Revelation 1 in poetic verse

Revelation 1

verse 1

Clear Eternal Strength
Devotion Pour Out Forth
Approval Sacrifice
Awaken Humility
How Mighty Gift!
Presence Revive Recognition
I AM Stretch Forth
Draw With Strength
Answer Cover Eternal Provision

verse 2

Covenant Witness Answer
Strength Testify
YaH Open Wide
Devotion Fulfill
How Mighty!
Divine Communication

verse 3

Favor How Great!
Recognition Steadfast
Witness Appoint Agreement
Union Safeguard Constant Seal
Together Fasten
Devotion Joined

verse 4

YaH Cover
Satisfy Covenant
Established Joyous Assurance
Restore Close Connection
Presence Validate Assent
I AM Fasten
Portion Fulfill
Quicken Beloved
Devotion Honor

verse 5

Free Eternal Strength
Forbear To Testify
Genuine Possession
Covering Restore Accession
Strengthen Relationship
To Cherish Affirmation
Entwine Joined
Resolve Companion Beloved

verse 6

Covenant Support Devotion
Bring Near Eternal Honor
Source Of Joy
Union Protect
Fasten Blessing
Presence Permanent

verse 7

Behold Beloved Companion
Unbroken Agreement Fulfill
To Cover Acceptance Constant
Establish Seal Highest
Settle Union Joined
Answer Immovable

verse 8

I AM Union
Permanent Answer
YaHWaH Honor Covenant
Beloved Seek After
Confirm Nearness
Presence Fasten Wedded

verse 9

I AM Eternal Provision
Covenant Clear
Portion Embrace Secure
YaH Open Wide To Breathe
Devoted Recognition Cover
Intimate Word Fulfill
Serve To Testify
Eternal Strength Forbear

verse 10

Yearning Quicken
Warm Union
Complete Agreement
Joined Secure
Answer Fulfill
Covenant Fruitful

verse 11

Devotion Constant
Approval Sealed
Kindle Covenant Peaceful
Honor Gift
Treasure Permanent
Celebrated Love Union

verse 12

Restored To Know Voice
Abiding Union Permanent
I AM Encircle Agreement
Covenant Restful Overflow

verse 13

Possession Sweet
Companion Blessed
Beloved Wrap Around
Girdle Together
Settled With my LORD
Fasten Consecrated

verse 14

Honorable Beloved Fortified
Enfold Affinity Delightful
Covenant Pure
Recognition Validate
Genuine Transparent

verse 15

To Walk Along Advocate
Cherish Peaceful Beloved
Permanence Emanate Delight
Voice Refreshing Magnify

verse 16

Beloved Joined
Draw With Strength
Cherish To Sate
Belonging To Portion
Assent Permanent
Nourish Betroth
Vouchsafed Union
Divine LIFE Entwine

verse 17

Heart Agreement
Overwhelm Sacrifice
Honor Companion
Judgment Favor
YaHWaH Draw With Strength
Warm Answer Settle
Beloved I AM Validate
Foremost Completeness

verse 18

Alive Surely To Breathe
Union Revive Beloved
Presence Serve
Loving Assent Joined
Entered Abode Fasten

verse 19

Sealed Covenant
How Mighty!
Agreement Abiding
Beloved Fulfill Desire
Accord Congruous

verse 20

Illuminate Covenant Gleaming
Abiding LOVE Highest
Cherish To Sate Restful
Satisfy Burning Honor
Full Union Fasten
Yoke Affirm Consecrated
Abiding Favor Resolve
Beacon Gather

*Bolded English words correspond word for word with Aramaic Hebrew Interlinear

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