poem for bernie

Bernie Wave

Bernie crest upon giant tsunami wave, crashing injustice, corruption, status quo funded by greedy exploitation.
Galvanizing hope inspire engagement, awaken courage kindled firelight.
This wave made up of ordinary people, coming together strengthened for purpose.
Given direction from commander chief, march against unethical, fraudulent, nefarious compromise.
Rushing upon sightless, obtuse, deceptive fumes, that choke life on earth subsume.
Clean campaign paid for, gathered from people like you and me, smashing corporate giants super pacs.
Uber Bernie humble serve, follow lead in shoes from FDR, JFK and Junior Martin Luther King.
Civil rights social equality freedom fight, in blood and sweat and tears and lives.
Freedom comes not free, but to those who believe and fight for justice truth.
I choose to struggle alongside Bernie to turn back oppression set.
Now is your chance to dig in, together help in joined inseparable human family cause.
Watch the youtube video and go to the links below, participation sound our voice consume.

https://youtu.be/645mtthz8Io Bernie Sanders The President We’ve Been Waiting For
https://www.reddit.com/r/SandersForPresident Join The Grassroots
http://feelthebern.org Issues Stance/Get Involved/Register To Vote
http://voteforbernie.org Vote For Bernie