Revelation 3 in poetic verse

Revelation 3

verse 1

Honor Agreement Celebrated
Binding Permanent Devotion
Covenant Fasten Approval To Sate
Anticipate Proven Pledge Gleaming
Trust I AM Protect Continuance
Assent Establish Alive
Affinity Surely Meet

verse 2

Intent Continue Without Fading
Immovable Devoted Abiding
Make Fit Substance Surely
Call For Genuine Surrender
Reconciled Bond Prepare Unswerving

verse 3

Remember Affinity Undivided
Restore Recognition Constant
Nourish Intimate Abiding Nearness
I AM Atonement Validate
Undertake Essential Trust Given
Compassionate Conveyance Sacrifice

verse 4

Majesty Covenant Establish
Amend Distinction Celebrated
Sustain Intimate Impact
Embrace Living Presence
Enfold To Level Relationship

verse 5

Success Fasten Union Secure
Magnanimous Essential Sustenance
Approval Enroll To Demonstrate
Living Conspicuous Praise Hasten
Gracious Perpetual Commission

verse 6

Legitimate Assent Set Forth
Broaden Out Undivided Attention
Constitute Kindred Union Meet

verse 7

To Despatch Suitable Kindness
Binding Powerful Promise Honorable
Steadfast Committed Loyalty Assign
Consummation Unswerving Answer
Deliverance Immediate Vouchsafe
Forgive Unreserve To Open Wide

verse 8

Trust I AM Bond Kindred
Pour Out Forth Devotion Bold
Communicate Assurance Immediate
Passionate Welcome Vouchsafe
Convey Swift Valiant Assent
Joined Decree Safeguard
Identification Essential Restore

verse 9

Shepherd Represent I AM
Vindicate Assembled Determination
Prepare Legitimate Counsel
Atonement Refreshed Honor
Relationship Personal Extend
Majesty Stretch Forth Alongside Willing
Affirmation Meet To Hold Eternal
Established Certainty I AM Nourish

verse 10

Sacrifice Safeguard Decree
Fortitude I AM Express Fullness
Absolve To Prepare Approach
Atonement Wedded Consummate
Bear Out Assimilation Proven

verse 11

Conveyance I AM Readily Brace Up
Presence Enduring Extend Benefit
Unreserved Communion Assure Success

verse 12

Victory Sealed Immovable
Accommodate Unswerving Choice
Settle Permanent Legitimacy
Binding Atonement Praise
Fulfill To Wake Compassion
Recompense Abiding Precious Gift
Strength Honor Intimate Bond

verse 13

Oneness Establish Endearment Diligent
Constitute Communication To Speak Harmonious

verse 14

Commission Engage Just Representation
Identified With Authority Immovable
Witness Constancy Steadfast
Restore Blessing Memorable

verse 15

Proven I AM Cultivate Intimate Involvement
Affinity Personal Kindle Rightful Yearning
Recognized Safeguard Seek Benefit Fervent

verse 16

Affection Spread Out Unreserved
Support Desire Burning To Prepare
I AM Legitimacy Accord Entrance

verse 17

Intimate Word Intreat To Assent
Intercede Exalted Assurance
Require Suitable I AM Immediate
Comprehend Joined Consent
Will Serve Warm Precious Communion

verse 18

Accession I AM Certainly Redeem
Reconcile Consecrated Trust
Heart Transparent Intreat
Embrace Magnanimous Compass
Compel Manifest Honor Bound
Embrocation Restore Agreement

verse 19

I AM Assurance Mercy
I AM Manifest To Be Testimony
I AM Furnish Committed Recompense

verse 20

Offering Make Good Atonement Bold
Entwine Permanent Possession Undivided
Disclosure Spacious Fortified Witness
Binding Relationship Confirm Alongside

verse 21

Triumph Pour Out Forth Favor
To Settle Inheritance Highest
Celebrated Possession Habitable
I AM Restored Permanent Bond
Gracious Sacrifice Clothe Devoted

verse 22

Apportion Complete Intent Attuned
Hearken Pleasant Inspiration
To Speak Harmonious

* Bolded English words correspond word for word with Aramaic Hebrew Interlinear based on Strong’s definitions

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