Revelation 11:1

Revelation 11:1

Interpretation based on the study: Given Assurance, Reconciliation, Faithful Agreement, Guide Unwavering I AM, Messenger Protector, Word Truthful, Safe Settlement Of ALaH Most High, Restoring Legitimate Connection.

Magiera: And a reed was given to me like a rod and the angel stood and said, “Rise up and measure the temple of Alaha and the altar and those who worship in it,

Strong’s Hebrew Numbers/Aramaic LWM Number Sequence:

Hebrew/Aramaic: YaHaB/yahav H3051/A1030 lamed A1261 QaNaH/qanya H7070/A2224 DaMWT/demutha H1823/A542 ShaBaT/shavta H7626/A2433 QaWM/qaum H6965/A2168 HaWA/hewa H1933/A603 MaLaK/malaka H4397/A1375 AMaR/emar H559/A116 QaWM/qaum H6965/A2168 MaShaK/meshakh H4886/A1443 HYKaL/haikla H1964/A607 ALaH/alaha H433/A93 MaZBaH/madbkha H4196/A475 aina A66 SaGaD/seged H5456/A1599 va A217

H3051- יהב YaHaB/A1030- yahv/G1325- εδοθη edothe: to give, to put, come, ascribe, bring, give out, set, take, deliver, Given, portion, grant, bestow, commit, minister, offer, yield, provide, furnish, accord, contribute, convey, impart, communicate, entrust, devote, dedicate, permit, occasion, produce, arrange, perform, execute, administer, deal, Gift, present, care, account, express, appoint, measure, commission, pour out forth, make known, reveal

A1261- lamed/*G: affirmation, conclusion, denoting truly therefore, verily as the case stand, set forth, explained, explicative force, for, the fact is, namely, thus the force is conclusive or demonstrative, declaratory, conclusive force, answer, assuredly, profess, herein then is assuredly, certainly, approval, adduce the cause and give the reason of preceding statement or opinion, assigns reason why, for the authority of, established, proved to be correct, commanded, direction

H7070- קנה QaNaH/A2224- qanya/G2563- καλαμον kalamon: to erect, create, procure, purchase, own, possess, recover, redeem, attain, teach to keep, bring into being, beget, make a purchase agreement with another, acquire, earn, reed as erect, straight, resemblance, rod, measure, same, similitude, beam, support, pillar, tree, branch, shoot, balance, settle, resolve, reconcile, fulfill, satisfaction, occupy, nestle, make a nest, determine, appoint, distribute, portion, Pattern, example, Way, earnest, sincere, genuine, legitimate, authentic, true, dependable, reliable, trustworthy

H1823- דמות DaMWT/A542- demutha/G3664- ομοιας omoias: resemblance, likeness, similitude, model, shape, manner, fashion, pattern, example, Way, figure, form, specifications from which an actual item is made, things made after a given pattern, signifies the original after which a thing is patterned, congruent, assimilated, become similar, agree, concur, like minded and passions, duplicate, be in the same Way, follow after, like unto, same, faithful resemblance to the original, representation, analogous, corresponding, match, meet, suitable, exact, precise, accurate, equivalent in character, form and function, communicating, connecting, joined, union, together, correlated, consistent with, compatible, consonant, accord, in tune, dovetail, fit, parallel, exchange, touch, contact, identical, identified with, alike, indistinguishable, homogenous, homologous, in harmony, coinciding, agree together, come into the presence of and be in company with, fully acquainted and familiar, know well, assembled, gathered, arrive, enter, fulfill, satisfy, deal with and respond to, pay for in full, face to face, converge, endure, bear, greet, receive, answer, conform to, comply, obedient, settled, clear, coexist, run together, together in the same place, connection, peaceful, resting, abiding

H7627- שבט ShaBaT/A2433- shavta/G4464- ραβδω rabdo: clan, tribe, to branch off, a scion, a stick, rod, staff, scepter, correction, tool used by a shepherd to guide and lead, teacher, symbol of authority, division, to rule, discipline, teach, guide, lead, chasten, direct, instruct, show the Way, govern, tend, care for, preserve, protect, attend, advice, counsel, mentor, mark, own, possess, pilot, shepherd, accompany, assist, help, conduct, usher, escort, guard, chaperone, companion, partner, attendant, servant, bring, drive, walk, regulate, order, mandate, require, principle, truth, precept, standard, practice, control, jurisdiction, right, power, dominion, government, administration, sovereignty, leadership, supremacy, authority, preside over, head, manage, reign, decree, pronounce, judge, ordain, decide, choose, prefer, favor, determine, resolve, settle, prevail, one set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing the conduct within a particular sphere, law or principle that operates prescribing what is possible or allowable, code of ethics and practice and discipline, particular order, dominion or control over, custody, charge, exercise ultimate power or authority over, have power and influence on, be a dominant or powerful factor or force, authoritative, legitimate, legal, to point out, indicate, signal, shed light, illuminate, example, pattern, measure, template, model, exemplar, benchmark, steer, show the Way, wand, cudgel, cane, baton or royalty, ruler’s staff, rod for chastisement, measuring rod, piece of wood used for support in walking or as a weapon, long implement, basic furniture, trimmed for a particular purpose, mast, post, pillar, spar, something resembling to a stick, conductor’s baton, a gear or control lever, a thin person, roll, discipline, rural areas far from the cities, a specific kind of person, cutting from a plant, sharp or pointed object, penetrate through, fix something on, adhere, cling to, stay and remain with, endure with, remain fixed, insert, thrust, protrude, extend in a certain direction, put something somewhere, cause to incur, pierce with sharp object, fasten, persist, occupy, possession, ownership, regulation, established, validated, immovable, determined, resolved, devotion, dedication, commitment, loyalty, fidelity, beloved, cherished, persevere with something difficult and disagreeable, long suffering, allow nothing to deter one from achieving one’s aim, hit, filling and nourishing, remain near and close with, continue to support and be loyal to especially during difficult times, love, stick with, abiding, prominent, remain untied and mutually loyal to, support and defend, prick, embroider, seal, approval, favor, spur on, inspire, enlighten, enkindle, enliven, stake, switch, affix, attach, glue, embed, dwell with, lasting, burn, uphold, position, stow, lay down, keep, carry on with, stay with, faithful, true, keep one’s promise, put up with, bear, see it through, conspicuous, stand out, fulfill, make good, take someone’s side, champion, advocate, fight for

H6965- קום QaWM/A2168- qaum/G1453- εγειραι egeirai: to rise, stand, raise, establish, confirm, perform, set, sure, continue, abide, accomplish, endure, clear, good, hold, make, ordain, remain and stay, strengthen, succeed, come about, movement to an erect position, stand up for, empowering, inevitable, exist, valid, is, immovable, beginning, command, testify on behalf of, vindicate, made sure, appoint, set up, stood by, stand still, covenant, hold up, keep safe, present, to make to stand, single out, choose, select, call, name, seal, mark, ownership, possession, occupation, rule, govern, regulate, control, direct, teach, guide, lead, made known, clear and evident, liberated, free and having full and unrestricted access to the Presence of God and His Blessings, revived, regenerated, restored, saved from death and destruction to belong to God Only, delivered, renewed, taught, fastened, set firm, settled, joined in union belong to God’s Ownership, coupled, duplicated, resemblance, agreement, harmonious, peaceful, fully reconciled, made whole, sound and healthy, vibrant, strong, steadfast, unswerving, unwavering, devotion, dedication, commitment, determination, resolved, loyalty, fidelity, truthful, genuine, authentic, legitimate, lawful, present, useful, suitable

H1933- הןא HaWA/A603- hewa/*G: to be, this, One, same, self, IS, AM, to breathe, existence, alive, become, come to pass, keep, set, cause to be, generate, done, fulfilled, arise, settled, choose, desire, Will, complete, assemble, finished, end, abide, stay, remain, found, begin, grow, ordain, appoint, partake, perform, publish, require, show forth, enter, spring up, arrange, set forth, order, bring together, to give and take, to behave and walk, to live, conduct, have conversation, cause to stand and be, cause to rise up, return and lean on, to lift up, awake, raise up, rising to a position of preeminence or power, spiritual awakening, to know, perceive, be aware, have knowledge, recognize, acknowledge, sure, resolved, understand completely, realize definitively, value importance of relationship, approval, appreciation, connection, union, experience with, familiar, acquainted, close association, teach, instruct, direct, learn, rain, water, pierce, penetrate, hold and keep, protect, nourish, communicating things before unknown, to come to know intimately, reaffirm, remind of what is known, complete comprehension, exact viewing and understanding in participation and proximity of relationship with another, resemblance, similitude, likeness, one mind, knowable, to shine forth, bring light, enlighten, to give light, genuine, sincere, legitimate, true, lawfully begotten, natural, real, honorable, consent, agreement, determine, purpose, result of knowledge, to bear through, carry, establish, grant, deliver, save, bestow, commit, minister, offer, arouse, to free, liberate, redeem, ransom, to make right, endure, take up, purchase, own, belonging to someone, ruled governed, occupy a space or standing in the midst of the people, stirring, building, repairing, resurrect, near, ready at hand, present, valued, dear, cherished, meet, effectual, devoted, faithful, consecrated, dedicated, strong, called, named, selected, strengthen, make strong, empower, obey, imitate, follow out to the end, germinate, produce, mature, ripen, bring forth fruit and result, to proceed, permit, accompany, follow close after with, to hearken with favor, to listen, to attend and care for, to exalt, praise and worship, competency and mastery, jurisdiction, right, authority, influence, stamp, preserve with a signet or private mark, permanence, fixed, certain, sacred, covenant, intimates special interest, authentication, fencing, protection from misappropriation, impress of genuineness, emblem of ownership and security, to save and make whole, to heal and restore, sound whole, peaceful, quiet, together with, hold together, consummate in integrity, virtue, lacking nor wanting nothing necessary to completeness, goodness, having fully reached its end and purpose, restored and attained moral end, absolution, bear to completion, fully paid for, termination, manifest, fully made known, revealed

H4397- מלאך MaLaK/A1375- malaka/*G: to despatch as a deputy, a messenger, specifically of God, i.e. an angel, also a prophet, priest, or teacher, ambassador, spirits of the heavens that stand before the Lord of all the earth, Someone sent over a great distance by an individual or community in order to communicate a message, often several messengers are sent together, a representative of a King, diplomat, significant and important function, honor to the messenger signified honor to the sender, Supernatural messenger of the Lord sent with a particular message, commissioned to protect and deliver God’s people, given charge of His people, to keep them in the Way, to save them, Christ, employed, occupied, possessed, property of the Lord belonging to Him, One doing God’s bidding and business, ministration, to bring, drive, move, induce, bring forth, carry, lead along, cause to enter, bring message, to proclaim, bring tidings and news, messenger sent by God, guardian, representative, belonging to Heaven engaged in God’s service, chosen to carry His Word to declare and make known His Thoughts and Will, promoter, benefactor, paragon of virtue, shining forth, epitome, embodiment, personification, quintessence, apotheosis, acme, jewel, treasure, example, nonpareil, exemplar, consummate, inimitable, from God, sent from God, appointed by God, best person for the job, top, head, chief, central, main, principal, prince, emissary, delegate, deputy, plenipotentiary, diplomat, minister, dignitary, high commissioner, envoy, legate, champion, advocate, leader, consul, one in charge, surrogate, liaison, spokesperson, agent, intermediary, mediator, go between, substitute, replacement, proxy, stand in, relief, understudy, reserve, fill in, back up, provision, caretaker, protector, defender, preserver, custodian, keeper, conservator, curator, steward, trustee, superintendent, attendant

H559- אמר AMaR/A116- emar/G3004- λεγει legei: utter, say, shew, declare, command, be or make prominent, lofty, King, address, introduce, mention, name, designate, tell, proclaim, question, answer, be referred to by, say of me, interrogate, say in the heart=think, desire, purpose, promise, command by letter, appointments, assign, related, told, of vision, concerning, called, deal with, emphasis, avow, avouch, exchange, Word, Wisdom, decree, plan, sworn, passage, corresponding, communicate, intention, determine, publish, make known, manifest, make clear, evidence, Message, authority, power, to lay forth, set forth, to cause to lie down and repose, cause to listen, put to sleep, to collect, gather, assemble, join in union, set at One again, reconcile, bring together, count with, enumerate, recount, narrate, describe, to pick out, point out forth, dictum, direct, discussion, direct discourse, speaking from the fullness of the heart, expression, judging, report, add, conjoin with speech, wrote in these words, wrote these words, ordered it to be said by messenger, send forth, exclamation, entreaty, sure, certain, profess one and the same thing, assertion, reference, to speak for on behalf, defend, regard rightly, advice, specify, asseverate, affirm, aver, maintain, uphold, sustain, teach, exhort, imperative, greet, welcome, call by a name, summon, surnamed, ownership, possession, hold and keep, safeguard, break silence, expression of thought and will, commune, call for, cry after, long for, seek after, investigate, examine, search out, discern, learn, distinguish, search out thoroughly, ascertain, unfold in teaching, reveal, bring light, enlighten, pray, to receive the spoken word requires an open heart, portal, understand, kindle, inspire, to glow with heat, burn, mark, ignite, refine, the Presence of YaH that brightens to transform

H6965- קום QaWM/A2168- qaum/*G: to rise, stand, raise, establish, confirm, perform, set, sure, continue, abide, accomplish, endure, clear, good, hold, make, ordain, remain and stay, strengthen, succeed, come about, movement to an erect position, stand up for, empowering, inevitable, exist, valid, is, immovable, beginning, command, testify on behalf of, vindicate, made sure, appoint, set up, stood by, stand still, covenant, hold up, keep safe, present, to make to stand, single out, choose, select, call, name, seal, mark, ownership, possession, occupation, rule, govern, regulate, control, direct, teach, guide, lead, made known, clear and evident, liberated, free and having full and unrestricted access to the Presence of God and His Blessings, revived, regenerated, restored, saved from death and destruction to belong to God Only, delivered, renewed, taught, fastened, set firm, settled, joined in union belong to God’s Ownership, coupled, duplicated, resemblance, agreement, harmonious, peaceful, fully reconciled, made whole, sound and healthy, vibrant, strong, steadfast, unswerving, unwavering, devotion, dedication, commitment, determination, resolved, loyalty, fidelity, truthful, genuine, authentic, legitimate, lawful, present, useful, suitable

H4886- משח MaShaK/A1443- meshakh/*G: to rub, anoint, consecrate, devote, set apart for Divine Purpose and Use, paint and smear with oil, temper, lubricate, buttering, special setting apart for an office or function, unction, consecratory Gift, wholly Given to, dedication, commitment, settle, resolved, set, fixed, confirmed, verified, to draw, develop, endure, forbear, continue, uphold, possess, own, undertake responsibility, precious, price, abiding, remain and stay with, Faithfulness

H1964- היכל HYKaL/A607- haikla/G3485- ναου naou: capacity, have power, prevail, endure, able to bear, dwell with, abiding, continuance, sacred, devotion, dedication, commitment, faithful, loyal, venerated, worship, honor, dignity, large gathering place, Home, Sanctuary, safety, refuge, shelter, cover, make replete, complete, secure, lasting, lawful, legitimate, genuine, authentic, settled, present, stay and remain with, sure, respect, esteem, approval, favor, central, important, foremost, reverent, pertaining to Eloah, consecrated and set apart for YaHwaH’s use and purpose, live in and with, occupation, possession, ownership, reside with, housed, lodge, domiciled, accept and act in accordance with, continue without fading or being lost, wait on, serviceable, suitable, fit, obey, observe, follow, keep, hold to, conform, adhere, stick to, stand by, uphold, heed, acknowledge, recognize, defer to, bear with, living, protection, sustenance, cherished, reside, live, be settled, joined, union, coupled, made perfect, belonging to, a part of, occupied, possessed, owned, be fully and wholly given over to, close and near beside, present at hand, agree, harmony, married, kept, taken, support, be firm, stable, strong, rest, sabbath, inmost recess, legitimate, lawful, authentic, verified, retreat, immunity, preserve, salvation, deliverance, forgiveness, pardon, redeem, save, lifeline, means of escape, savior, help, keep safe, rescue, prevent from destruction, keep healthy, whole, sound

H433- אלה ALaH/A93- alaha/G2316- θεος theos: Supreme God, Exceedingly Mighty Ruler Of Divine Majesty And Power, Superior And Preeminent To Deliver Victorious, Most High, Highest, Preeminent, Source Of Life, One True God, Greatest, Superior, Character, Attribute, Impressive, God Who revealed Himself in power and enters into covenant relationship with humanity, supernatural provision and power, Holy, Creator, Savior, covenant involves God’s care and love for His family, ethical, righteous, Everlasting God Of Eternity, continuity, stability, veneration of God, Supreme Deity, Magistrate, Yehowah Elohim, His Power and Preeminence, Unoriginated Immutable Eternal Self Sustained Existence, Unity, Almighty Highest Most High, Infinite Creator and Savior, Faithful, Mercy, Love, Truth, Word, Ruler and Owner of all, Source of all moral authority, Master Teacher, Redeemer, Everlasting Father, of the thing of which God is Author, things of God, Counsel, things due to God, because He Is As Is, things respecting and pertaining to God, wholly devoted to God and for which alone one lives, resemblance, similitude, at One

H4196- מזבה MaZBaH/A475- madbkha/G2379 θυσιαστηριου thusiasteriou: altar, raised place where a sacrifice is made, table upon which incense is burned, raised table or stone or ground where offering is made, fashioned of materials that was strictly the work of God’s hands without tools, of valuable woods and metals, requiring man’s best that conformed exactly to God’s directives, to slaughter for sacrifice, sacrifice that established communion between God and mankind, make an atonement for the soul, blood the vehicle of life belongs to God alone, consecrate and devote all to God, entirely belonging to Him, offerings, present, eaten, communal meal shared before God as He hosts His people, symbolizes union between God and His people made partakers of Himself, designed to produce a moral effect and remembrance of God’s sacrifice of Himself to save us, love of God that elicits desire to follow and obey Him, covenantal ritual, binding relationship with God, Gift, Giver, confer, endue, bestow, offer, sacrifice, make atonement, set at One again, reconcile, given to God, present, partake, commune, symbolizes union between God and humanity who are made partakers of Gift Of Salvation, to the One True God Who Keeps Covenants, Faithful, Devotion, dedication, commitment, loyalty, Truth, Love, Mercy, place of sacrifice, act of offering, present to God as a living sacrifice, surrender, settled in God’s Will, praise, to breathe, blow, enkindle, glow, burning, warm, wound, slay, victim, put to death, killed, slaughtered, butchered, maimed, abused, violently killed, beaten, destroyed, exploited, desolate, lonely, surrendering a possession as an offering, act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important and valuable, allow, permit, give up something important and valued for the sake of other considerations, deliberately allow one’s opponent to have a piece, set apart, appointed, anointed, ordained, gift, forfeiture, relinquishment, resignation, abdication, offer up, immolate, forgo, forsake, abandon, devoted, fidelity, honor, respect, truthful, honest, legitimate, legal, lawful, steadfast, confirmed, verified, assurance, honest, plain, simple, authorize, esteem, set great store by, care and tend to look after and protect, preserve, keep safe, treasure, prize, highly valued, hold dear, cherish, possession, occupation, ownership, rule, governance, regulation, foster, nurture, nourish, feed, harbor, keep, remember, adhere and cling to, strong, suitable, agreement, make an atonement, reconcile, pay for in full to satisfy all claims, fulfill, fully satisfy, given to God and belonging to God only, given to the people, present, partook, eat, consume, taken up, communal meal, celebration of what God has done and completed for our sakes in sacrifice of Himself in our place, union, conform, love of God, covenant, promise fulfilled, apportion, donation, contribution, tribute, voluntary, oblation, token of love, gratitude and thanksgiving, God the Giver of All acknowledge, recognition, full knowledge, deliverance, conquered, convicted, persuaded, won over, restoration, near to God settled in His Presence, present before God, embrace, enfold, feast, solemnity, remembrance, festival, refuge, sanctuary, peace, harmony, first fruits, libation, refreshing, pour out forth, to flow, glow, teach, shine forth, show forth, made clear and known, complete revelation of God’s Will, Thoughts and Character, blow, breath, wind, inspire, heart, center, inward, core, innermost, central, important, essence, vital, close, intimate, love, beloved, compassion, tenderness, goodwill, eye, hub, nucleus, bosom, crux, root, meat, marrow, substance, seed, kernel, kindred, compatible, like-minded, resemblance, similitude, duplicate, congenial, sharing, consistent, same, real, intrinsic, actual, fact, right, perfect, delight, pleased, yearning, long for, mourn, sincere, earnest, fervent, passionate, genuine, whole hearted, Merciful, eager, zealous, absolutely, completely, entirely, fully, 100%, comfort, brighten, liven up, encouraged, revived, restored, to become a part of assimilating and appropriating to one’s self the fruits of Christ’s expiatory Gift Of Aloha, in honor of one

A66- aina/*G: strong affirmation, yes, yea, even so, truth, verily, surely, indeed, doubtless, answer, assent to an assertion, confirmation of an assertion, in solemn asseveration, assuredly, abiding, uphold, support, ratify, endorse, sanction, sustain, approve, agree to, champion, defend, continue, preserve, maintain, protect, keep, hold to, back, stand fixed, verity, sincerity, honesty, accuracy, correctness, validate, authenticate, genuine, actual, real, certain, principle, law, in fact, faithfulness, fidelity, devotion, consecrated, reliable, dependable, ethical, moral, virtuous, straightforward, good, precise, exact, close, constant, loyal, allegiance, obedience, strictness, unswerving, steadfast, dedicated, committed, unerring, faultless, on the mark, legitimate, lawful, legal, authoritative, right, verifiable, in accord with, documented, unwavering, permanent, earnest, changeless, Will Of Aloha, settled, determined, commitment, faithfulness, dedication, loyalty, Truth, resolved, singleness of purpose, eye, focus, attention, regard, remembrance, fountain, spring, Origin, Source of all being, Creator, desire, intent, longing, cherish, beloved, assertion of confirmation, assurance, assuredly, even so as is, it is responsive and confirmatory of the substance of some question or statement, answer, firm, solid, authentic, legitimate, fact, uphold, upright, righteous, most emphatic, fulfilled, Given, true

H5456- סגד SaGaD/A1599- seged/G4352- προσκυνουντας proskunountas: to prostrate oneself in humility and worship, homage, fall down at one’s feet, direction toward, near by the side of, destination of relation unto, with, accession, nearness with, intimacy, to approach and come near, visit, worship, assent to, come to, come unto, go unto, draw near, consent, agree, go near, ask after, bid, cry for, longing, desire, need, require, call after, name, own, confide in, expression of personal need, devotion, childlike confidence represented by genuine conversation with God asking and praying to worship and praise Him, supplicate, to hold the mind toward, pay attention to, to attend and care about, to apply oneself to, adhere to, beware, give heed, to be given over to, taken, have regard, devotion of thought and effort to a thing, to peg to, spike fast, a bond, union, communion, close association and communication, intimate conversation with, to know and be known, connection, belonging to, owned by, ruled and governed by, to call toward, summon, invite, name, choose, call unto, to bid to come, earnest toward, constant, diligent, to attend assiduously, to adhere closely to, to continue, stay and remain, steadfastly remain, to wait on continually, to give self continually, to be strong towards, to endure with in, to persevere in, to be continually steadfast with a person or thing, continuing, ministration and attendance continually upon, persistency, leaning toward to favor, cleave to, to glue to, be joined, twin, duplicate, resemblance, similitude, double, be wholly given to, devotion, dedication, commitment, belonging and pertaining to, possessed and occupied by, ruled, regulated, owned, bound, joined, to regard, care, respect, esteem, honor, reverence, worship, adore, receive, admit, profess, confess, abide and stay with, remain and endure, permanent with, settled, remain near beside with, destination, arrived, accession, intimacy, resolution, conviction, willing, obedient, kept, taken, loyalty, fidelity, constancy, faithful, to cling and adhere to, allegiance, ardent, fervent, useful, available near at hand, present, suitable, agree, covenant, be inclined toward, favor, choose, prefer, adore, venerate, defer to, consult, ask, desire, long after, seek for, familiar, know well, acquainted, recognize, acknowledge, refer, answer, address, think of, exalt, praise, thank, magnify, admire, pray to, extol, hold dear, cherish, treasure, adulate, follow, resemble

A217- va/*G: into, in, with, together, union, joint, among, by

Greek Strong’s Number Sequence:

Greek: και G2532 εδοθη G1325 < μοι G3425 > καλαμος G2563 ομοιος G3664 ραβδω G4464 λεγων G3004 εγειραι G1453 < και G2532 μετρησον G3354 τον G3588 > ναον G3485 του G3588 θεου G2316 < και G2532 το G3588 > θυσιαστηριον G2379 < και G2532 τους G3588 > προσκυνουντας G4352 < εν G1722 αυτω G846 >

Additional Greek not in Hebrew/Aramaic:

G2532- και kai: and, also, even, so then too, both, indeed, moreover, therefore

G3588- το to: the, which, who, the things, this, that, one, he

< > Greek words not in Aramaic or Hebrew

* G: no equivalent in Greek translation

** For the Aramaic listed without Hebrew, the Aramaic becomes the Hebrew equivalent.

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