Revelation 12:1

Revelation 12:1

HAGEBS: Evidence to humanity, Cherishing Approval Of Heaven, Legitimate Defense encircle in Support. Embracing the oppressed, depleted in Reception Of Rest, Inseparable Guide, Representative Most High Source.

Magiera: And a great sign was seen in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head,

AENT: And a great wonder was seen in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.

English Equivalent/Hebrew Transliteration/Aramaic pronunciation/Hebrew Strong’s #/Aramaic LWM # Interlinear:

Show Truth/Evidence/Integrity AWT/atah H226/A206
humanity/family/people RaB/raba H7227/A2271
Approval/Cherish KaZaH/kheza H2372/A758
Heaven/Most High ShaMYM/shemaya H8064/A2543
Legitimate/Agreement AShaH/attha H802/A135
Cover/Defend/Encircle AiTaP/etap H5848/A1790
Support/Illumination ShaMaSh/shemsha H8121/A2557
Encircle/Embrace ShaHaRaN/sahra H7720/A1611
depressed/depleted/oppressed TaKaT/tekheit H8478/A2660
Rest/Receptive RaGaL/regla H7272/A2293
Complete/Inseparable/One KaLaL/klila H3634/A1178
Guide/Shining KaWKaB/kaukva H3556/A1141
Representative teresar A2710
Most High AiL/al H5920/A1804
Source/Origin/Chief/Foremost RASh/risha H7218/A2362

Hebrew Root Word/Aramaic/Greek/English Expanded Exhaustive Definitions:

H226- אןת AWT/A206- atah/G4592- σημεια semeia: come, assent, consent, agree, signal, flag, beacon, monument, evidence, mark, meet, suitable, identifying banner, reminder, show Truth, attestation of validity, speak in conformity to, reveal, make known, clear, indicator, conspicuous, Divine display or act, affirmation, confirm, symbol, Representation, specify, indication, evidence, palpable, trace, convey, notice, publicly displayed in written or symbolic form to give information and instruction, communication, arrangement, named, situated, associated, accord, agreement with, authorization of contents of document by attaching signature, engage to work by signing a contract, fulfillment of covenant, commitment, devotion, dedication, employed, occupation, possession, ownership, rule, governance, regulation, consecrate, set apart, perform, establish, accomplish, Bless, exemplify, consistent, constant, abiding, enduring, register, record, Word, conclude, resolved, determined, bid, approval, belonging to, undertaking, receive, welcome, token, character, state of being, deliberate, definite, comprehensive, point out, manifestation, perceptible, prove, existence, abstract, demonstration, portent, cue, guide, emblem, endorse, support, substantiate, genuine, authenticate, certify, sanction, inscribe, join, union, volunteer, distinguished, vouchsafe, recognition, acknowledgement, injunction, discern, property of, prominent, worthy of respect, resemblance, associate closely with, set at One, prefer, choice, favor, remember, ascertain, verify, connection, couple, mention in the same breath, side by side, empathize with, be in tune with, rapport, close similarity, affinity, allegiance, faithfulness, fidelity, set, equality, same, identical, reputation, recommendation, pattern, stamp, engrave, trait, quality, disposition, temper, makeup, Spirit, integrity, honor, moral strength, rectitude, uprightness, fortitude, will, standing, stature, role, part, answer, corresponding, model, type, target, regard, stay close to, lasting and significant effect, accurate, precise, correct, important, required, annotate, seal, stamp of approval, insignia, hallmark, benchmark, watermark, imprint, attribute, calling card, aim, objective, end, finish, complete, commemorate, herald, Messenger, take heed, consideration, prosper, make good, alert, bright, awake, rightful

H7227- רב RaB/A2271- raba/G3173- μεγα mega: creation, creatures, acquisition, purchase, wealth, substance, of getting and owning, begetting, bringing forth, goods, riches, with, possession, occupation, property, belonging to someone, to build, erect, set up, establish, procure by purchase, create, to own, owner, possessor, recover, redeemed, attain, teach to keep, sure, verified, bring into being, making purchase agreement with another, earn, resemblance, beam, branch, scion, offspring, generate, generation, to dwell among with, full measure given, subjugate, cause, large, great, elder, big, loud, exceeding, mighty, high, strong, sore, of rank, degree, intensity, force of voice, magnitude, strength, number, abundance, precedence, conspicuous, outpouring, power, increase, greatness, dignity, ascription, acknowledge, recognition, mankind, humanity, countenance, face, human being without reference to gender or nationality, in distinction from God with suggestion of human frailty and imperfection, carnal, of human origin, standard generally accepted among men, not drawn from Scripture, inner self, fellow, complete and mature, full age, brought to its end, finished wanting nothing necessary to completeness when joined to God, verified, created by the Will of God in His likeness to belong with Him in His Family and given dominion of the earth, includes all human individuals, from Aloha as Divine, human life, wont to fight urged on by desire of gain, commiseration, maltreated and defenseless, two fold nature of man, moral condition, conformed to the nature of God, family, household, people, servant, employment, devoted to the service of God, resemblance, similitude, likeness of Aloha

H2372- חזה KaZaH/A758- kheza/G3700- ωφθη opthe: gaze, perceive, contemplate with delight, vision of insight, behold, look at, choose, select, prefer, approval, cherish, delight in, grasp, possess, embrace, welcome, hold, keep, safeguard, favor, agreement, harmony, make known, reveal, Divine Revelation, communicating, received complete, whole, sound, view, appearance, take note, regard, heed, seen of God, bright, shining, show forth, sustain, strengthen, knit together, fortified, aware, realize, consider, have knowledge, sure, understand, to know absolutely, fullness of knowledge, know perfectly and completely, known, implies an active relationship between the one who knows and the person or thing known, to have an approving connection, standing very much related, to gaze with wide open eyes at something remarkable, earnest, more continued inspection, an inward impression or spiritual experience, mental occupation, that which is seen and understood, discern clearly, testimony, witness, care for, recover and receive sight, persons connected by bonds of nature or friendship in intimacy, must need, to kindle, keep alive in full flame, revive, to look again attentively, to view with interest, devotion, dedication, consecrated, to draw nigh, respect, looking away from all else at one object alone, sincerity without dissimulation or self seeking, simplicity, union, folded together, clear, appointed, determined, undivided, undistorted, clean, pure, unpolluted, unmixed, singleness of heart and mind and soul, unconditionally completely given over to, surrender, take fully, welcome, accept gladly without reservation, await with confidence, acknowledge, recognize upon a mark, settle, remain, stay, abide, dwell with, resemble, similar in sentiment, to be set at One, similitude, attached, taken, fasten, set on fire, cling to, lay hold of, have fellowship and close association with, to adhere, follow, practice, vital union between, own, belong to, occupy, immovable, perpetual, greet, draw to oneself, to teach to learn, constancy, faithfulness, loyalty, assimilate have access, willing, representation, corresponding, involved in essential relations with, to hear and obey, named, closest spiritual bond independent of space, gathered, nourish, protect, defend, entwined, have compassion, purchased and paid for, redeemed, distinguished, raise up, follow out to the end, yield to, accompany, rest in, rely, answer, appreciation, participation, envelop, overshadow, exerting influence, oversee, to visit and care for, confirm, make room for, present honorable emulation, communication of spiritual sustenance, enable to respond to His voice, respond fully and instantly, touched, connected, reconciled, mutuality, communion, common experience together, contribution, contact, trace out and conform

H8064- שמים ShaMYM/A2543- shemaya/G3772- ουρανου ouranou: aloft, to be lofty, heaven, atmosphere, space, vast expanse, place of exaltation, heights, above, upper regions, the vaulted expanse with all things visible and invisible in it, universe, world, outmost, extreme limits, greatest distance, extreme measure of altitude, acme, zenith, glory, prosperity, better, best, aerial, sidereal, seat of an order of things eternal and consummately perfect, distinct, eternal blessing, dwelling of Most High, all space, sky, high, realm of Aloha’s storehouse, vapor, firmament, connected, joined, wheel, whirlwind, breath, dust, powder, whirled, rolling thing, gyrate, circular, spiral, coil, enfold, surround, encompass, elevation, heaven, abode of God, happiness, power, prosperity, eternity, eternal dwelling place of God, ascending above all the heavens, uncreated sphere of God’s abode, on high, spiritual, to rise, lifted high above, mount on high, preeminent, prominent, distinct, above, great, imperial, powerful, prevailing, accomplished, established, enduring, everlasting, highest most high, important, chief, divine, deity, of righteousness, certainty, faithfulness, sure, devotion, dedication, conviction, commitment, loyalty, fidelity, distinct, pure, clear, clean, promoted, advance, upgrade, prefer, favor, choice, ennoble, step up, mountain, heights, greatest, grandeur, nobility, loftiness, majesty, sublime, being elevated, lift up, raise, rear, bring up, amount to, level up, augment, increase, adored, cherished, treasured, held and kept dear, near and close beside, continue, endure, lasting, abiding, stay and remain with, move to a higher level and position, set upright, made right, construct and build, bring to the surface from below, save, deliver, reunite, increase amount, level and strength of, promote, champion, support, foster, nourish, back, uphold, bring back from death, establish to stand firm, correspond, uplift, escalate, magnify, boost, assemble, acquire, accumulate, enlist, call up, present, awaken, engender, produce, induce, kindle, arouse, keep alive in full flame, nurture, look after, care for, tend, educate, train, keep, grow, cultivate, fulfill, wrap

H802- אשה AShaH/A135- attha/G1135- γυνη gune: wife, woman, married, betrothed, bride, each and every, together, one who is under another’s authority and protection, fire offering, all legitimate sacrifices had to be presented before God, fire, flame, burning, instructed and taught, shown, God’s presence which is the instrument that transforms the offering to ascend heavenward reception, something brought near, to come and bring near, that which one brings near to God, approach, draw near, worship, adore, intimate proximity, communion, fellowship, close and present at hand, serviceable, ready, joined, coupled, nearness of the closest and most intimate kind, touch, personal involvement, being actively and personally involved, center, midst, within, come near, offer, joyous, complete, resemblance, present, give willingly of the heart, belonging to God, become, be made, fulfilled, be taken and preferred, favored, chosen, kept, to come together and be joined, finished, consummate, end, perfect, found, ordained, partake, require, need, sound, well, settled, resolved, devoted, set right, reconciled, decided, fix, agreement, named, called, established, appointed, designated, assigned, selected, accept, assent, make one’s home in, abide, continue, endure, reside, put down roots, live in, occupy, possess, own, rule, govern, dominion, inhabit, populate, apply and give oneself wholly to, committed, loyal, fidelity, dedication, set, sit down, stay and remain near beside, park oneself, rest, installed, enroll, participate, keep in full flame, kindle, legitimate and legal, rightful

H5848- עטף AiTaP/A1790- etap/G4016- περιβεβλημενους peribeblemenous: to cover, clothe, defend, protect, hide, overwhelm, encircle, compass, languish, feeble, faint, swoon, fail, from the idea of darkness, to shroud, choke, collar, necklace, crown, fit out with supplies, furnish, liberally, chain, to pierce through, cast and put across, lay forth, pour forth, deliver to the uttermost, hold and have to the end, provide utterly and completely, shine forth to touch, to choose and prefer concerning, to recognize all around, to follow completely, companionship, to cover and encompass about, to prevail to the end, to emerge and arise for the sake of, to be submitted and inclined completely, to remove and discard thoroughly, to save wholly, to make clear and explain entirely, to finish and accomplish surely, settled and done, wrap up, to fix absolutely, to recognize and value totally, to prize, conclusive and resolute, answer thoroughly, fully launch, consummately give, collect together, ownership, guardianship, keeping, possession, occupation, care, regard, look after, cover thoroughly, invest in, surround, encompass, uphold, support, carry and bear all the Way, raise and rear up completely, abide and remain with, meet and be suitable, rightful, entitled, having freehold all around, save all the Way, redeem completely, fully satisfy and claim completely, to endow and bestow exceedingly, to clad and adorn abundantly, to bless and benefit fully, completely fit, blanket and envelop absolutely, always present near at hand, trustworthy, rest, harmony, peace, home, belong to completely, to dwell forever with, bond, union

H8121- שמש ShaMaSh/A2557- shemsha/G2246- ηλιω elio: to be brilliant, sunny, bright, shining, radiant, give and shed light, show forth, make known and clear, east, ray, open, regular, supported by Divine Sovereignty, security and safety in Aloha, created by God, summoned to praise Aloha, openly exposed, public, to live, alive, sunlike, warm, light of day, to teach, point out forth, instruct, guide, lead, show the Way, brightness, glory, judgement, discernment, sun, distinction, to choose, prefer, favor, take for oneself, select, show, display, will, make known, clear, suitable, appropriate, delight, well pleased, keep, take up, attach, carry, bear, raise, rear, illumination, luminosity, gleaming, glowing, beam, aspect, approach, interpretation, viewpoint, stand point, understanding, enlightenment, grasp, comprehension, insight, authority, master, leader, leading light, luminary, awareness, knowledge, set alight, burn, set on fire, keep in full flame, kindle, ignite, spark, full of light, cheerful, glad, golden, pure, fair, reveal, disclose, identify, consider, brighten, shine, easy, stream, sign, flow, outpouring, succession, wave, flood, surge, cloudless, bold, strong, intense, vivid, rich, vibrant, intelligent, perceptive, lively, favorable, encouraging, good

H7720- שהרן ShaHaRaN/A1611- sahra/G4582- σεληνης selenes: round, ornament, round like the moon, roundness, circular, encircle, cherish, devotion, beloved, complete, prefer, favor, delight, pleased, choose, receive, take to, accept, welcome, embrace

H8478- TaKaT/A2660- tekheit/G5270- υποκατω upokato: depressed, bottom, lower, below, underneath, instead of, under, flat, lowest, depths, pit, womb, nether, suppliant, humble, lowly, meek, worshipful, prayerful, correction, discipline, teach, pierce, penetrate, overcome, reduced, press down, crush, oppress, distress, grieve, weaken, impair, restrict, devalue, diminish, cheapen, keep down, deflate, discount, hold down, foot, base, foundation, substructure, underpinning, floor, scarce, depleted, inferior, poor, modest, gentle, nadir, minimum, extent, abyss, bed, rigorous, comprehensive, exhaustive, lowest point, opposite (of zenith, highest point), farthest, reverse, divergent, converse, inverse, antipode, other side, back formation, polar, against

H7272- רגל RaGaL/A2293- regla/G4228- ποδων podon: to walk along, to reconnoiter, to lead about, view, spy out, feet, step, pudenda, foot stool, after, follow, journey, be able to endure, according as, coming, possession, rest, table, leg, low place, total extent of the body, soles of the feet, arrogance, pride, kept, pavement, place, position, service, humility, make to rest, subjection, receptivity of discipleship, obeisance and worship, welcome, acceptance and hospitality, modesty, at the feet of, be near to attend and serve, close at hand and present, useful, agreeable, suitable, under another’s authority and protection, in meekness, soft and gentle, selfless, lowly, respectful, unassuming, subdued in another’s ownership, morally pure, reserved and kept, unpretentious, natural, obedient, tame, biddable, reconciled, acquiescent, like the Lamb, calm, quiet, self effacing, in attendance of another, ready, responsive, amendable, well disposed, approachable, accessible, quick, open, plain, easy, uncomplicated, obliging, cooperative, peaceful, harmonious, comfortable, willing, moderate, steady, content, secure, becoming like and following the example of another, to teach to learn, study, be taught, have experience, commit, take in, assimilate, familiar, to hear and understand, established, learn by heart in the presence of, yield, be governed by, abide, adhere, agree, consent, conform, bond, attach, fixed, accord, heed, regard, esteem, reverence, honor, venerate, adore, exalt, devotion, praise, thanksgiving, magnify, serve, hold dear, cherish, treasure, look up to, depend and rely on, lean on, rest on, trust in

H3634- כלל KaLaL/A1178- klila/*G: to complete, perfect, supply, furnish, support, make provision for, save, recover, deliver, restore, revive, rescue, reconcile, set up, prepared, set at One again, fulfill, satisfy, make whole, entire full, perfection, union, resemblance, likeness, similitude, assimilated, accepted, welcomed, approval, favor, beloved, cherish, receive, make room for, establish, together, inseparable, uninterrupted, settled, finished, resolved, commitment, carry to complete end, rest, home, safety, defend, protect, accomplish, bring to fruition, finalize

H3556- חוחב KaWKaB/A1141- kaukva/*G: burning, blazing, shining, radiant, penetrating, gleaming, teach, guide, lead, instruct

A2710- teresar/G1427- δωδεκα dodeka: both, twain, double, duplicate, representative, also, again, twice, twin, resemblance, similitude, joined, coupled, yoked together, complete, perfect, second, another, more, dual, mate, beloved, other, either, jointed, coupled together, resembled, favored, chosen, taken, married, intimate, close union, relating to heaven and regarded as belonging to the divine, two and ten

H5920- צך AiL/A1804- al/*G: Highest Most High, aloft, YHWH, above, on high, throughout, ascend on high, be high, mount, raised, arose, exalted, preeminent, prominence, pinnacle, to go up, offer up, movement from lower to higher place, to rise up, overwhelm, overpower, increasing in strength, Record, Truth, presenting offering, Gift, Sacrifice, wholly given, rest, Supreme Exceedingly Mighty Ruler Of Divine Majesty And Power, Superior To Deliver Victorious, Source Of Life, Character, Attribute, Impressive, YaH Who reveals Self in power and enters into covenant relationship with humanity, supernatural provision and power, Holy, Creator, Savior, covenant of constant care and love for His family, ethical, righteous, continuity, stability, veneration, Supreme Deity, Magistrate, YHWH Elohim, Unoriginated Immutable Eternal Self Sustained Existence, Unity, Almighty Infinite Faithful, Mercy, Love, Truth, Word, Ruler and Owner of all, Source of all moral authority, Master Teacher, Redeemer, Everlasting Father, Author, Counsel, resemblance, similitude, at One, denoting original point whence motion or action proceeds, completion

H7218- ראש RASh/A2362- risha/G2776- κεφαλας kephalas: head, sum, Chief, top, Beginning, Captain, First, Principal Ruler, Excellent, Forefront, Highest, victory and power, leader, appointed, elect Best, Prince, Representative, point, summit, topmost, place of beginning, place of primary importance, Finest, first in place, time, rank, importance, eldest, preceding in time and of leadership, first fruit, choicest, first and last, hold, grasp, taken, significance, of authority, direction, foundation, rule, main, total, leading, governor, controller, commander, director, premier, front, Source, Origin, supreme, lead in charge

Greek with Strong’s Numbers:

[και G2532] σημειον G4592 μεγα G3173 ωγθη G3700 [εν G1722 τω G3588] ουρανω G3772 γυνη G1135 περιβεβλημενη G4016 [τον G3588] ηλιον G2246 [και G2532 η G3588] σεληνη G4582 υποκατω G5270 [των G3588] ποδων G4228 [αυτης G846 και G2532 επι G1909 της G3588] κεφαλης G2776 [αυτης G846 στεφανος G4735 αστερων G792] δωδεκα G1427

[ ] Greek words not in Aramaic or Hebrew

*G: no equivalent in Greek translation

** For the Aramaic listed without Hebrew, the Aramaic becomes the Hebrew equivalent.

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Studies can be referenced at: (HAGEBS)

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