Revelation 12:8

Revelation 12:8

HAGEBS: Without delay Resolve, without delay Make Room In Safety for the intoxicated, oblivious, captive in Affirmation Of Heaven.

Magiera: And they did not prevail and no place was found for them in heaven.

English Equivalent/Hebrew Transliteration/Aramaic pronunciation/Hebrew Strong’s #/Aramaic LWM # Interlinear:

without delay LA/la H3808/A1262
Undertake/Settle/Resolve MaTsA/metsa H4672/A1413
without delay LA/la H3808/A1262
Make Room/Safety athra A214
intoxicated/oblivious/captive ShaKaK/shekakh H7911/A2510
Affirmation lamed A1261
Heaven/Most High ShaMYM/shemaya H8064/A2543

Hebrew Root Word/Aramaic/Greek/English Expanded Exhaustive Definitions:

H3808- לא LA/A1262- la/G3756- ουκ ouk: not, none, never, cannot, nothing, no, neither, without, not at all, in no wise, no more at all, by no means, in no case, not ever, not once, not even, not even one, not at all, without delay, not a whit, not even ever

H4672- מצא MaTsA/A1413- metsa/*G: come forth, appear, exist, attain, find acquire, occur, meet, present, get, deliver, suffice, suitable, hold, able, keep, certain, being, light on, serve, ready, prepared, discover, reveal, manifest, evident, clear, received, welcome, made room for, accommodate, approve, cherish, favor, beloved, seek after, learn, know, influence, resolve, settle, stay, remain, endure, continue, bear, carry, undertake responsibility for, take over, govern, rule, own, possess, occupy, employ, arrive at destination, reach, result, complete, end, finish, cover, acknowledge, recognition, realize, make good

H3808- לא LA/A1262- la/G3777- ουτε oute: not, none, never, cannot, nothing, no, neither, without, not at all, in no wise, no more at all, by no means, in no case, not ever, not once, not even, not even one, not at all, without delay, not a whit, not even ever

A214- athra/G5117- τοπος topos: land, region, country, make room, place, time, opportunity, advantage, benefit, a spot, in space but limited by occupancy, location, position, home, tract, condition, quarter, license, coast, plain, topography, specific region, place in which a person or thing occupies, destiny, occasion, manner, appropriated, circumscribed, defined portion, enclosed and complete in itself, standing, right, dwelling, occupation, possession, ownership, authority, tenure, residence, inhabit, habitation, living, holding, profession, employment, business, field, calling, vocation, pursuit, interest, rule, control, subjection, order, lawful, legitimate, requirement, guideline, ordinance, direction, custom, habit, standard, principle, truth, jurisdiction, power, dominion, government, sovereignty, leadership, supremacy, preside over, manage, lead, teach, mark, point, setting, venue, recognized, acknowledged, appreciation, respect, district, house, accommodation, property, domicile, abode, circumstances, seat, post, appointment, office, rank, status, estate, role, responsibility, task, function, concern, affair, charge, right, privilege, prerogative, station, identity, named, selected, called, choose, prefer, favor, assignment, belonging to someone, IS, sanctuary, safety, settled, resolved, devotion, dedication, commitment, confidence, trust, task, office, perform, establish, continue, sure, immovable, endure, make good, enjoin, valid, set up, knit together, assurance, gathered

H7911- שכח ShaKaK/A2510- shekakh/*G: mislay, intoxicate, forget, lose, drunk, oblivious, from want of memory or attention, forsake, betray, miss, summon up with an effort, recover the use of, recognize to be present, be aware of, discover to be the case, ascertain by study, calculation, inquiry, experience, declare, reach, arrive, come in, reach the understanding or conscience, dwell, abide, continue, stand up, prove, accept, establish, lodge, board, provide for free, allow, favor, prefer, detect, locate, spot, position, pinpoint, unearth, come across, encounter, light on, happen, invent, procure, secure, gather, present, exist, appear, notice, learn, consider, regard, rule, pronounce, bring to light, expose, disclose, receive, suffer, communicate, succeed, meet, result, respond, answer, invite, enter, cause, induce, begin, progress, move, situate, wound, injure, kill, punish, annoy, amuse, enthusiastic, initiative, manage, harmonious, friendly with, persuade, allow, deal with, contravening, survive, influence, imply, escape, blame, contact, comfortable with, swallow, drink, give serious attention to, train, involved, take control of, affect, aroused, perform, continue, publish, release, contrive, benefit from, undertake to exercise, complete, pass, assist, approve, legislate, become lawful, persist, rise, beget, engender, seize, contain, confide, trust, be given to, buy, purchase, collect, score, grow, convey, take home, capture, arrest, custody, detain, develop, succumb, sustain, materialize, contrive, find a way, work, fix, prepare, get ready, assemble, rustle up, exact, wreak, avenge, pay back, confound, bemuse, confuse, irritate, exasperate, irk, vex, provoke, incense, mad, infuriate, try, ruffle, aggravate, peeve, rile, needle, drive, impart, transmit, express, thrive, prosper, flourish, advance, compatible, agree, concur, be in accord, on the same wavelength, circulate, touch, intimate, pay off, break free and loose, bolt, flee, take flight, abscond, slip away, sneak out, escape blame for, return, redeem, find again, trace, meet, clear, exonerated, climb, mount, ascend, proceed, carry, persist, emerge, transpire, uncover, reveal, disseminate, disclose, report, recover, recuperate, overcome, surmount, master, rise above, bring together, rally, marshal, congregate, convene, amass, convoke, rendezvous, stir, surface, come into possession of, fetch, continued sustained cumulative acquisition, gratify, satisfy, fulfill, summit

A1261- lamed/*G: affirmation, conclusion, denoting truly therefore, verily as the case stand, set forth, explained, explicative force, for, the fact is, namely, thus the force is conclusive or demonstrative, declaratory, conclusive force, answer, assuredly, profess, herein then is assuredly, certainly, approval, adduce the cause and give the reason of preceding statement or opinion, assigns reason why, for the authority of, established, proved to be correct, commanded, direction

H8064- שמים ShaMYM/A2543- shemaya/G3772- ουρανου ouranou: aloft, to be lofty, heaven, atmosphere, space, vast expanse, place of exaltation, heights, above, upper regions, the vaulted expanse with all things visible and invisible in it, universe, world, outmost, extreme limits, greatest distance, extreme measure of altitude, acme, zenith, glory, prosperity, better, best, aerial, sidereal, seat of an order of things eternal and consummately perfect, distinct, eternal blessing, dwelling of Most High, all space, sky, high, realm of Aloha’s storehouse, vapor, firmament, connected, joined, wheel, whirlwind, breath, dust, powder, whirled, rolling thing, gyrate, circular, spiral, coil, enfold, surround, encompass, elevation, heaven, abode of God, happiness, power, prosperity, eternity, eternal dwelling place of God, ascending above all the heavens, uncreated sphere of God’s abode, on high, spiritual, to rise, lifted high above, mount on high, preeminent, prominent, distinct, above, great, imperial, powerful, prevailing, accomplished, established, enduring, everlasting, highest most high, important, chief, divine, deity, of righteousness, certainty, faithfulness, sure, devotion, dedication, conviction, commitment, loyalty, fidelity, distinct, pure, clear, clean, promoted, advance, upgrade, prefer, favor, choice, ennoble, step up, mountain, heights, greatest, grandeur, nobility, loftiness, majesty, sublime, being elevated, lift up, raise, rear, bring up, amount to, level up, augment, increase, adored, cherished, treasured, held and kept dear, near and close beside, continue, endure, lasting, abiding, stay and remain with, move to a higher level and position, set upright, made right, construct and build, bring to the surface from below, save, deliver, reunite, increase amount, level and strength of, promote, champion, support, foster, nourish, back, uphold, bring back from death, establish to stand firm, correspond, uplift, escalate, magnify, boost, assemble, acquire, accumulate, enlist, call up, present, awaken, engender, produce, induce, kindle, arouse, keep alive in full flame, nurture, look after, care for, tend, educate, train, keep, grow, cultivate, fulfill, wrap

Greek with Strong’s Numbers:

[και G2532] ουκ G3756 [ισχυσαν G2480] ουτε G3777 τοπος G5117 [ευρεθη G2147 αυτων G846 ετι G2089 εν G1722 τω G3588] ουρανω G3772

[ ] Greek words not in Aramaic or Hebrew

*G: no equivalent in Greek translation

** For the Aramaic listed without Hebrew, the Aramaic becomes the Hebrew equivalent.

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Studies can be referenced at:

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