/G4165- ποιμανει poimanei: to tend a flock, pasture a flock, to graze, nourish and feed, rule, to associate with as a friend, companionship, pastor, care for, tend to, shepherd, keep, entreat, make friendship with, neighbor, mate, another, love, beloved, bride, reception, welcome, brother, kin, with whom one shares confidences and to whom one feels very close, intimate, family, marriage partner, lovers, familiar, to tend as a shepherd, supervise, oversee, have charge, take care of, look after, defend and protect, feed and nourish, rule, govern, regulate, control, own, possess, occupy, influence, whole heartedly give over to, devoted, dedicated, faithful, committed, loyal, true, honest, sincere, genuine, authentic, legitimate, rightful, lawful, capable, guarding, hold and keep, enfold, cover, save, preserve, revive, redeem, deliver, restore, recover, heal, providing, supply abundantly, lacking nothing Good, confirm, make strong and firm, lift up, lead to higher place, teach, guide, instruct, domesticate, pastor, accompany, personally involved in tenderly caring and vigilant safeguarding His possession and property, gather, assemble, call, invite, keep safe, provide, supply, sustain, committed to in tender care and vigilance, devoted to lead, accompany, companionship, conduct, teach, direct, instruct, show, chaperone, escort, help, aid, assist, usher, steer, rear and bring up, possess, occupy, look after, manage, be present and regular, constancy, deal with, give practical help and care to look after, wait on, apply one’s energy toward, comfort, encourage, cherish, maintain, promote, foster, nurture, cultivate, boost, advance, strengthen, enrich, empower, nurse, hold, have, love, hold dear, adore, delight in, esteem, treasure, prize, value highly, stay with, remain close by

H3605-כל KaL/A1168- kul/G3956- παν pan: to complete, perfect, finish, set up, establish, whole, all, any and every, in all manner altogether, everyone, whosoever, entirety, signify everything in a given whole, unify what is otherwise not a unit or in union, brought to complete end, to cease, accomplish, done, ended, fulfilled, fully reap, clean riddance, quite take away, wholly bring to pass, stop, end of a process or action, disappearance of something, coming to an end, successfully complete, determined, firm, solid, devoted, dedication, commitment, coupled, settled, resolved, always, daily, all means, any one, ever, as many as, thoroughly, entirely, at all times, evermore, all the way, at all events, surely, must need, no doubt, sincere, honest, truthful, authentic, genuine, legitimate, verified, confirmed, certain, Assurance, Guarantee

H5971- עם AiM/A1818- ama/G1484- εθνων ethnon: a people, congregation, congregated unit, tribe, collection, gathered, troops, attendants, flock, folk, relative, represents a familiar relationship, household, family, kinsmen, kindred, belonging, clan, union, joined, united, descendants, offspring, group, common ancestor, bond, knit together, social interrelationships and interactions, association, communication, fellowship, friendship, enter into relationship with, unity of common covenant relationship, blood relationship, inhabitants, dwell, stay and remain with, abide, reside, residents, citizens, privileged, community, conjunction with, like, likeness, from, raised, continue, stand, established immovable, upright, exist, endure, firm, eternal, victorious, unchanging, ordained, made to stand, make room for, accomplished, designated, position, take a stand, service, fixed, room, station, domicile, standing ground, pillar, huddled together, with, to be with, nations, multitude, company of people of the same nature or genus, a race or tribe of the same habits and laws, convention, custom, usage, one’s own populace, assembled, people of the same race and language, distinct group, public, as bound together socially, people gathered together with consent of law for mutual benefit, an assembled group actively exercising their rights as citizens, common, bound and knit together, race of the same habits and customs or practices, people of the same Way or Manner, people living in a particular country or area, common people, population, natives, country, nation, masses, commonality, estate, plebeians, proletariat, member, neighborhood, body, circle, order, convention, ownership, possession, occupation, of common interest, attitudes and goals, portion, identity, interdependent, living together, party, set, array, treasury, contribution, offering

H7627- שבט ShaBaT/A2433- shavta/G4464- ραβδω rabdo: clan, tribe, to branch off, a scion, a stick, rod, staff, scepter, correction, tool used by a shepherd to guide and lead, teacher, symbol of authority, division, to rule, discipline, teach, guide, lead, chasten, direct, instruct, show the Way, govern, tend, care for, preserve, protect, attend, advice, counsel, mentor, mark, own, possess, pilot, shepherd, accompany, assist, help, conduct, usher, escort, guard, chaperone, companion, partner, attendant, servant, bring, drive, walk, regulate, order, mandate, require, principle, truth, precept, standard, practice, control, jurisdiction, right, power, dominion, government, administration, sovereignty, leadership, supremacy, authority, preside over, head, manage, reign, decree, pronounce, judge, ordain, decide, choose, prefer, favor, determine, resolve, settle, prevail, one set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing the conduct within a particular sphere, law or principle that operates prescribing what is possible or allowable, code of ethics and practice and discipline, particular order, dominion or control over, custody, charge, exercise ultimate power or authority over, have power and influence on, be a dominant or powerful factor or force, authoritative, legitimate, legal, to point out, indicate, signal, shed light, illuminate, example, pattern, measure, template, model, exemplar, benchmark, steer, show the Way, wand, cudgel, cane, baton or royalty, ruler’s staff, rod for chastisement, measuring rod, piece of wood used for support in walking or as a weapon, long implement, basic furniture, trimmed for a particular purpose, mast, post, pillar, spar, something resembling to a stick, conductor’s baton, a gear or control lever, a thin person, roll, discipline, rural areas far from the cities, a specific kind of person, cutting from a plant, sharp or pointed object, penetrate through, fix something on, adhere, cling to, stay and remain with, endure with, remain fixed, insert, thrust, protrude, extend in a certain direction, put something somewhere, cause to incur, pierce with sharp object, fasten, persist, occupy, possession, ownership, regulation, established, validated, immovable, determined, resolved, devotion, dedication, commitment, loyalty, fidelity, beloved, cherished, persevere with something difficult and disagreeable, long suffering, allow nothing to deter one from achieving one’s aim, hit, filling and nourishing, remain near and close with, continue to support and be loyal to especially during difficult times, love, stick with, abiding, prominent, remain untied and mutually loyal to, support and defend, prick, embroider, seal, approval, favor, spur on, inspire, enlighten, enkindle, enliven, stake, switch, affix, attach, glue, embed, dwell with, lasting, burn, uphold, position, stow, lay down, keep, carry on with, stay with, faithful, true, keep one’s promise, put up with, bear, see it through, conspicuous, stand out, fulfill, make good, take someone’s side, champion, advocate, fight for

H1270- ברזל BaRZaL/A2023- parzela/G4603- σιδηρα sidera: to pierce, sharp, cutting, penetrating, to teach, instruct, show forth, perforate, puncture, mark, inculcate, goad, discipline, chasten, melt, implement, tool, instrument, vessel, Way, Truth, Light, iron, head, axe, like iron, hard, unbreakable, absolute, unconditional, incontrovertible, infallible, uncompromising, unrelenting, unyielding, unbending, straight, resolute, set, resolved, determined, firm, steadfast, faithful, unwavering, steely, settled, right, reconciled, strong, firmness, strength, heavy, weighty, have power to perform and accomplish, successful, effective, powerful, able to withstand great force and pressures, not affected by hardship or disease, showing determination, self control and good judgement, secure, safe, steady, advantage, intense, firmly held, lasting remaining despite difficulties, clear and prominent, distinctive, sturdy, robust, tough, rugged, spirited, tenacious, indomitable, formidable, indestructible, well fortified, well protected, impregnable, solid, durable, hardwearing, heavy duty, vigorous, fierce, keen, eager, dedicated, committed, stanch, loyal, compelling, cogent, potent, sound, valid, well founded, influential, stable, fixed, immovable, resolute, unfaltering, wholehearted, unswerving, unbending, unflinching, earnest, single mindedness, close, good, intimate, fused, inseparable, dear, special, constant, devoted, loving, faithful, definite, established, agreed, confirmed, unalterable, unchanging, continuous, uninterrupted, unbroken, dependable, reliable, undivided, unadulterated, genuine, authentic, substantial, authoritative, unshakable, trustworthy, lawful, legitimate, union, joined, consistent, credible, resiliency, stable, solid, constituent of hemoglobin, useful, suitable, meet, fit, tool, implement, able to be heated, smooth, valuable, commitment, devotion, dedication, rule, wrought, bring about, absolute, unbreakable, unconditional, incontrovertible, infallible, uncompromising, resolute, resolved, settled, known, clear, determined, steadfast, unwavering, adamantine, straight, right, rectify, mend, harmonize, reconcile, ownership, possession, occupation, able to perform, effective, successful, sound, whole, well, sound reasoning, powerful, honorable, able to withstand great force or pressure, able to fulfill and satisfy, not easily disturbed or upset, a person’s character showing determination, self control and good judgement, fortitude, secure, safe, advantage, intense and firmly held, lasting, enduring, remain and stay warm despite difficulties, clear and prominent, distinctive, focus, denoting the strongest known kind of force between particles, charge, vigorous, healthy, abundance, excellent, tied, knit together, coupled, joined, union, intimate, powerful, sturdy, robust, tough, spirited, tenacious, indomitable, well built, indestructible, defended and protected, impregnable, durable, long lasting, eager, keen, passionate, fervent, deep seated, wholly given to, compelling, cogent, potent, weighty, convincing, valid, legitimate, authentic, genuine, well founded, influential, marked, striking, noticeable, pronounce, prominent, definite, unmistakable, resonant, rich, deep, booming, vibrant, bright, brilliant, vivid, shining, dazzling, glaring, undiluted, unadulterated, highly favored, approval, choice, relating, involving, bearing in navigation, true, faithful, fidelity, trust, reliable, dependable, inviting, welcoming, accept, receive, give full and unrestricted access to, embodiment of strength and firmness, sharpen, prepared, ready, lasting, summon and call, named, encourage, comfort, fortify, gird up one’s loins, get in the right frame of mind, attentive, vigilant, diligent, careful, precise, accurate, responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood, bound, wed, close and near, take and carry, means, cause to come together, convey, Message, Good News

H2414- חטף KaTaP/A774- khetap/G726- ηρπασθη erpasthe: clutch, catch, choose, approve, favor, prefer, desire, will, take, seize, capture, occupy, possess, cohere, hold, stick together, join, establish, union, receive, accept, grasp, instruct, understand, teach, learn, gather, apprehend, glean, convey, carry, reception, warm, welcome, embrace, cherish, devotion, abide with, companion, support

H1248- בר BaR/A323- bera/G5207- υιον uion: heir apparent to the throne, beloved, pure, clean, best, finest, clear, grain, threshed, winnowed, harvested, field, cleansing, created, feed, nourished, offspring, family, builder of family name, relationship of subjection, children, descendants, subordinate, conscious willing submission, belonging to, unique unbreakable relationship, adopted, young, set up, established, repaired, founded, fortified, strengthened, conceived, made, resemblance, similitude, union, joined, association

H3890- לות LaWT/A1288- lauth/G4314- προς pros: regard, near, presence, attend, abiding, remain with, cling to, adhere, union, stay with, permanence, enduring, attached, joined, devotion, faithful, loyal, dedication, commitment, resolved, settled, enfold, embrace, welcome, accept, receive, hold, keep, wrapped, defend, protect, together, companionship, friendship with

H433- אלה ALaH/A93- alaha/G2316- θεος theos: Source, Origin, Original, Root, Fountain, Spring, Refreshing, Approval, Favor, Blessedness, Author, Reference, Authority, Record, Word, Witness, Vindicator, Advocate, Defender Protector, Parent Supreme, Creator LIFE GIVER, Jurisdiction, Mandate, Sovereignty, Influence, Charge, Established, Evident, Vow, Testimony, AS IS, Command, Rule, Order of creation, Permanent, Prerogative, Complete Ownership and Possession, Peaceful Settlement, Sanctuary, Home, Rest, Gift Of LIFE, Achievement, Resolved Fulfillment, Deliverance, Restoration, Preeminent Humility, Gentleness, Warmth, Welcome Reception, Majesty Superior, Victorious, Most High Highest Source Of Life, True Greatest, Genuine Authentic Character, Legitimate, Lawful, Valid, Sound, Real, Impressive Attribute, Complete Revelation, Covenant Relationship, Provision, Support, Sustenance, Harmony, Endless Abundance, Rightful, Eternal, Enduring, Changeless, Immovable, Center, Principal, Beginning, End, Genesis, Balance, Union, ONE, Stable, Certain, Steadfast, Compensation, Poised, Level, Corresponding, Agreement, Weight, Veneration, Magistrate YaHWaH Elohim, Unoriginated Immutable Eternal Sustained Existence, Union, Infinite Faithful Mercy, Unrestrained Love, Truth AS IS, Ruler and Owner of all, Source of all, Master Teacher, Redeemer, Parent, Guide, Counsel, Is As Is, Faithful Devotion, resemblance, Only One, Reconciliation, Constant, Companion INseparable, Magnanimous, Benefit, Advantage, Renewal, Just, Honest, Appropriate, Fitting, Absolute Whole

H3890- לות LaWT/A1288- lauth/*G: regard, near, presence, attend, abiding, remain with, cling to, adhere, union, stay with, permanence, enduring, attached, joined, devotion, faithful, loyal, dedication, commitment, resolved, settled, enfold, embrace, welcome, accept, receive, hold, keep, wrapped, defend, protect, together, companionship, friendship with

H3676- כס KaS/A1159- kursya/G2362- θρονον thronon: fulness, appointed, celebrated, covered, canopied, throne, seat, stool, be ruled, assembled to administer justice, throne of justice, associated with honor, power, authority, jurisdiction, royal seat, manifested glory of a king, kingship and the succession of the throne, reign over, ruler, to cover, make replete, defend and protect, uphold, cherish, nourish and feed, stately seat of power and authority, potentate, throne, powerful, permanent, to rule, govern, administer justice, honored, royal seat, manifested glory of a king, kingship and succession to the throne, reign, ruler, covered, sovereign power, dominion, jurisdiction, ownership, supremacy, control, ascendancy, influence, government, dominance, superiority, preeminence, hegemony, master, owner, administration, command, leadership, territory, domain, charge, right, mandate, prerogative, established, valid, lawful, legitimate, official, distinction, greatness, directive, to require, guide, decree, command, principle, preside over, manage, head, chief, monarch, be in charge, resolve, settle, decide, ordain, appoint, judge, determine, foremost, prevail, victorious, required, necessary, needful, must need

Greek with Strong’s Numbers:

[και G2532] ετεκεν G5088 υιον G5207 αρρενα G730 [ος G3739] μελλει G3195 ποιμαινειν G4165 παντα G3956 [τα G3588] εθνη G1484 [εν G1722] ραβδω G4464 σιδηρα G4603 [και G2532] ηρπασθη G726 [το G3588 τεκνον G5043 αυτης G846] προς G4314 [τον G3588] θεον G2316 [και G2532 τον G3588] θρονον G2362 [αυτου G846]

[ ] Greek words not in Aramaic or Hebrew

*G: no equivalent in Greek translation

** For the Aramaic listed without Hebrew, the Aramaic becomes the Hebrew equivalent.

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