Revelation 15

Revelation 15

1Approval Abiding, Truth Of Heaven to humanity, Authentic Messenger Faithfully Counsel the devastated, Completely Settle in Union, Word Cherish in Most High.

2Approval Answer family, Cover in Way, Devotion Foremost Vindicate Alive, Author Ambassador Reconcile the pathetic in Name Abiding, Most High Liberate peoples, Enfold in I AM Redeemer Faithful Most High.

3Praise Confirm Goodwill, Devotion Most High Honor Assuring Word to humanity, Authentic Humility, Eternal ONE, Most High Ruler Of All, Complete Genuine Truth Settle Legitimate Trust.

4Representative without fear Affirm Eternal Approval, Name Peaceful AM I AM Abiding Truth Enfold Complete family, Advocate Cherish, Recognize, Fulfill Resolve Of I AM.

5Source Genuine, Seal Of Approval Liberate In Devoted Abiding Trust Of Heaven.

6Spirit Faithful, Advocate Reconcile in Abiding Support, I AM Most High Complete the broken, Truth Cover, Restore Clean, Nourish Connection Most High, Cherish Bond Precious.

7True Divine Humility, LIFE Given Complete, Defender Fulfill Permanent Word, Cherish in Most High Devotion, Restore Eternal Trust Of Assurance.

8Word Abide, Source Nourish, Confirm in Most High Vindication, Strengthen without delay, Cover I AM Gather, Devotion Settle, Reconcile, Fulfill the hostile in Complete Trust.

*Bolded English words correspond word for word with Aramaic Hebrew Interlinear

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